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Create it. Share it.

Meet Max: Lives on the road. Can estimate the exact weight of his carry-on within ounces.

Max uses a layover to tackle the first draft of his team’s presentation. A couple taps and he’s in CloudOn, creating a new presentation with images, transitions and everything needed to get the job done right. Another tap lets him share the file.

Max sends his work to the team, with a note asking them to review.

Review it. Edit it.

Meet Ingrid: Lives in her files. Never misses a deadline—for work or play.

Ingrid receives Max’s email. With a few taps, she opens the presentation in CloudOn, updates a chart and reviews it in full presentation mode. Next, Ingrid retrieves a doc. The touch—optimized toolbar makes shockingly short work of her edits.

Ingrid passes both files to Lucas with a request for final approval.

Manage it. Call it a day.

Meet Lucas: Lives the mobile dream. Bounces between his laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

Lucas opens Max’s presentation and Ingrid’s doc for a final review. When done with each, he taps to view the FileSpace, which displays all the edits and actions on the file. He adds a note to the team to let them know both are good to go.

It’s a wrap—ahead of schedule—thanks to a smarter, more productive way of working.

Productivity on.

With CloudOn, you easily stay connected to your documents, your teams and your progress. It’s your documents—and your productivity—brought to life.

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