A smarter way of working.

CloudOn was founded to empower the document to do and be more. To break free from the limitation of the desktop and find new versatility across our devices and in the Cloud. To be more accessible, shareable and actionable than ever before. The goal - change the face of productivity for everyone.

So far, CloudOn users have logged over 7 million productivity hours to create, review, edit, present or share over 50M documents, spreadsheets and presentations.

We are also incredibly grateful to the 5M+ users who have helped make us the #1 overall app in 59 countries and #1 productivity app in 117 countries in the App Store.

We truly believe this is just the beginning.

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Meet the visionaries
The dreamers and doers

We’re talking vision here, people. A better business reality where you and your team are armed with the most usable and comprehensive productivity solution on the market. This revolution starts now – with the mobilization of applications like Office, and continues with a commitment from CloudOn to transform the way you get your job done.
Milind Gadekar
Meir Morgenstern
Jay Zaveri
Jim Routh
  • Meir Morgenstern CloudOn Executive

  • Jim Routh CloudOn Executive

  • Jay Zaveri CloudOn Executive

Meet the investors
The believers and backers

Turning a proposition into action. CloudOn backers are banking on the impact of this revolutionary new solution for mobile productivity. These investors are known for their track record of recognizing a good thing when they see it, making them our most valuable advisors. And our biggest cheerleaders.
In Sik Rhee
Charles Moldow
Mamoon Hamid

Join the Productivity Revolution.

At CloudOn, we’re a diverse team of professionals, dreamers and creators who collaborate to define cool technology and create products that impact millions of people. If this sounds like fun to you, let’s talk.

Perks matter.

So does location: We’re headquartered in Mountain View for the ultimate mind merge of San Francisco creativity and Silicon Valley technical savvy. Plus, it's only five-minutes to yoga, happy hour, or Caltrain.

And work/life/loafing balance: How does ten public holidays and a non-existent PTO policy sound? Yep. CloudOn employees are trusted, self-motivated achievers who know when they're needed and have the flexibility to take a well-deserved break.

And, of course, there’s compensation: Competitive salaries? Check. Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, and Long-Term Disability Insurance? Check, check, check, check and check.


Where to find us.

CloudOn is headquartered in Mountain View, CA.

We also have offices in Herzliya, Israel.

Legal Inquiries - legal@cloudon.com

Business Development Inquiries - bizdev@cloudon.com

Press Inquiries - press@cloudon.com

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