Would like to see .PDF capability.

Mark Commented

Definitely need a PDF writer function so that I can generate invoices and quotes on the move

tal Commented

yeah pdf!!!!

Cory Commented

All these problems could be solved by making Adobe Acrobat Writer functionality.

Amanda Commented

I can't edit my PDF on my ipad am I missing something? I imported a invoice document I created a year ago for my clients in PDF form but how can I "erase" data that is already previously on it? Not just editing new text??

Federico Commented

Can you actually highlight text? It does NOT seem to be the case. That is much higher a priority for me than adding text. I get an "operation is disabled" message when clicking on the "comment" menu.

Anonymous Commented

Can you save an excel file as a .pdf?

Javier Commented

Negative, I have just installed the latest version of Cloudon and I get an error MSG when trying to open PDF files - " Unable to view document at this time. Service error, try later".

CloudOn Help Commented

CloudOn currently supports text fill functionality for form PDF files, however we do not provide support for the Comment and Sign functionality in PDF documents at this time.

Joe Commented

Unable to fill out PDF (1040) & Sign and Comment = This operation is disabled?

Anonymous Commented

Thanks for the ability to view & edit pdf's, but we need the ability to print docs as a pdf. For example, a quotation created in excel needs to be printed to a file as a pdf. Thanks!

Mohsen Orodpour. Commented

I would really appreciate the PDF viewing / reading capability. Thank you for a great App.

MaggieM Commented

Great app - far better than anaything else out there for using word, excel etc on IPad but really notice the lack of PDF capability. I use it to carry and read my Rock Choir scores and lyrics which are all delivered as PDF - sometimes they need to be altered and notes made. At present carry them on Kindle app but can''t make additions and addendum on them. Please get it sorted!!

Joew Commented

I have been waiting since Christmas for PDF capability. My colleagues are killing me. I promised February. I this isn't going to be delivered, I need to know. My business depends on it. What is the new target??????

Anonymous Commented

Great work... any word on save as PDF?

MaggieM Commented

February finishes today! Any update?

Derek Commented

Please release the PDF reader ASAP. The program works great but without this function I cannot use it.

JLanas Commented

I would love pdf capabilities

Bill Commented

This is a problem. You get a PDF on the cloud from iCloud and you cannot open it.

Dave Berry Commented

Print to PDF would be a great feature.

Greg Kuhn Commented

This is essential-saving as a pdf, and I really like the idea of send via email, where you attach it as either a Word format or PDF formatted file. Great app, though. Huge kudos.

Daniel Commented

Most of my work is in Excel, but I need to send a PDF version to my customers

Steve childers Commented

I would like to have PDF reader