Add support for Evernote

Evernote's note editor for the iPad is quite limited, would be nice to be able to use Word instead.

Steve Arnold Commented

Evernote is a major cloud repository that would enhance CloudOn service/user base footprint. Would love to see that added.

Brian Commented

Folks, you don't even need to add full Evernote api support. All you really need is to be able to access your Evernote docs/spreadsheets/ppts without creating duplicates. Yeah, I know. Still not exactly piece of cake. But you'd make CloudOn even more compelling. Why? At least partly because of the difference in storage plans between Dropbox and Evernote. There is a 2GB limit with Dropbox. There is no limit with Evernote. Many people do the same thing I do with Evernote, I'm sure. I just put every single doc I need to actively work on in Evernote. Sometimes I have to copy it out of the Evernote database (ugh) when the iPad app I'm using doesn't work with Evernote. But this way I always know where to find everything. The doc type that even Evernote doesn't help me with is Mindjet MindManager. But that is another feature request.

John Rayls Commented

I use Evernote every day. However, it has its limitations and Cloud On would be a perfect marriage. Please add that connectivity.

Jordan Commented

I use Evernote on a daily basis, probably more than any other program. It would be fantastic to see Evernote integrated with Cloudon just like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Jocelyn Leniston Commented

Would like to link Evernote to cloud on, as I use this a great deal

Rod Harrison Commented

Evernote is a universal aid and would prove very useful

Linda Commented

This would be so helpful. Please add Evernote.

Mux Commented

I agree.

Pete Lemis Commented

Please add Evernote!

David Maher Commented

If you could get Evernote support as well you'll almost have me working fulltime on my iPad, a mobile workers dream.

David Rivera Commented

Evernote is a superior repository for documents. It definitely needs to be included as an option.

Molly Dutina Commented

Yes, Yes DO IT, please.

Fritz lang Commented

Evernote is the document repository I use. It allows tagging saved documents with organizing attributes and integrates with my other online apps. Please include