Would like the ability to explicitly close documents

After editing my documents there does not appear to be a way to close the document. I understand it gets automatically saved, but I would like the option to close the document myself.

Fritz Commented

Definitely need save, save as, and exit without saving Automatic saving can be disastrous when you have accidentally deleted an important part of a spreadsheet or document, or when you want to save two different versions of the same document. It makes me hesitant to use the program on some of the large complex spreadsheets that I have developed after many hours of work.

Mary Commented

The swipe from left to right is backwards from almost all iPhone, iPad apps so it was not intuitive. I too would like the save, save as and do not save features.

summer Commented

It's possible to close your file entirely. In CloundOn, click on the home icon, you will get to the home page with three icons at the upper right hand side of the screen, the left most icon from the three looks like a file and has a little triangle on it. Click on this icon, you will have a drop down list of all the open files. Simple sweep the file you want to close from left to right. The file will disappear from the drop down box, and will be closed entirely.

Gene Commented

Need the ability to exit without saving changes.

Jalal Commented

Sometime I want to discard changes so I'd like to see "Save", "Save as", "Do not Save" options there.

Jalal Commented

There should be the option to close without saving

Anonymous Commented

Ugh. Just discovered that even deleting the app and then reinstalling does not revert back to protecting my password protected documents when I log back on so my secure documents are compromised. I'm going to have to disable Dropbox access now making this app of no value!

Anonymous Commented

agree with jmosticone... When you open a secure password protected file the ability to not close it so anyone that grabs your iPad can switch to it and look is a REAL problem. I just installed the app and tested opening a password protected file and now appear I am stuck and will have to uninstall the program to get it to close so someone else can not review the secure file. Makes it impossible to use and open a secure file if anyone using the device after me can read the same file so the app becomes unusable if it can not protect files.

jmosticone Commented

If you open a "password protected" file it seems to be a major issue if there is no way to close the file thus resetting the requirement for a password.

Anonymous Commented

I need to close one document before moving to another. Closing the entire app first is pretty darned clumsy. This should be easy -- please add this capability! Thank you.

Braden Commented

"...there is no concept of closing files on tablets but only the ability to move to another application." Excuse me? What would you call closing programs in the multitasking bar on the iPad, then? Having a list of recently opened files you can quickly jump between is a great thing to have, but the user should be able to 'close' files so they no longer appear on this list

Anonymous Commented

Maybe you can help me here, I've deleted a file which is not needed anymore but it still shows up in the recent document list (greyed out) how can I "close" it now or remove it?

Janine Commented

Agree with Phil.. Is great you can now open p/w protected docs, but it's obviously imperative that these can be closed and not accidentally seen by others.

Phil Commented

Hi, the option to close files becomes neccesary now that you made it possible to open password protected files (which is great!!)

Anonymous Commented

Sometime I want to discard changes so I'd like to see "Save", "Save as", "Do not Save" options there.

Y A Commented

I am having exactly the same problem as J M. I tried to do an explicit refresh to reload the files from Dropbox and I can see that the file in question has the correct timestamp (i.e. timestamp from the version editied on the PC in J M's step 4), but when opening the file in CouldOn, it is still showing the old version of the file (i.e. the version in step 2). It seems that files in the 'recent files' list do not update during a sync with Dropbox. The 'recent files' list also keeps files that have been deleted from Dropbox. I think this is a bug. If you re-open a file from the files list (after a refresh), it should open the latest version.

J M Commented

I agree. I'm having versioning problems, and I think it's because I'm not doing something Im supposed to when closing files 1- on ipad, open word file (stored on Dropbox) using the cloudon app 2- add additional text in document, "close" with autosave 3- open file using word on my pc, looks ok with new text I'd added 4- edit doc in word on pc, quit app... 5- when I go back to iPad and open in cloudon, the version that comes up is from step 2.... Almost like its stored in cache or was never really closed Help..... This is sooooooo close to being perfect!!!!!!

S L Commented

yes, I too make edits but then save a file as "v2", for version history. also, i can't seem to rename a file if it is in the recently open documents list. being able to resolve either of these would be very helpful!

Larry Bogert Commented

This is logical to a point, but I would like the ability to remove the file I have finished editing from the list, esp. as I frequently move the saved file to another location. I also normally use a copy of the file for editing, to maintain the original file and prevent inadvertent editing. So it would still be useful to have an explicit close function.

David Foster Commented

Can you suggest then how we can make edits to a document while preserving the original and then save the edits to a new file? That's something that I frequently do.