Allow inserting image from Storage Service Account

John Commented

I am thinking of buying word for I pad can you paste pictures onto a word document using ipad

Ross Lindsay Commented

Amberrose - thank you very much, problem solved and frustration saved!

Wonderer Commented

This app has great potential, but the inability of not being able to copy/paste images onto Word and Powerpoint documents and even not being able to use ALL of the features that are needed to be used really kills the academic atmosphere and enthusiasm of wanting to work and to think this app is truly reliable when it is completely not. This will never be better or even replace a true laptop, but it can be of much help in a time of need.

Wonderer Commented

I agree with all of the comments from all the people in here, the developers for this app should work asap on allowing the copying and pasting of pictures onto Word documents and Powerpoint presentations. It is vital to use pictures that represent and back up the theme and/or concept that is being talked about.

ME. Commented

To amberrose: uh... That sounds like NOT SIMPLE. (But I will do it anyway. Thanks.)

Amberrose Commented

Okay at first when i got the app i had the same problem but its easy to add pictures onto your cloud on- this is how you do it: 1) you have to have a dropbox account - this way you are able to access you pictures. To create this account just download the app on iTunes and sign up 2) after you sign up and login to your dropbox account it will ask you to access you picture- CLICK YES- (don't worry you can create a passcode to your dropbox). 3) after this process go to your cloudon app and go back to the HOMEPAGE, and choose dropbox as you storage user. 4) after signing, allow cloudon to access your files from your drop box account 5) after loading open up a file that says camera uploads and select any photo and just copy that photo and then go onto your document file and paste the image

Lauren Compton Commented

I need to be able to put pictures on my power points

Dilipkumar Mitra Commented

Without facility for inserting pictures and images it is of no use.

Ruined Commented

My PowerPoint French project can't be finished without pictures! Tried inserting pics my iPad, nil. I. Can see the fail on my project+I have to present

Dawn Commented

I just downloaded the free app and wanted to try out adding pic files from my iPhone gallery and ......nothing!!!!! I was like WTF???? You can't call it Word, PowerPoint ect.. If you can't add an image !!! This need to be added from the developers for this app thank you!!

Alexa Commented

This has been a big waste if time. I needed to add photos for a Spanish assignment. I could've just fine this in the computer and saved the frustration. Do not recommend.

Emilie Commented

This is the worst app ever. The whole point of powerpoint is to add pictures! I'm furious right now because I just completely wasted my time.

GCEagle Commented

Pictures are incredibly important for word documents and powerpoints. This needs to be added.

Sloth bear :D Commented

Not very happy because I can't add pics in word I can hear a FAIL in my home work :( could of just done it on the computer this is very disappointing !

Jennie Commented

Not impressed that I can't paste a picture from my camera roll into a Word document. Useless app without that facility. Thumbs down. :-(

Jitender Commented

I am generating a word document on the fly with headers and footers using "MsoHeader" code. The problem is that in cloudon I cannot see the header image and it is being generated in all the other browsers. I am giving the absolute path to download the image like "". Can somebody help me out how can I let the couldon also generate header image at the time of downloading word document. Thanks in advance.

Monique bear Commented

It won't let me download any pictures to my PowerPoint

Ellie brennan Commented

You change the size by clicking and holding the image and then letting go. When you have done this you click on size and position and than down the left hand side you click on size.

pchambers Commented

I got the picture into Word by clicking on the picture in Google Drive. When it came up in the picture viewer, I clicked on Copy. Went back to the Word doc and clicked on paste. BUT.............I can't resize the picture. When I click on the boxes on the corners and drag, nothing happens ?!?!?!?!?!?

Kelly Commented

Useless failed my project bcuz of this :(

Logan Commented

How can you put pictures on the powerpoint

Anonymous Commented

This the basis of PowerPoint, you'd think it'd be easier to copy and paster pictures. Please help

Kieran Peckett Commented

Would it be possible to use Insert > Image or Insert > Video like Desktop Office?

david trotman Commented

This still doesn't work Tried it from ipad photo and drop box. Copied both but want paste in to word doc on cloud on. Will Cloudon like to comment on this problem?

Marv Commented

Doesn't work. This is pretty dang basic, insert an image in a Word document. Shouldn't be so hard.

P Commented

I'm trying to post a picture from my iPad camera to a PowerPoint. How do this work, can it be done?

John Commented

This is not complete until you can insert from within the doc and from the photo app or photo stream or camera.

Anonymous Commented

Doesn't work

Anonymous Commented

Can you adsd photos to a ppt file if so how ??

Fadi Commented

First time I use PowerPoint, and if I can't insert my own images it is useless. That is the basis for PowerPoint.

Louraine Commented

I really need to put pictures on Microsoft word, but I dont have a clue how to insert pictures...... Please please help me!

Alyna Kaba Commented

Please show me steps and if possible, pictures.. Please please!!! Thanks to anyone who helps..

Doug Ashley Commented

I was mistaken / must have been doing something wrong. It IS working..I CAN copy an image in the Cloudon view (and after I see the Updating Clipboard message) paste to the MS office file in Cloudon. Somewhat interestingly, I don't see images copied in the Cloudon viewer in the ClipSwap clipboard viewer (a utility app), but I do see text copied in the Cloudon viewer. Images copied to the clipboard elsewhere do (whenever I have checked).. not really a problem, just interesting.. Sorry for the (my) confusion!.. Thanks.

Doug Ashley Commented

I am using (trying to use) version 2.0.55.. I have the 'Copy' button when looking at images in the viewer, but it does not seem to be going to clipboard (I confirmed this with ClipSwap clipboard viewer.. I can see copied text within a text document, but I don't see copied images from the work area). I definitely can't paste image an image into CloudOn's Word App.. I will really appreciate it when this works.. Thanks!

Jamesmlapierre Commented

It doesnt allow me to select paste - essential for me to create a proper report

Anonymous Commented

Still not able to paste. I copy the picture, using the icon (top right, as there are no icons top left), but when I go into the document the Paste button is not active. Really need this function. Please help.

Lori Riel Commented

Not working for me. Does not allow picture.

Anonymous Commented

Same it's really annoying after a while

Nirvana Commented

I need to put pictures on powerpoin on cloudon

Erika N Commented

Huge problem! Students need to paste. At the very least from Dropbox!!!

Amy Wadhams Masi Commented

The inability to import images is a deal breaker for me. I need my 200+ students to be able to photograph their data in lab, then place it in a document. At the very least they should be able to drop their photos from their iPads into drop this fall...

Jeff Miller Commented

I too agree! We need to be able to insert from Camera roll and/or other dropbox documents.

Brian Boon Commented

Ability to view jpegs in a word document N add same.

Izzy Commented

Yes, I would love to add pictures from my camera roll on my iPad to documents, I hope this feature will be released soon! :)

cathy Commented

I agree with this. Just started exploring this app, looking at how it can be used for teaching and learning. Drafted a post in CloudOn, but had to come to the PC to add a screen shot from the app itself

Gary honeyman Commented

I agree, insertion of pictures from iPad to cloudon word document is. Must have, I would even pay 69 pence for the add on!

JD Commented

I agree that I was surprised to find pictures were not loadable onto PPT as the marketing for Cloudon certainly leads one to assume it is possible.

Sandiegocal Commented

Just testing this app for its "useability" and I would agree that this feature is imperative to make it useful.

Shivaram Commented

Allow Pictures from iPad photos to be inserted on to ppt

Jason Lockhart Commented

The ability to paste from Photos app, or others, would be nice, kind of imperative if you have something more substantial to edit than formatted text. And no printing yet?! Seriously, that would have been feature #2 on my needs assessment for this app. CloudOn is a good idea, but a ways to go. This is hardly anything more than a public BETA with all it's shortcomings.