Interoperability (cut/paste) between iPad and Workspace clipboards

Interoperability between iPad and Workspace clipboards means you can copy/cut in one and paste in the other.

Gerald Forbes Commented

We NEED these features!Please!

jason Commented

still cant copy/paste/cut out of cloudon into another worksheet. if cloudon were to use the email provided to send emails instead of the current system, a usable document may be able to be sent

Zoey Commented

How do I copy and paste a picture on PowerPoint ? Please help

Vasa Commented

Hos do I mark several cells in Excel?

Anonymous Commented

Help plz

Anonymous Commented

Cant download app on my ipad

Sieboch Commented

It's done! Check for the update released today, in the US, 5/29/12 - Using my iPad, I copied text from Mail account emails and Gmail app emails, and all pasted into a CloudOn Word doc. Thank you CloudOn!

Steve Putt Commented

Ditto. You have a great app but then I've been stopped in my tracks as I can't cut/copy/paste data out of cloudon into email or any app. Do u know when this feature will be enabled as the thread appears to have started in January. Thks

mitchell fox Commented

So, to clarify, does this mean what I tried to do last night, but was unable to, is the following; 1. create a new file in word, and then paste into it something I had copied text from a file in another application on the ipad. When I tried to do this, the paste buffer was empty (in other words, you cannot paste something from another app on the ipad into a new file you create in cloud on? Can you paste anything from another app into an existing file?

Kevin Carlyon Commented

Id love to join but the link on the webpage wont work. Any clues?

Manu Marea Commented

what about for Cloudon on italian market?is this already a "planned feature"?

Larry Commented

It seems impossible to use copy/paste in Word with Ipad because the program does not recognize the Ipad clipboard. I copy a photo from my saved photos on the Ipad but Word does not permit pasting this photo in a Word document using CloudOn. When will this be possible?

Larry Commented

I find the paste from clipboard inoperable in word.

Deborah Medland Commented


Greg Commented

I would like to use a template file and after updating it would like to save it with a different name and then do it over again and save to another file. Can you copy a file and then paste it with a new name?

WS Commented

Without this 90% of what I need the app for is lost. Once it's enabled it will be fantastic!!!

Michael Commented

This is really needed!

Melanie Homer Commented

Ditto -- same complaint and request. I have two different docs in Dropbox (one Word, one TXT), but I can't cut and paste between the two.

Aly Rosenau Commented

How do you do this?