Ability to search for files or folders

I would like the ability to search within all my files and folders if I do not remember the location of a certain file.

Cathy Thomas Commented

What I really need is a search function that not only finds a specific file, but in my case, much more important, is the search function WITHIN individual documents.

Katie T Commented

how do you not have a search option? idiots.

Paul Frizzo Commented

This is a great app with one big floor? You need to be able to search for files

Larraine Commented

It's really difficult to not have a search function. I keep thinking there is something obvious that I've missed...but I can't find it!

Dobronator Commented

there's no search function? You cannot be serious....

This is an essential feature - should not have required user voting - common sense! Commented

It is crazy to have all the functionality of Cloudon without a front-end serch function!

Mike Johnson Commented

my drop box has thousands of flies... search is a must.... with all of the other great features of this program i figured i had to be missing the search function.... right? Tell me that I am just a dope for not seeing how to use it....

Douglas Hopkins Commented

Useless without search. Can you do this 30 days? Thanks, I'll wait until then.

Vitaly Commented

It is a must by all means

Nae Commented

Great idea, please consider :)

Emma morley Commented

A search tool is essential in order to make this work!

Renato Commented

That will be a great tool, please allow ir :-)

Anonymous Commented

search facility - would make an ok app excellent!

Anonymous Commented

Search feature would be very helpful, Thanks

Anonymous Commented

Look super workspace..but no search tool make it look very poor apps, search tool will make this apps really a killer app.. One more do link with evernote as well

Anonymous Commented

Related to this is the ability to search for files by date.

Elizabeth Burnett Commented

Essential resource. With this addition the app would really be perfect!

Laszlo Mako Commented

The app is awesome, but with the option of searching for files and folders it would be perfect. Also I wouldn't need other dropbox and google drive apps at all.

Nathan Commented

Need it.

Keith Commented

Really need this!

art4hair Commented

This is really a must have feature.

Bill Byrd Commented

This is large. It's easy to loose where doc is saved.