External keyboard ctrl, alt, shift and function keys do not work

When using an external keyboard the ctrl, alt, shift and funtion keys do not work as they do in the extended keyboard on the iPad

Nick Xylas Commented

Implementing this feature should really be a no-brainer, especially considering the number of people who have asked for it.

jeevan sekhar Commented

i commented on this a long time ago. It was indicated to me that it would be a functionality at some point. There have been a number of updates. Yet, the "shift+tab" to back up the bullet still doesn't work. Why not?

Vidar Haarvk Commented

The CloudOn app should support the usual shortcuts for Office programs on Mac. I really miss them, and look at Evenote.. supports most of the shortcuts...

E Commented

Tried to enter multiple lines on a single excel cell using "alt + return" like on regular excel and got variable results. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it would delete, sometimes it would bring up strange text formatting windows. All I want is multiple lines man....