Open password protected files and folders

Jithin Commented

I lost my password for word document and cannot recollect it. Could you please tell me, how to get it open via cloudOn

Priyank Commented

I want to know how to open my folder if i forgot my password. Is there any safe way to open that folder without infected files in the folder. there are very important files in that folder. Please reply me as soon as possible.

Alexander Oguguo Commented

Somebody is using my Computer to save his or her files. so i want to open and delect the files because i don't have space anymore. I need help. Thanks

Carlos Commented

Really need the functionality to support double-password protected files. Some files need this extra security, and CloudOn currently doesn't support these files (can't even open them in comparison to Dropbox, Notes, and other cloud storage apps which let you open the double-password protected files but can't modify them). Get this and I'm signing in!

samuel Commented

i want to know how to open my folder if i forgot my password

ragu prasad Commented

i want to open my folder without adimistrater password

rana habib Commented

siri want to open word doc file which password i unfortunately forgotten

Dr. AJAY GARG Commented

I was using Windows XP. I created two users. One of the users was password protected and it was personalized too. I saved many files on Desktop and kept using them. One day when I was using my computer suddenly there was a power failure. When I again started my PC it was showing as " Windows\System32\Config\System" file missing. I again installed the new copy of Windows XP, by selecting "keep the old files intact". The all old windows files were stored in a WINDOWS folder. Now please tell me how to open Desktop stored files. When I am opening it is showing 'the folder is not accessible'. Now please help me to open it. Thanking You a lot in advance, Dr Ajay Garg...

Lana Commented

How do I open a password protected file using cloud on from my nexus pad?

Ga'al Commented

I Downlaoded a software and locked my folder in PC and my flash diska as well with password, then I uninstalled the software unexpectedly then I loss all Documents. Pls help

Aidan Commented

How can I open a protected zip file in an e mail on my Ipad

Jeremy Adler Commented

Want to be able to open password protected powerpoints as read only when I don't have password

l n tandon Commented

I want to open a excel file

bikrant Commented

how to open password protected folder in the win xp

Anonymous Commented

Wirh Dropbox it is possible now why not for cloudon?

bhim yadav Commented

my excel failka pasword bhul gya mai use kaise khole

Anonymous Commented

It's not really "completed" if it still doesn't support separate open vs modify passwords. I have docs that many people need to be able to read, but only I can modify- and I often need to do so on the go. I'm not going to "disable one or the other", as the admin post suggests, just to use CloudOn.

Jerry Commented

When this feature works, I will use Cloudon, and be happy to pay for it. Document level security is especially vital in the new cloud based world.

Anonymous Commented

Big desception. It was a very nice app until realize that my password protected files wont open.... Very sad

Anonymous Commented

It is hard to understand why little applications like QuickOffice and others can handle password prtected files while cloudon running the app in huge server cannot. Can you guys try to explain?

Anonymous Commented

You can not call this app "real MS Office" without password protection. Please make the effort to support encrypted password protected files. Otherwise people like me will loose interest as we will feel unconfortable to put our confidential files in the cloud without miinimum protection.

Andrew Borrett Commented

Wow the guys at Cloud On have finally done it - new App upgrade actually works perfectly on my iPad with Password Protected Excel Docs (2010) - well done.

Scott Commented

Adding this feature is fundamental to CloudOn's success for Microsoft Office capabilities! I don't know how many comments you need to push this into the priority bin - it is critical to me and I can't emphasize the importance enough. Please advise on when you will deliver password protected capabilities.

Neyda Commented

I keep confidential information in my excel files. I really need this

lynne Commented

this is a feature that is very important to me. please get this figured out.

Ganda Kusuma Commented

Even Apple's iWorks can open a Password protected MS Office files! How can CloudOn be considered to be a "real" MS Office on the Cloud?

Chiel Daanen Commented

I've got many protected files, so I need this very much!

Brian Commented

I need this to work!

f halstead Commented

Please do this. I keep confidential information, passwords, financial, etc. in excel files and am not moving them to cloudOn until I know they are password protected.

Steve Artick Commented

Any software product claiming Office-compatibility must be able to open password-protected files. That capability is a definite "must have".

Anonymous Commented

Without the ability to open password protected files, CloudOn is completely useless to me!!!

Andrew Borrett Commented

Hi all, So basically this programme fails like many of the others and to be honest I am not impressed that there is no fix as surely it can't be that difficult ? So guys when can we expect this update please ? Andrew

Robert E Commented

Are you serious? '...currently under review...' Do all of these cloud providers get together and say things like "Hmm, what feature can we disable to make our service suck more and prevent the world from ever have a complete cross-plafrom syncing and editing of Office docs?" Docs2Go, Pages, QuickOffice do not allow edits to be saved to the same dropbox file causing duplicates. Onlive Desktop will not sync with Dropbox and no Onlive Sync app exists on any platform making Onlive worthless. At the suggestion of many netizens, Cloudon was supposed to be the cure. After all, it will finally allow real cross-platform sync! But wait! Password protected files are not supported making it just as useless as Onlive and any other 'cloud' service. Great job guys. You are succeeding at sucking. The first one to make a complete cross-platform sync office editor that doesn't suck wins at life and becomes the next multibillionaire.

Richard Baum Commented

This would be very helpful if you could add.

Anonymous Commented

Password protection essential for Excel for me, but otherwise brilliant app.

Bill McIntosh Commented

Absolutely need the ability to open PP files.

Gary Commented

Thanks. Great app but do need ability to open password protected files.

Mike M. Commented

Ditto! Love the app, need to be able to open PP files.

Anonymous Commented

Brilliantly designed app, best I've seen yet, but password protection a must on the Cloud, so please include this on your next release. If Documents to Go can do it, so can you (you are soooo much better than them!)

Anonymous Commented

The ability to open password protected files is essential to this otherwise great product.....hope to see this feature included very soon.

Anonymous Commented

If it's not possible to use protected documents/files in cloudon app is useless to me. Is Can you tell when 'protected' feature is due?

David Commented

For me CloudOn is seeing an Excel file as password-protected when it is not, so won't open it. Is there a way around this?

Cheri lambrecht Commented

To me this is an essential feature, as I work with confidential files. For now, I will stick with using DocsToGo even though I have to jump through several hoops to keep edits. CloudOn is SO much more elegant and useful, I want to use it!

Andrew B Commented

I also agree as this is so frustrating.

Winny Burgers Commented

Would really appreciate this, and frankly, my 80 years old mother needs it too!!!

Steven Nachlas Commented

I can open password protected docs in QuickOffice, DocumentsToGo, Numbers and Pages on the iPad. This is a needed feature in my opinion.

LH Commented

I only feel comfortable putting password protected documents out on the cloud... For an extra layer of security. Please provide this update sooner rather than later,

Nelson C. Commented

Please add my vote to not only wanting this capability but also NEEDING it. Thank you for an otherwise excellent application.

HUGHES Gordon Commented

Add my vote to let me open password protected Excel files

Scott Kover Commented

In a world where there are hackers and people trying to steal personal information, I think that this feature is very important. I hope to find it available soon!

Anonymous Commented

I think this feature is very important, if you lose or someone steals you iPad they can open any of you spreadsheets or documents. I wanted to keep a very important document but when I found out that I could not use a password I deleted the app. Let me know when you fix this problem.

Russ Alfieri Commented

As everyone else has stated...this feature must be supported

Terry Bures Commented

I think any of the cloud storage sites have plenty of security, the one who can support password protected documents would be in a class above.

Bob H Commented

Come on you guys, we all need this feature its a must, that's what Excel, Word etc. is all about. The Numbers App. does it why can't you. Think of the clients you will lose. Why are we waiting?

Anonymous Commented

Me too!

Anonymous Commented

Is a priority function to manage secure documents.

Scott Commented

Same here

Mitch Commented

Without the ability to use password protected docs cloudon is no good to me. Please add the feature ASAP. Thanks!

Andy Commented

Yep need to be able to open secure documents and unlock/lock the document from amendments lets hope this feature comes soon

Drboo Commented

I agree - I really need this app but it is no good if I cannot open password protected documents.

Anonymous Commented

I also need to be able to open unlocked items. When can we expect this feature?

Anonymous Commented

We need please!

Iain Commented

App is useless without this function.

Peter Commented

I have the same question

M mannan Commented

Yes yes. Waiting for thisfeature

Anonymous Commented

Yes, please add!

Anonymous Commented

Yep, definitely need this function. It's the only thing stopping me using it daily.

Rob Cooper Commented

I do agree with others, being able to password protect documents is important. I look forward to this update!

Dan Commented

+1 for me !

Anonymous Commented

Please put this on the priority list. I have several files on Dropbox that need to contain pwords, which means I can't access on CloudOn....? Thx

Anonymous Commented

+1 for me.

Christine Himes Commented

Same here. If I can't use password protected documents, then this app is useless to me.