Save As command

At CloudOn we believe in never losing your data. When we first designed our app we incorporated this as one of our founding principles. And thus was born the Auto-Save functionality you see today. Forget to save files? Don't worry, they're ALWAYS saved. Lost your Internet connection? We got that covered too – your file WILL get saved. We recognize the auto-save, however well-intentioned at our end, may cause some discomfort and we've found the problems fall into the following experience issues: - Publish as a PDF: - Rename before Save: - Change File Location and Save: - Duplicate or Create a Copy before Save: The more our Product & Design teams know, the better we can make the "Save" experience for you so please do vote on one or more of the above issues. Based on your feedback we hope to roll out the functionality in stages over the second half of 2013.

Bev Commented

I do a lot of invoices in Word and the way I do it is to use the last one as a template, make the changes I need, then "save as", give it a different name. Then I'll use that one as a template next time. But with Cloud On I cant seem to Save As? How can I change the name of a document before saving it?

dalalpv Commented

I would like to take an existing file, edit it and save it under another name. This is not possible at the moment. Pl let me know if it is possible to do it. After editing a file when I try to save it, I get a message " Request failed as there is an issue with Google drive". Pl help.

Christer Commented

Useless with out

Janis Hunter Commented

I'd like to be able to change the file locationand then save my file. If I could put it in my dropbox where I could access the file anywhere that would be great. The way it is now, it's pretty usless to me because I need to be able to access what's on my tablet from anywhere including my desktop computer. A Save As function would be great. Thanks in advance for your time.

RScott Commented

Very disappointed that this app doesn't have a Save As feature. Please add!!! As is, this app borders on being useless for my day to day needs.

Curt Hapner Commented

I agree with all the other posts. The Save As Command needs to be a "Must Have"

Beverly Moore Commented

This app is remarkable, thank you! The practical value of using all current features is immense. However - yes - it would really help to have a 'save as' feature available.

Camille Commented

This is the top addition we have been waiting for. Thanks. Well done.

Joe Commented

Can't wait.. That will be great..

Si Commented

Please do !

Steven Cox Commented

The Save as feature is critical in order to properly update client data and forms.

fred Commented

add save-as option please i realy need it thanx

Niki Commented

This app is useless to me without a save as feature

Karin Commented

Save As is a must, if you want to do serious work.

Brian Commented

Using a save as function would enable use of wireless flash drive when no network is available to be able to go between devices. Thanks

Jean-Marc Commented

Without "save as" function it's impossible to work with templates (e.g. safeguard the template in dropbox) and offline . Without this function Cloud on is very difficult of use (how to editing several time the same template?)

Deborah Watson Commented

This would be very practical, at the moment the auto save feature will only allow a document to save amendments to an "original" documents, it would be better if there was an option to save these into a "new" document.

Stephanie Commented

I would like to use this program company wide for our tablets but the lack of a save as function is causing me to hesitate. I'm going to consider other options for an excel program because of this.

Jerry Commented

Without a "Save As" feature, this App is next to useless...What the Hell were the developers thinking!?

Pauleis Commented

A workaround for "save as" - copy & paste the original (template) file, rename and then edit the duplicate file.

Donald Commented

Use existing documents e.g minutes / agenda as templates so 'save as' is very important to my use of dropbox. Auto-save is very useful but changes would need to roll back (or held as incremental changes until save of amended original was confirmed. great app use it a lot at work - over multiple cloud accounts

Great idea in theory - not so good in practice! Commented

We, as users - take risks with our data. Our problem, not yours. I agree that if I loose internet connection, the document should save. But if I close manually, I want the option to save or not to save.

Martin Commented

I cannot use this app until this is implemented.

Jason Hawley Commented

I would like a save as feature as I use a document as a template, so saving the document after every edit would be a nuisance. Would love a save as feature to allow me to keep the original document for editing numerous times.

Jason Hawley Commented

I would like a save as feature as I use a document as a template, so saving the document after every edit would be a nuisance. Would love a save as feature to allow me to keep the original document for editing numerous times.

Matt V Commented

As per William's comment below, I will be cancelling the subscription if I cannot Save As to keep my original document, and make a pdf out of what I have created. Please let me know what and when this will happen.

Mike Commented

When will you be updating your app so that I can "save as"?

William Cardott Commented

Just subscribed to Cloudon, launched it, opened a PPT file and made some edits . . . then was SHOCKED to learn that I cannot "save as" to protect my original document. How does someone protect their original document from unwanted changes, now learned to be Auto-Saved, if not able to "save as" a duplicate under a different name? If I cannot find a suitable work-around to this critical flaw, I will be writing a critical review of this app and canceling my subscription.

Tom Commented

Original Office programs have both auto-save and manual save capability. Why in the world would this NOT be available in these cloud- centric versions???

Anissa Harris Commented

i would like to be able to CHANGE THE NAME of the doc before I save it. I edit academic docs and download files to my DROPBOX. I want to open it in CLOUD ON, edit with Tracked Changes, and then return to sender with a file name indicating I have edited it. \b

Erin Commented

Save As would roll back to original file and save incremental changes as a new file if you forget to duplicate the file before you start (otherwise AutoSave overwrites your template).

Sandy Commented

I would like to be able to save as "new name" so that original document is not changed.

Betty Commented

New to this computer Windows8 Where is the place where I can punch save as. How do I know for sure I am saving something. I put one picture up and started to look at another one and the computer says, you must save your file or you will lose it. If it Is saved to the cloud why do I see this.Thanks

David Harmon Commented

Your overview page for i-Pads and i-Phones says that you can save and rename files in the app. This functionality does not exist in the software and constitutes misleading claims and false advertising. This severely limits how files and be used and templates and saved as others have mentioned. You mention above that this functionality should be ready in second half of 2013 but it is already 2014. When will this be available? Please do not mislead your customers like this as it is not fair. I got the Pro Version of this and feel like I wasted my time and money with this very limited capability!

David Northcutt Commented

Leaving the "File" tab greyed out made me believe that there was something I could do to activate that tab. I had no idea that file saving in the conventional sense was impossible, so a lot of time was wasted trying to get "File" to work as it would normally. Also, no obvious indication is given the user that changes are being autosaved. In CloudOn Excel, its possible to rename, copy and move worksheets to another workbook, but then it's impossible to find the new workbook or the new worksheet created. Frustrating experience because the app almost works as expected.

Irene mckee Commented

Need to save files as comma delimited

simone Commented

To make this a worthy alternative to Quickoffice (now tht Google has destroyed it by removing Dropbox), add these and youll have a lot more consumers: Save As, Save AS to a new location, search folders and files.

Jcupak Commented

It would be helpful if it were possible to open a "template" Excel file, populate it with data, and save it as another name.

John Commented

I'm trying to use our incident reports for the fire department and need to be able to save for that incident.

Matt Commented

To use a template- click on the file, duplicate and rename, then edit as need. This would preserve your original and allow you to save and send the updated version. Would this be a good short term solution? (However, saving a word doc as a PDF would be extremely helpful.)

lisa Commented

save as is such a useful feature and this app really needs it. not just for changing formats but its very common to pick up an existing document, make amendments and then want to save this under a new filename.

kyall Commented

'Save As' would be valuable as i use templates from skydrive through cloud-on. When i update with new cx details it overrides and i cannot save as. Also, it's not as simple as copy and paste as i have to change the location each time as the file tries to crete a copy with the same name. Please consider

DEWAYNE Commented

I would really like this feature ASAP or I'll have to use something else.

John Hull Commented

Please add "Save As" option.

Tom Gordon Commented

Please add "Save to PDF" and/or "Print to PDF"

Lauren Commented

MUST have a change file location. It seems to just be picking for itself where my file is being saved. UGH. Do you/anyone know how I can change file location?

Andreas Wennersten Commented

Hey, loving ClouOn so far. But it confused me that you had a "file" tab that i couldnt press and thought it to be a malfunction at first. When it comes to the "saving" issues i do agree in all of the options listed above. I sometimes need to share in pdf when i dont want anyone to be able to edit the document. If you could have a function for "merging" pdfs as well that would be great.

Pierre Commented

Just saw that you hope to roll out the functionality over the second half of 2013! Great, ;-)

Pierre Commented

Save as is essential. If not, using template or model document is not really user friendly. For 30$ per year, should be available. Autosave is great in case of apps freezing or loosing web link, which will also work if you choose save as when you start working with a file.

Peter Commented

Would really like to see a save as .PDF. This would make app very functional!

Amie Commented

I need Save As function please! I probably won't use the app without it

Ken Commented

PLEASE ADD A "SAVE AS" Feature. This is critical to work with templates. We cannot be overwriting documents. Without it, the app is not useful, though I like everything else about it.

Ade Commented

Need to be able to save as, because it's a pain editing templates all the time!!

Woodrow Gandy Commented

We nrrd the Save As feature

Donna Watkins Commented

Having a 'save as' feature would make this tool exponentially better.

david wong Commented

Save as function is critically important.If I make changes to a document, I don't want simply to overwrite. 99% of the time, I will rename it and save. Not having Save as option puts cloudon in major disadvantage and frankly unsafe as there will be multiple versions of a document under the same file name!!

Createrforever Commented

I really hope I cane rename my files soon!

Laura Commented

As a bookkeeper for a custom furniture shop, I have to invoice customers. I have one template I use and would be extremely helpful to have "Save As" capability. There are too many steps to have to go through to duplicate, rename and then type the information in. I need to as I am sure there are many others that need to use a template over and over again with different information.

Denis Michaud Commented

The reason i suscribe to Cloud On is : i make my contability on excel And i Want to open my "service report" file, edit it, isolate the sheet to put it In PDF And take a signature. but whitout the file tab i don't think it´s possible ,the save as option can be verry helpfull. Tanks

Paula Commented

I am an occupational therapist and use the cloud to write my notes and evaluations. I use a templet for all notes and evaluations and letters. It would be extremely helpful to have the functional ability to be able to use my templet and save as the clients name.

Mark Wilcox Commented

Save as please - it's a way of life!

Dale Adamson Commented

I would like the ability to use "save as" with files

Rangan Commented

The save as feature would be extremely useful. I feel empowered with it. What I want to save it as , where I want to save it are decisions that would put me in control

Jeff Wincentsen Commented

Please enable the Save and Save As functions. Please allow the user to decide whether changes are saved to a document automatically or with Control-S. I typically do not want to save changes to the current file as it may corrupt the contents unintentionally. I prefer to determine where and under what name a file is saved.

Kathy Commented

I am a teacher and would like to copy and paste or rename a document so that I can create my lesson plans. Is there a feature where I can do this?

sarah Commented

could we have an update as to when this would be available?

Sue Commented

I would like to duplicate a file and save it under another name so I can use a file as a template rather than recreating it

Chase Setters Commented

Is CloudOn still supported? Jan of 2012 this was posted and it's been almost 2 years and we still don't have a Save As? This alone is preventing me from rolling this out on 25 ipads.

Mary Commented

I am a special education teacher, and need to create a new lesson plan for each student each day, and save each lesson plan. With the Word "Save As" feature, this is simple - you just save the template with updated information, and save the file as a new file with a different date and/or child name. If I can't do this on CloudUp, I will need to find another program to edit my Word files on my IPad. All you would need to do to make this workable for me would be to add the ability to save the file with a new name and of the same type - if I wanted to convert the file to PDF, I could transfer it my PC through dropbox and convert it there. However, if I can't even save the file to a new file with the same file type on my IPad, I am stuck.

Michael Commented

It drives me nuts that I can't save a file as a PDF.

Phil Malcove Commented

I use Drop Box as a repository for files I want to be able to open on any device, I find that if I create a new document in CloudOn it doesn't get saved to the Drop Box folder, it's only saved in the CoudOn space. I want to store all my documents in one Cloud location and for nearly two years that has been Drop Box, I don't want to change that and I don't want to be forced into looking elseware for my documents. Please add a save as option and allow us to brows to the folder of choice to specify the location to save the document.CloudOn is a great product fo authoring and viewing documents with my iphone and ipad, Thanks in advance for making it even better.

Dave griffin Commented

I would happily pay for the save as facility.

Dave griffin Commented

The ability to save as, would enhance this app in my opinion as I would use it more.opening a master document then entering detail then save as, so that the integrity of the master is retained.

G Loew Commented

I would be embarassed to put out an app that allowed a user to open a document from dropbox, edit it, and then NOT BE ABLE TO SAVE IT with changes. REALLYYY?????!!!!!!

Thomas Commented

Our company is considering using Cloudon, however we often use an existing file as an template. This requires a save as function. After editing we always out put a pdf for the customer. 2 functions we desperately need.

Cecilia Commented

Please add the "save as" function. Give us the choice to turn on or off the auto save. I'm afraid to open my documents for fear of accidentally changing something

Chai Commented

Its inexplicable that you do not have this function! Now i can only use this otherwise excellent app as a viewer instead of a productivity app. Pls add.

Bob Commented

I agree with the other posters... We need to be able to affirmatively save a file and or do a save as. So far this is the biggest failing of this otherwise excellent application. BTW this app is Sooooooo much better than the others out there... Keep up the good work!

Richard Commented

I would definitely like to see a SAVE command, because at present when you make an entry in a spreadsheet, it only very rarely changes the update time of the file when you close down CloudOn. And so I am now never sure if my spreadsheet has really been updated or not. When changing a file in windows you save it before closing down, and so it also does not feel natural not to do so with CloudOn.

Kilgore Commented

Opening an MS Excel sheet in CloudOn provides no save prompt. Following changes, closing sheet and reopen inch the changes were gone.

Hunter Commented

I lost my data from class and now I don't have notes. Auto save did not work whatsoever so I want a guaranteed way to save.

Quinton Commented

Am an Architect and want to use An existing template to create new schedules. Please please add saveas. Will pay!!

Andy Commented

PLEASE add this feature, would make this app much more functional. Thanks!

Kristine Commented

I need the ability to save as PDF all the time. Also an option to save or discard changes when exiting a document would be superb.

Mike Delepine Commented

If no SAVE AS, pretty useless for me in MOST of the things I need to do. I just got the retina iPad mini and just starting using cloudon, and have been going NUTZ trying yo find SAVE AS, basic basic function. Really want to save as PDF too, but at least SAVE AS. I have proposals to send out, I need to start with an order form and then save a version with the client's name in title, PLEASE ADD SOON, or else gotta find some other solution, tnx!!!

Zachary Commented

YES we need a save as at least. export opton nice. but AT LEAST save as. so we can creat iterations. also from web interface. creat new doc.

Kirsten Commented

"Save As' feature with ability to save as a different file name and as a pdf for export is a must for me. Sadly, using this excellent app is not viable for me without that feature.

Colin geere Commented

Not much use to me without a "save as" option I use master sheet to record weekly time sheets and need to save as week number

Joe Commented

It would be a very good tool to have

Mark Commented

I'm a plumber/gas fitter, this app is almost perfect for me. I use a master I created in word, if only I could SAVE AS like I do on my PC cloudon would be flawless. Was about to buy a laptop to do what I would be able to do on my ipad if SAVE AS is added......... So to the great minds that created cloudon, please add this to your brilliant idea of an app.

Linda Commented

Need a "save as" option.

Linda Commented

I use a file as a template. Make changes to it and then went to save it under another name. how can I do that now?

Todd Vohs Commented

Great app. I use forms/templates all the time and need a "Save As..." functionality. Otherwise, I am at the PC doing all my file management by customer and I might as well just edit the files there instead of the in the field on my iPad. Kind of defeats the purpose

MS Commented

need save as to be able to use a form and fill it out for s specific person in a given situation

Mary Commented

Let's have 9one please


I would really appreciate a Save As because I do not want a docx suffix. My printer is not working at present so I have to print elsewhere and that is not possible using a docx suffix. Otherwise I am very happy with CloudOn even though I am working my way through using Word. Thank you in expectation.

Sarah Commented

I agree - need a save and save as option... It's driving me mad!

User Commented

I need a save as function !!!

previn1 Commented

This would be a really great feature.

Natal Commented

unfortunately Cloudon does NOT save always. I edited excel files many times and more than not it does not saves the files. So unfortunately I do not trust Cloudon to save it automatically. Just don't try to change people and add the simple Save As funtion, so we can all sleep assured our work is saved.