Ability to print

Need way to print files directly from CloudOn. Some options to consider and vote on as solutions are the following: AirPrint: http://bit.ly/VV1UA8 Google Cloud Print: http://bit.ly/YugMYw Breezy: http://bit.ly/XW9EjO Convert to PDF Format: http://bit.ly/17bJPmQ

Amber Commented

Need to print help???

Nia Commented

How do you print

ernesto Commented

i want to know how to print

emre Commented


DropBox Commented

Easy. Open document in DropBox. Click on icon on top right - a square with an arrow going upwards out of it. Press print and select your wireless printer.

Jean Commented

Hey ! I found a way to print my file using cloudon... I sent the file to another email then i opened it, it opened in safari.. Then i clicked on this icon neside the url bar... On the right side of the next arrow button.. Then i clicked print. I used wireless printer :)

Julia Commented

I know the IP address of a printer I want to use. How do I input those details

Me Commented

Hope people will change

Me Commented

Hey guys, cloud on is a fanstastic app, you just need to start thinking forward and print it from dropbox or something, i dont think giving a negitive comment would effect on the app, only nice comments would encourage them to fix this. I hope to see better and more positive comments.......

vgg Commented

Test message

vgg Commented


vgg Commented

Test comment

Fred Commented

Bad app. Can not even copy to another app. to print. Useless app!!

Andrea Frear Commented

This is a joke right. You can't print anything off what a stupid app. I downloaded this for my son to do his homework on he spent hours typing a document only to find it is a load of crap......

Alta Commented

Need to be able to use my own wireless printer. So far I'm not able to print from Word in cloud on.

kathy lewis Commented

I cannot print. Do I have to pay to print? Wish I had known before I downloaded this app

Can't print! Commented

It's frustrating to give us an app that lets us nicely create a document but not be able to print it. It's like preparing a great meal and putting in front of me and then taping my mouth so I can't eat it. I read through the help and tried to open it in Dropbox. But I still saw no way to print it. I really don't know whether I was in CloudOn or Dropbox app. The file always opened the same way wiith no print option anywhere. I was able to email it to myself and will try to print it tomorrow, but I really needed it tonight. This product is only halfway there without a print option in my opinion.

Jodi Commented

When using cloud on I also have an app that called Dropbox. This is linked with cloud on so whenever I have to print something I close up cloud on and wait a minute or two for them to "talk" to each other. I open the file in Dropbox and can print with my wireless printer no problem. If I need the file to print later I just email it to my iPhone

Carol Commented

Annoying that you can't print.just bought air printer an fed up now as can't print to it an based on these comments I'm not willing to pay for an application to print.wish I'd just bought a laptop as the hassle in emailing a simple attachment was bad enough an now wasted money on printer an won't print

Jenna holsinger Commented

How do I print files and pics

AlAl Fiore Commented

I just purchased Cloud on Pro-, and I expected that I would be able to use Google print with my iPad. Why wouldn't you enable Google print on all devices including iOS devices?

Berenice Commented

I made the 2.99 per month purchase so I can use air print but it says I haven't downloaded it. What do I need to download & how do I download it?

Frankie Commented

I too am unhappy .... Not able to print unless I pay!!?? When I sined on was told I could change 'access' in options but so far I cannot find 'options' ... Meanwhile all my calendar info has disappeared .....

John H Commented

Airprint works fine with my airprint-capable printer Epson Stylus NX430.

Sol Commented

How can I copyyyyyyy

Catherine Cocaine Commented

Paid to print and it doesn't print. Would like money back please.

Osvaldo Commented

AirPrint Does not WORK Paid monthly please reparar

Cami Commented

I just logged on my SkyDrive account and printed from there. the document I was working with on CloudOn, had synchronized to SkyDrive, so all my changes were still saved

Julie Slocombe-Emery Commented

Job of course, I'm very upset, as I've sent it to my prospective employer with some trepidation, asking on the attached message for them to please let me know if they have problems opening it!! They've just messaged me saying the link doesn't work please post a hard copy, now I have to do it all over again , as the system wont release my Application, I've emailed them , Cloud on that is, but that doesn't help me, how un professional does that me look!! Very ANGRY

Julie Slocombe-Emery Commented

Please show me how to print from this ridiculous app, it's swallowed my jib application

Ceinwen Commented

I've just looked up the app for printing, in the words of Victor of One Foot In the Grave you've got to be joking £5 plus

jan Commented

Printing should be free. Don't be an asshole, CloudOn.

Richie Commented

Read all other comments............this app sucks!

Richie Commented

App sucks!!!!!!

Richie Commented

"Buyer Beware" don't fall for it! They want you to pay just to print! Run away fast!

Richie Commented

What? Pay to print? You gotta be kidding! What a piece of crap! What's the use? What a scam.......dump it! What an insult !

Ronald s bowman Commented

I just wanted to know how to print cloud keeps telling me I need to purchase something to do so. And I also wanted to know how to delete things I no longer need

NATHAN Commented

OH MY GOD I HEAR THE VOICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO AWAY NEIL PATRICK HARRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NATHAN Commented

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Bryan Commented

Ditto -wots the point of being able to create a word file if you can't print it or even e-mail it to somewhere else to do it. Saying the app is free then declaring costs for doing the basics is just a con!

Dur Commented

VERY DISAPPOINTED. Monthly fee to print???? I'm only glad I did not waist time like others have. Have had the app over a year and will be deleting it today. PAY TO PRINT... What,s next? Pay to view a file? Pay to tie my shoe? Capitalism at its finest.

Gordon Craig Commented

Just down loaded CloudOn to a new ipad. Spent a whole afternoon trying to get the Word ribbon to show up. Now I have seen these comments on printing I will remove CloudOn and see what google has to offer

Mark Swan Commented

I completely agree with the chorus of irate users. I spend hours working on a document only to find it costs me to print it. I waisted precious time and am furious that I can't save it, copy it nor print it and am looking for a way out.

Gail Commented

I stupidly paid to print because I absolutely had to be able to print my file and the damn thing doesn't even work. I will be disputing the charge!

Jim Commented

Don't often get commend but fell for this rip,off Why would anyone have pay to print their files on their own printer Luckily I only got conned out of 1 months sub -- But my file still won't print Absolutely useless

Georgie Few Commented

I'm so annoyed because the first time i used this app i was able to download and now you have to pay to print it is so stupid i need to use this for my course work and now i,m not going to bother. you will soon run out of people using this if you are charging them to bloody print, using there ink, paper and electric just for them to pay more. NO WAY!!!

Jonathan Commented

This is simply absurd. I refuse to pay to print. What is going to be your next greedy revenue stream? You know, I don't feel like waiting to find out and am looking for another service. We all make mistakes. You made a big one. Fess up and change it quickly before you lose more customers through a downright poorly thought out revenue

anthony Commented

cloud on sucks dick who the hell is going to pay to print out of their own printer i cant even copy and paste to print my work and once you get your paper work on cloud you can't even print unless you pay who ever made this app is a idiot theirs 5 years old boys that make better successful apps than this dick head. Think about charging for something else not to print. this APP is a FAIL dont even BOTHERRR>>>>

David Commented

Paying a fee to print on my own printer?!!! No way!

Robert Sorensen Commented

Looks like I will be looking for a better office download. Printing is a necessity!!!1

Rick Commented

While the ability to print is great, it's a major disappointment that: 1) you have to pay a monthly fee for the feature, & 2) you can no longer email the file. In my opinion the "upgraded" version makes this app worse than the previous version. So now I will be looking for a different word processing app. Bad move CloudOn. At this rate it may soon become CloudOff. Not happy at all.

MJ Commented

charging for printing and it still doesn't work, and now I can't email the file either, this is worse then ever!

Barbarian Commented


Brent Watson Commented

Others offer this, so it would be a wise option to add

Joni Commented

I really hope that they will make it so you can print

Elyse brill Commented

No printing ability makes this app useless

GEORGE Cook Commented

This program is of no use unless users can print the document.

Richard Commented

It's ridiculous that you would create an app that doesn't give you the ability to print a worksheet. It would be almost ok if I could send it back to excel then print from there but excel comes back with garbage.

jo Vickers Commented

What is the point of creating an app to produce documents that are unprintable? This is vital!

peterr Harris Commented

Printing is a vital part of any program and without it this, this program is only part complete. please review this program and include a way to save as and print your documents.thanks.

Eileen Commented

Printing is essential these days! Please get it done ASAP!

Zeina Kassab Commented

This would be very helpful

Andrea Commented

The problem I am having is when I send my documents to my email to be printed thinking that the way it was sent will be the way its prints (WRONG) I am a college student so MLA/APA format is valubale just get a print option attached ASAP!!!

Jack Commented

It is just ridiculous that you can't print a word document on an apple computer. Are ther any apps that run ALL Microsoft stuff on an iPad, that can print? Thank you, will monitor for comments, for several days, then I' m dumping this cloud on crap!

TmB Commented

Would be VERY helpful

Carles Commented

One way to work is give a peper document when finished. Why do not incorporate this option if you have always a printer insaler and shared?

Rebecca Commented

Why have cloud if you cannot print? what sense does that make type documents upload documents but YOU CANNOT PRINT!!!!!! WHY USE CLOUD THEN

Phil Murray Commented

Convert to PDF may be the easiest and then I can AirPrint from that already. I just to be able to print word docs!!!!

Kerry Commented

Since cloud on doesn't support printing, I email docs to myself then print them

Jennifer Commented

Yes! Need to be able to print! How frustrating...

rebecca lambert Commented

need to print !!!!!!!

Merrill Commented

How frustrating it Is to bask in the glory of being able to edit, e-mail, etc in MS Word on my IPad in "Cloud" and then NOT to be able to print it. That truly sucks!!!!! My vote is for Air Print.

Jocelyn Jones Commented

I am an undergraduate student and using Cloudon has enhanced my ability to become more efficient and productive in class, home in addition to allowing access wherever the Internet is availabe, however to fully receive the benefit the option to print would be even greater.

Christina Nguyen Commented

App would be perfect if I could print things.

Cathy Ann Deutmeyer Commented

With word pro with powerpoint and exal and wordpro should have on it that work better if the printer is there with please put it on clod on cattyann2001@yahoo.com thank you that will work for writing thing out and print thing out on the iPad thank you

Jason Commented

I need to print directly from cloudon to my IPad . I have air print but how do I do it???

YeeKia Sng Commented

I need to print directly from CloudOn on ipad. Now wireless printers are so popular. and it would be great if we tap on the wireless printing seamlessly within CloudOn. Your app rocks and it will make it evern more awesome with this printing capability.

YeeKia Sng Commented

Need to print

Mateo Commented

I need that too

Calvin Commented

Great idea

Javier Cerero Commented

How do you print a document? email it to yourself?

Aly Commented

App would be perfect if I could print stuff

Elisa Bradford Commented

I'm a teacher, PTO member and Girl Scout co leader and need to print the documents I type. Please need to print.

Kristen Commented

Must be able to print. Or at least save as a PDF which then gives me the option to choose where I want to print or save this file. Like it has already been said what is the point of using your app if I can't print.

Pirate Commented

This app is pointless if I have to go back to a PC to print docs (copied and pasted from "Greig" in case of any Rights issue)

John Commented

Ability to print directly to my wifi printer from cloudon would be great

Catrina Commented

Print please!

Amanda Commented

They should have u connect ur printer to wifi so u can print right off the app

Amanda Commented

Brandon Commented

Printing would complete this app

Neil Commented

Gotta be able to print or what's the point?!

Djn Commented


Djn Commented

We need to print! PLEASE!

Alec Ressler Commented

This is an essential feature

Greig Commented

Please stop dithering and sort this, this app is pointless if I have to go back to a PC to print docs

Raquel cook Commented

There needs to be a printing feature and this would be awesome

Connie Commented

I can't believe there is no way to print a document!

Andyw Commented

Printing or PDF would be great!

Todd Commented

Please let me print

Todd Commented

I need to print my boss needs my spreadsheet done in two days and my computer crashed. Let me print!!!!!!!!!!