Enable Skydrive Use

Like dropbox, being able to open and save documents to Skydrive would be nice. Thanks :)

Jane Henderson-Hirstne Henderson-Hirst Commented

Help my cloud on accessibility has ceased to work. I am unable to open the ap at all. All my work for the weekend is stored there. Any ideas foe accessibility. Thanks jane.

chloe ashley Commented

hi, how do i connect a microsoft office account with cloud on, it keeps saying my accoutn doesnt exist

Ibrahim Commented

not able to connect with skydrive. keeps telling me my Microsoft account doesn't exist. Please help. I want my data back

Celyhachana Commented

I am unable to access Skydrive. When I open LIVE.COM I have access to Outlook, People and Calendars but not to Skydrive. I am also unable to open Skydrive directly (www.skydrive.com). I recently changed my Microsoft password (and also dropped the 2-step authentication process for my gmail account but don't think the two are related). Yesterday I downloaded photos to Skydrive from Photo Gallery and now have no way to access them. Thanks for any help!

Rupe Macaw Commented

I have no trouble opening Excel files from Skydrive and making changes to the file. However, CloudOn doesn't seem to save the changed file back to Skydrive. In fact, it does sometimes save it back, but most times does not and I have been unable to find any magic trick to make it do it reliably.

Bri Commented

Installed Skydrive a while ago . easily uploaded a few ( about 10) photos. Then tried later to upload more from my Windows phone. Each photo showed uploading to skydrive but when I opened my pc skydrive no new photos appeared !! Whats going on?

Bobbi B. Commented

Also having difficulty accessing SkyDrive. It can get to some of my documents, but not all of them. And of course the ones I don't have access to are the ones I need. grrrrr.

Hemang D. Rana Commented

I am an old account holder and utilizing 25 GB. The SkyDrive Desktop Application is downloaded and few files from the default SkyDrive folder were synchronized. However, some how, the added files in the default folder could not be uploaded and SkyDrive could not be updated. I have checked, but the SkyDrive is disabled. I attempted to open folder by clicking, even I attempted through the Tuneup Utility. In Tuneup Utility it is disabled. Whem I tried to enable, the function does not take the command at all. Whether the another user (my wife) of outlook and SkyDrive, who has signed up recently from the same PC creates confusion in enabliling? (I am suspecting this cause); In that case, I am ask my wife to close the Outlook account and invoke some other services.

Patricia Commented

Can't connect to skydive...it keeps crashing I can't do my work!

Sergey Ermolaev Commented

Would be very useful.

Javier Cerero Commented

Unable to connect to skydrive

Javier Cerero Commented

Linked account error for skydrive !

paul brockett Commented

not able to connect with skydrive. keeps telling me my Microsoft account doesn't exist. Please help.

Javier Cerero Commented

Also unable to connect to sky drive.

Jeremy Commented

Now need support for Skydrive Pro for Office 365.

Jon Commented

Unable to open documents from SkyDrive. Please fix.

Alison Simpson Commented

Cannot open sky drive grrrrrrr

Joan Commented

Unab to open skydrive in oncloud on ipad.

Joan Commented

Unable to open skydrive

Javier Cerero Commented

Awesome that its part of App now!!

Anonymous Commented

add skydrive to one-stop-shop

Anonymous Commented

Can you enable shared doc access for skydive? So files that have been shared with you can be viewed and not just your own?

Anonymous Commented

Would like to use skydrive for onenote

Jim-P Commented

Thank you!

Joe Ayyoub Commented

Thanks guys.

Zafer Commented

Thank you for Skydrive support

Fahim Mahmood Mir Commented

CloudOn is a great application if they implement this as well its going to be a big plus

Belllzebut Commented

CloudOn is a great application! Skydrive incorporation would be an asset for CloudOn Please add Skydrive support.

Paul Commented

Skydrive adding will be a major step and a natural one.

Colin Toews Commented

Skydrive has a much larger base storage size than the other services offered, not to mention the free 25GB of storage many early adopters were given. Also, office 365 and Office 2013 tie in to skydrive storage, so including it in CloudOn would make it much more of a seamless experience between desktop and iPad.

Fred Commented

Imperative necessity for skydrive incorporation

Andrew James Commented

yes please :)

Anonymous Commented

Skydrive would be very, very, very helpful. Please add it!

Junius Commented

Yes link skydrive

Tarrah engler Commented

Yes link skydrive too!

tetsuhiro yoshino Commented

I am also waiting skydrive support.

g Commented

Skydrive support please!

Adriano Commented

Ftp, smb server etc...

philrib Commented

Skydrive support...please !

Miguel Ramirez Commented

I think that incorporate Skydrive to Dropbox services would be awesome. I hope you can implement it soon. Great app by the way!!!

Zafer Commented

We are waiting for skydrive support

Anonymous Commented

Agree plz add skydrive

Bud PR Commented

SkyDrive is the next big thing and will really take off when Windows 8 arrives. SkyDrive, Office 365, and SharePoint will be hugh. It is a mystery why you wouldn't have a SkyDrive link right now.

AZ_Surveyor Commented

Skydrive is needed, pony up some bucks if you have to since users with existing skydrive accounts cant keep everything synced with dropbox.

Michael Glenn Commented

The fact that SkyDrive support is still listed as "under review" since May 9th is a sure sign that CloudOn is, for some reason, very reluctant or perhaps even contractually unable to add this service. As many others have said, it doesn't make sense to talk about Microsoft Office document support without providing SkyDrive support. Even iOS itself supports SkyDrive. Until this is resolved, CloudOn remains a marginal solution for potentially millions of users who obviously don't feel Cloud storage providers are completely interchangeable.

JT Commented

This app is great but it's not really useable for me until skydrive is added.

Cliff Commented

Yes please on skydrive

David McBride Commented

This is a brilliant idea! Please make it happen as it would make Cloudon a much better app.

Km4344 Commented

When is skydive being added to cloud on.??

Neil White Commented

Skydrive is a must!!!!

Rich Commented

Yes please put skydrive on cloudon or another provider will get in before you, already using Dropbox box and google drive nicely

Mirek Commented

I'm waiting too long. Thank you, but I changed my cloud to DropBox. Btw. I still have problems with SkyDrive login on Mountain Lion... So now, both things solved.

Anonymous Commented

Would love sky drive added!!

Anonymous Commented

Please do!

Anonymous Commented

+1 fast if possible ;)

Joe Commented

Please add Skydrive to CloudOn. MS Office / MS Skydrive. It only makes since.

Anonymous Commented

I would like to see the Geez fonts, which is in Desktop work on the ipad as well

Anonymous Commented

I would love to see sky drive on Cloudon

vincentime Commented

Yes please !!!

Anonymous Commented

Yes please

Rob Commented

just got my ipad and think cloudon is wonderful. Would love to see Skydrive access!

popome Commented


Larry Commented

I would really love cloud on if access to skydrive were available

Anonymous Commented

Adding skydrive would be fantastic.

Mjk Commented

That'd be great: linking MS storage and apps. I'd really love that, and so should Microsoft. SkyDrive is such a good storage option.

Bart Commented

I would like to support this request to allow linkage to my skydrive account. Skydrive gives me much more free storage than the other cloud providers so that is where. My of my documents are

Kevin Commented

Please add skydrive support.

Anonymous Commented

I concur, very nice app, but all my office files are on skydrive. Joe Guest Sr.

David Lutz Commented

Ditto this - Skydrive access would be nice!

DeAn Cobbold Commented

It,s a must!

Anonymous Commented

Most wanted !!! Integration with SkyDrive is a must have. Can we hope this to be added soon? Great job so far and keep the good work. Brilliant apps.

Swinng Commented

Sky drive connection would be great

EJ Schenck Commented

This is definitely a feature I'd love to see... DropBox doesn't fit our needs because it can only sync what's inside the DropBox folder. SkyDrive is so smooth in it's integration!

Ian Commented


Anonymous Commented

Skydrive has now integrated itself into Win7 as an additional download and will be integrated into Win8. As Windows is the most used OS in the world, the use of Skydrive has and will in future become a larger used online storage rather than using a 3rd party app. By having Skydrive available, this app will be used more because Skydrive users will be able to access there MS Office work.

Chris DeNoia Commented

I concur. SkyDrive integration is the one thing missing from this app. ClouOn - please make it a priority. Thank You!

Greg Commented

You would set yourself apart with skydrive integration. NO ONE ELSE DOES IT. You have the best office files support as far as display and edit. Solidify that position with SkyDrive support. Im an IT Consultant and could promote this app to many clients IF IT HAD SkyDrive support.

Zak Haq Commented

Thank you for the free service. But without skydrive this app isn't complete, sorry! So guys, plz bring the best office experience in ur app plz.

Jens Borchmann Commented

Yes, yes....,yes...!!!

Chris Rodney Commented

Skydrive Support ... Please! All my work documents are there ... it's the only cloud service my company's firewall hasn't blocked.

Bibiana Commented

It is about timeeeee please im desperate!!!!!!!

Frank Goddard Commented

With their much larger storage and more universal availability it would seem a natural for Cloudon to support Skydrive. You already support their Office suite. Every device already can support Skydrive.

luissm Commented


Joni Olkkonen Commented

if possible, both the compatibility would ask SkyDrive

Jesper Commented

I Will not join befordr skydrive is enabled

Miguel Commented

Yes please, enable Skydrive access. It should be a +

Bobby C Commented

SkyDrive is less expensive than Dropbox and Google Drive does not support IOS devices at this time. Adding SkyDrive capability should be a very high priority for CloudOn.

Pau Commented

Skydrive asap

Ad bink Commented

Skydrive connection please

javi Commented

great idea!

chris morris Commented

I think this would be a great idea as well

Andy Commented

Great idea

Matthias Lowry Commented

Same for me as well!!

Tim Atwood Commented

Yes please Skydrive!!!!

Derek Wirch Commented

Would love to see this - Skydrive holds *all* my documents. It'd be a real pain to re-purchase storage space and transfer all those files and folders to another provider.

MarkRJP Commented

Yes please please please

Charles Stagg Commented

FYI. I have found that I can OPEN MS Office files I have placed on my SkyDrive account in CloudOn. (Select file, click the Send To icon on bottom right of doc opened in SkyDrive, select "Open in Another App", choose CloudOn and Doc opens in CloudOn.) HOWEVER there is no capability to save edits exept to Uploads folder of my DropBox account. REALLY need SkyDrive integrated into CloudOn like DropBox is.

Richard connelly Commented

Please add skydrive support

Jonathan Harmon Commented

Skydrive please.

T Commented

Another vote for SkyDrive integration PLEASE! Thanks