Make CloudOn Available Offline

CloudOn uses the power of the cloud to provide a productivity platform that is available on a variety of tablets and phones. We do this because we strongly believe in making our application ubiquitously available so that you can whip it out on your phone when you're walking to your car or bring it up on a tablet when you're brainstorming in the meeting room. The content that you access and the rich application features we make available to you are only possible due to the computing power we have in our cloud-based platform. These strengths come with some disadvantages and one of them is the difficulty of making CloudOn available offline. But our product and engineering teams love a challenging problem and this is one that they've taken a shining to. We hope to come back with a solution but given the nature of the problem this one will take time. We'll keep you updated as we go along – buckle up for the ride.

Judy Kriehn Commented

I've been using the combo of a Dropbox acct and Quickoffice to manage meeting agendas. Quickoffice has been acquired by Google, and will no longer work with Dropbox. The place where many meetings are held doesn't have public wifi. It would be nice to be able to download agendas to my ipad for those wifi-free zones.

Stephanie Commented

I would like to use this app as a company wide resource for excel spreadsheets. Unfortunately, our guys work out in the field and there are times when they do not have an internet connection but still need to update files. Being able to use it offline would be extremely useful.

Stuart Commented

I love everything about this app and was about to purchase the professional version, until I realized offline means no work. Please add this functionality.

Chris Beautement Commented

Looking forward to an update on how to use offline when I have no wifi / 3G access from my Ipad. Chris

BN Commented

You have a product that is probably the best in the market for use to all international travellers to keep in touch with their office and associates. Why probably -- becouse you really need to make the documents available off line in order to be absolutely indispensable. When anyone travels outside US into other countries which internet is not easly accessible-- we are limited to going back to a pc... killing the Apple products and others benefits of mobility.

Phil Commented

we need to be able to access the documents off-line. a lot of my work is done in places like an airplane where the internet access could be intermittent or non-existent. this will make this produce quite powerful as your competitors are also having difficulty trying to provide a comprehensive service. thnx.

belle Commented

I've had to purchase another app which doesn't function as well as this one, because it's vital that I have access and ability to work on documents while offline. Such a small, basic thing!

Lee Commented

Your product is not useful to anyone who travels and does presentations. Internet is not always available while on the road, and we can never count on it being a good connection even if it is available. People want to use there tablets, phones and chromebooks to present with, to lighten there load of equipment they haul around. You would be crazy to leave the success of your presentation to great wifi or strong cell service. The company that makes offline presentations possible from an android device will be the big winner. Several companies already have products that work well, you just have to do a little reformatting of your presentation to make them work correctly.

Chris Commented

Cloud on error 1100 coming up when I try to open the Dropbox. Dropbox does not open. ANY IDEAS WHY THIS IS HAPPENING ?

Brian barnard Commented

Probably the reason ms off / skydrive will not permit my recent idea is because users would then get ms off functionality without paying ?? .... Except of course the cut down ms off in the cloud has limited functionality ??

Brian barnard Commented

Is there not a simple way to download from sky to ms office on a PC , and then simply save the edited file back to skydrive ?!

Brian Commented

I would be prepared to pay a significant sum to get some measure of offline use of Cloudon. The program is in theory great, but very laggy often to the point of being unusable if using anything other than a perfect wifi connection. When I have a perfect wifi connection, I am at home or in in the office and can use Word on my PC! Like many users I need to use this program when using wifi on trains, in cafes or on my 3G connection. So perhaps my comment is partly, "If would be nice if we could use Cloud on offline" and partly, "The reason I want offline usage is because use in the Cloud seems flaky"

Rafa Commented

It's been two years since this thread was started! What's the status of this feature? Is it coming or not? Not asking for a specific date but at least some aknowledgement.

Phil Malcove Commented

I agree, we need to be able to access and author documents off line. I use Drop Box to synchronize my documents across platforms. Drop Box cashes the documents on each devise, CloudOn should be able to open the cashed document when off line, In fact, to improve performance (slow when internet is slow) it should open the cashed document (if exists) and save locally, let Drop Box (or other cloud based system) synchronize the document in the back ground rather than impede the user experience because of a poor internet connection.

Michael Commented

I couldn't agree more about the necessity of being able to work off line. Soon after I acquired the program I decided to write a report while on a cross country flightand was shocked to discover the program could not work offline so I resorted to using Pages which is much less powerful. Surely the program can be made resident in the iPad's memory so that files can be created and accessed when there is no internet connection.

belle Commented

would love to be able to continue working on documents offline - i didn't realise you had to have an internet connection to even open the program! i get the 'cloud' benefits but being able to access and work on documents already saved to cloud shouldn't be an issue.

Danny Commented

Offline access to full features would be useful but even as a step toward this full development it would be great to have partial or read only functions available for docs stored on the device. This would at least provide some peace of mind when using for meetings off site or traveling where connectivity is never taken for granted.

Mel Snyder Commented

I have been frustrated by two inabilities: 1) I cannot access files on my iPad. I can get to files in Dropbox and Box - but how do I get to files created in DocsToGo offline, or Keynote offline. 2) It would be nice to be able to access files in my Carbonite, too

Phil Malcove Commented

If we could access our cached DropBox folders we should be able to work off line. However my recent experience is that if I don't have a good connection to the internet I cannot use CouldOn to view or edit my documents. I like CloudOn as a viewer/editor but I will have to look for another application if this is not resolved. I hope they can find a way to work with DropBox off line soon.

KMC Commented

Offline file access is critical. With Quickoffice not supporting offline files with iOS 7 this is a great time for CloudOn to shine. We need the ability to move files from the cloud to a local file access area.

Jos Commented

MS makes a laugh about the chromenotebook of google because it is only working in the cloud. What about this great app? Only working in the cloud ...

Stavros Commented

I often use CloudOn for Power Point presentations to clients premises. Not always sure if I will have access to wifi restricts the use of an otherwise very helpful app.

Melanie Commented

I can't use CloudOn because I need offline editing options, and doesn't offer that. I don't always have wifi access and my iPad is wifi only. I'm looking for an alternative to Quick Office Pro, which just discontinued thanks to Google, and they changed the Quick Office app so it only supports Google Drive - no DropBox or anything else. I'd use CloudOn as its replacement if it had offline capabilities, but I went with another app instead.

Paul Commented

Having CloudOn available offline for editing would be HUGE game changer!!! We use for file sharing and CloudOn to open/view, edit and save docs back into Box, the integration between the two is great but missing the feature to have CloudOn available offline. That way C-Level employees could download docs to the iPad/iPhone, then edit them while offline, for example when they fly, or commuting or don't have wifi available for whatever reason. Please make offline available. It would make a great app that much better.

Kristine Commented

Absolutely agree that off-Line access is a must - being out of reach is when one gets things done.

Peter Commented

Making CloudOn available offline is very important to me. Would be a fantastic feature, and eliminate a fundamental obstacle - whcih currently prevents me using CLoudOn for (some) field sales visit reports.

Jean-Philippe Coderre Commented

Not making it possible to edit offline is a big minus to this awesome app. DO IT! NOW!!!!

Clare Commented

I go to college where we do have internet , however if I'm on a bus and what to edit work or in a waiting room , and have time to do work . I can't because there is no connection. Which I don't see the need for as all I'm doing is typing notes which doesn't need any internet supply. I also would suggest when renaming something , if I try to change a capital letter o, it won't let me rename it as it's. The same number of characters so I have to add another character then rename again . It's very restricting . Thanks

Alex Commented

With on line workis not possible

mark nelson Commented

What a joke. I feel for paying $30 to upgrade to "pro" and of course, it won't let me go pro. What a joke. Big mistake. Never going to get that money back I'm sure...

Mark TNorwich Commented

I would love to be able to call up a doc, then load it onto my Ipad so that I can edit the document whenI amnot near a wifi point. Having edited the document, to be able to then upload this back to it's original folder would be awsome!

George Commented

That would be a game changer.

Guy Commented

Even if a new document can be started offline and then synced to the cloud after the user has brainstormed on the go. Maybe you could combine users offline contributions by combining them in bubbles, like messages on the cloud and the (messages) are updated as users resync their contributions when connection becomes available

Gulamshabir Commented

if we make cloud on offline more people will use it and everyone will rate this app with all there stars because you will not have to connect to your hub or use your sim so please make this app offline.

Gracinia Miller Commented

Having problem with running very slow need to download768 kips answer 128 kips upload to work online and offline. Can you help me so I can pass my classes.

Mark Commented

This is an awesome app!! I use feature rich MS Word docs that other apps just cant read and edit, but CloudOn does the job wonderfully. The only problem is I do not always have connectivity to use the app as designed, which is a huge problem. Also would be nice to have "offline" ability to work on a document and then connect later to sync with CloudOn storage. This way i can choose between WiFi and cell connectivity. I can use wiFi free at most places without having to use my Verizon and get data charges etc. I would pay for an offline version of this like Sync2, Office2 HD and QO to name a few.

Lisa Commented

Would be useful so you can prepare documents as you do with word then log on and save

Steve Mallet Commented

You see i got similar problems need to edit my document on the road and wifi or internet is not available all the time. With the massive storage that the ipad and iphone are offering, think that icloud would find it easier for a lot of the customers to store there files directly on the device and open it from there offline and when its possible when there a wifi or internet connection have it save on are external net drive.

Lesley Commented

we have the same challenges as the previous , Inadequate and expensive quota limited Internet access. as delightful as your product is, it's nigh on useless to us. what a shame, as it looks excellent in all other ways!

Jayaprakashrao Nandgavle Commented

Cloud on adopting new reforms. But it is a lengthy process. As the customer go to iCloud and open the document and then send in this process except US. In other countries the service providers are not almost competent as always the Internet connection.becomes off. Due to which it will be difficult to process in short time. I suggest that all types documents be opened edited and saved. In offline otherwise it becomes lengthy and expensive. All the saved documents be kept in CLOUDON . This will be facile cheap and popular every body give his consent.

Phil In Oviedo Commented

I seldom use my desktop computer now that I have my iPhone and iPad. With the introduction of all the wireless printers lately, the ability to print directly from my printer would be wonderful.

feepti Commented


feepti Commented


Bad connection problems would be solved too. Commented

I suffer a lot from problems with WIFI connections. When offline is possible, That wll be solved if there is, offcourse, a synchronising possibility

Zero Knight Commented

Please do it!

Melissa Foux Commented

Please add this as it will make the app excellent

Offline mode with sync option Commented

I'm a delivery guy who uses CloudOn for managing my delivery logs. So I am literally on the road all the time. I have seen firsthand what happens to an open file in your app when the connection to the cloud is lost (all your changes since the last sync simply aren't there)IMHO "Always On" internet computing is not a good idea, since so many things can interrupt your connection to whatever server

Offline mode with sync option Commented

I'm a delivery guy who uses CloudOn for managing my delivery logs. So I am literally on the road all the time. I have seen firsthand what happens to an open file in your app when the connection to the cloud is lost (all your changes since the last sync simply aren't there)IMHO "Always On" internet computing is not a good idea, since so many things can interrupt your connection to whatever server

Jim Vincent Commented

I use Cloud on Excel daily and find it great from my iPad when within WIFI range. The offline app is obviously the next step... Please What about the ability to use it on my mini Mac?- now that would be awsome! :)

Ashley Commented

Would really appreciate it if you could make the app work offline!

Look at docs to go. They solved this problem Commented

Look at docs to go they solved this problem

Sean Commented

PLEEEEASE make offline mode available ASAP. I'm using this app for school and the school's WiFi is very unreliable. If offline mode becomes a reality, this app will replace my computer! Thank you for creating this awesome app.

Sam Commented

I have come onto my cloud on and all my folders with different files inside the folders have disappeared. I know I can log onto skydrive and see them but I would like to access them from cloud on.

Stefano Commented

An offline option would be perfect. As already dropbox ipad does downloading favorite files. This solution would solve all by problems when travelling!

Manuel Robles Commented

I've tried setting up my account. I try to sign in and I get an error message saying that I'm using the wrong email or password. I've used the forgot password option and I don't get an email to reset my password. I've tried sending you emails for support with no luck. Can someone please help me. Thanks!

Hendrikkus Commented

Yes, offline mode of CloudOn will help everybody who want access the CloudOn without network connection online. Syncronizing while internet connection available is important to keep our data uptodate.

Aytug Commented

Offline access would complete this app.

Indy jones Commented

Offline document editing and storage are musts for a competent application.

David Nushi Commented

offline access would be awesome and extremely helpful :)

David Nushi Commented

offline access would be awesome and extremely helpful :)

Jasmine Commented

Make this app offline too!!!! Absolutely doesnt work whenever I need to do my work when I'm overseas. Unless there's its made to work offline as well, its not a thumbs up for me. :(

Suzie Commented

Absolutely need offline capability Travel a lot & sometimes not connected to the Internet. That really makes it useless

tbs Commented

Please! available offline!! I use this app at home with the Ipad and I like it but..when I work I need to use de data of my phone because I don't have wifi at work...

MRIDEA Commented

I don't use cloud storage for anything, as I can't depend on having an internet connection available, so the app as it stands is of no use to me. Be great if it could use storage on my iPad for sure.

TCK Commented

If your documents are going to be available offline, you need local storage. You also need a file management system in your mobile devices. I think this offline solution is going to take some time to figure out. It also forces the users to upgrade to the mobile tablets with SIM cards to use with cellular data plans. I like CloudOn as it is today!! Don't try to fix what is not broken. I'd like this app to remain free.

Jess Commented

I love CloudOn! That is, when I'm able to use it thanks to WiFi. I also love that you guys are keeping this app free, BUT having access to it offline would be so invaluable to me that I'd be willing to pay for it! I'd be some other folks would too. Just a thought!

Johan Commented

Idea... I'm using an Ipad. Maybe Cloudon can make a possibility to work offline on googledrive doc's which are made offline on your Ipad.?! And when you have connection with the cloud again, this version of the doc is shared. Would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sergey Ermolaev Commented

Would be very handy, if It is available offline.

Tammy Commented

I want to type the text of my Weblog in the car so I need to work offline. I understand that this idea is already more than à year old and still not solved?

Alexandre Commented

Your application is very good! It just need to be open offline, or saved in local file to be perfect.

Adam Commented

Would be nice to use google drives offline document feature in cloudon when not able to connect to wifi.

Nancy Commented

Chose CloudOn because it offers change-tracking in Word. Very useful. Disappointed to find out I can't use it on a plane, though, or anywhere I can't get the Internet. Huge limitation!

Edward Commented

Make it offline as well please

Jason Commented

Being able to access your files offline is a must. There is an easy way to make the documents stored on the drive of the device, i.e. iPad, similar to the way a gaming app stores your progress and the way ringtone apps store the ringtone. Without having the ability of accessing the documents offline, the purpose of cloudon is degraded severely. I would love to see this update ASAP, even if it will cost me money to do so.

Sanders, Duane Commented

can't always get to on a flight....but i could type while flying....

Julie Reilly Commented

Would pay for this! Then I really would be free of my laptop - everywhere!

Tim Commented

Would make a good improvement on a great app.

Alexis Commented

I really feel like offline use would be wonderful! You could save the documents on the device itself and then when in a wifi region could choose to upload them via cloud. Over all, I love the app! Just wish I didn't have to rely on internet access to start typing something or start making a presentation.

luigi Commented

Any company that can produce an MS office 90 % compatible application, not only will be making a killing, they will create a worldwide top apps I am aware that Apple says no to Macros, but they allow dropdown cells, Pivot table, graphs editing, ranges creation, Lua language for querying spreadsheet etc.. Aside Polaris and Apple Number none ITunes apps comes closer to MS Office.. Previous comment made in March....Been able to work in Excel, when no WIFI is available would be to all these MS Office want to be compatible application on ITUNE a killer Tried several of them 4 or 5 ITunes application that claims to be MS office compatible, in no way these application stand up to MS office. Offcourse they all claim to be compatible but none can even come closer to MS Office, as they are missing, ranges manipulation, no pivot table, no graphs, no cell dropdown menu, no decent sorting, no easy way to connect different sheet with a workbook, no cell protections or cell password Offcourse no VB nor Macro thanks to Apple IOS recommendation. Any company that could produce and offer a true MS office compatible Application as good as Microsoft would make a killing and set some standard in the market. I love your APS it's a shame that it's not useable offline

Fabio Maratia Commented

rendetelo disponibile offline vi prego

Somnath Lamichhane Commented

How to upload other fonts in Word/Excel while running in CloudOn ? Anyone can help?

Somnath Lamichhane Commented

If it works offline mode, it will be a great...

Renato Scabbia Commented

i think working offline optn is a "must have" option

Ian Norris Commented

I am not sure what people are saying here but I am assuming that there is no way to use this software if you are offline? I don't always have online access and to be able to amend documents, save them on the iPads memory then update when I am in the vicinity of a WIFI connect would be an outstanding addition to what is going to be a potentially great tool for me. I am not sure that CloudOn have responded directly to this question but I would certainly be interested in reading a response from them outlining their intentions to further make this software more usable.

Hugo Commented

Well, I had a problem. I used cloudon in a iPad connected to the inernet and edited a document from Google Drive. When I tried to open the document in iPad Google Drive or at Web Browser Google Drive, it didn't work. Google Drive showed a error message.

stef mucha Commented

his app is great! Would it work offline would be perfect!

Rachel Commented

I would be willing to pay for an upgrade that allowed offline usage.

Regina C Manna Commented

This app is great! Would it work offline would be perfect!

Claudia Commented

i love this app but I would love more if it worked offline too.

Ron Commented

Another vote for Offline access please - especially on wifi only Ipad when no wireless connection.

Becki Commented

Please offline!! I LOVE this app, particularly how animations still work for PowerPoint. The only thing that holds me back from using purely this is an offline feature. If I am not going to be guaranteed a good solid phone signal to piggy-back my iPad I have to use Docs2Go as I can bring up docs repeatedly as long as I haven't completely closed down the app. PLEASE UPGRADE TO OFFLINE USEAGE! Loving your work :o)

Viz Commented

This would be the icing on the cake. It is a great does what it says. The user interface is extremely intuitive and clean. Love this app. If I could save things locally that would be all that I need.

Andrea Commented

CloudOn is by now the greatest app I've ever had for processing texts. But, nontheless, the only problem I find is the absence of offline access. Please, please, include it as an update as soon as possible.

Andrea Commented

CloudOn is by now the greatest app I've ever had for processing texts. But, nontheless, the only problem I find is the absence of offline access. Please, please, include it as an update as soon as possible.

Nicholas Commented

Yes please, an offline feature would be a tremendous help to me as both a student and a writer. If this has offline feature where you then sync the device when you do have Internet and have your documents updated I would love this app even more.

Jeff Commented

Yes its a great app as far as it goes, but as everybody else is commenting, please make it "offline', update online

Annette Commented

Pretty please - that would be wonderful.

Someone Commented

Please!!!! I can't use this unless I am at home. I got it to be able to use at school for projects.

Kaitlyn Texley Commented

Yes this would be so wonderful! I would love to be able to edit things offline, especially because I only have wifi on my ipad!!

Zora Marslink Commented

It would be nice to be able to create documents on long car rides and long waits when not in wifi range.