virtual keyboard support.

it would be nice if the app, inside Word etc, had a virtual keyboard button so we can text without needing an external keyboard.

Greg Commented

The keyboard was working on my Word doc using my iPhone and then I made and edit on my PC. From that point on, I was unable to get the iPhone keyboard to show up.

Chris Commented

This dos not work for me :( Please help!!

Anonymous Commented

Tapping with three fingers actually works!! Madness

Anonymous Commented

I agree how can you edit with no KEYBOARD.??

Lakewoman Commented

My iPad keyboard will not come up on my spreadsheet!

Anonymous Commented

i know how! try double tapping in the center of the page with 3 fingers, its weird but works

Anonymous Commented

it appeared to me! dont know how...

Anonymous Commented

After updating to 3.0 my keyboard will not oe up using a PDF file

Ron Commented

No it didn't. My keyboard will not come up.

Keren Commented

Very true.