If you are going to make people pay.

Make it to where the people who got it in the eginning keep getting it free.

Zora Marslink Commented

A one time payment would be nice as well for the pro features. (Power Point and Exel are useless without those features) Monthly payments are annoying to make...

Gladys Commented

I'm not impressed that I now have to pay for some of the features I got for free, I much rather use my desktop.

Anonymous Commented

This, or, more realistically, I wouldn't mind using it with ads. I.e. a ad bar on the top, or during the loading screens (since it does take some time to load), since you do need to make money. Since I'm sure this will definitely be a very popular app if you did that, I'm sure you'd get a lot of advertisers. Premium could be ad-free. The time limit thing just seems highly annoying.

Brian Commented

Agreed. Or at least allow a couple hours per day where it is free. I love the app but won't use it a ton so I am not interested in paying for it. Id rather use my pc for Office if there is a charge because I have already paid for it there... It would just be a fantastic perk to buying an iPad if it remained free.

Nela Commented

Love the fact it's free! ... I agree with you or they could leave it free too