CloudOn available outside the U.S.

When will CloudOn be available in other countries? International

Gabriel Espinoza Commented

Instead of asking when will be released in Chile, I rather asking: why do you have this country restrictions? I don't understand why would you release an Argentinian version and not a 'South-american' version....

Anonymous Commented

when will it be available in MALAYSIA??

Anonymous Commented

When will CLOUDON be available in Peru?

tom roberts Commented

Kenya, as a leading country in the the development of Africa, I'd say we should be given priority. The rest of you already have lots of goodies ! Are you listening Cloudon?

Chris Commented

can you also release cloudon in uae

Oliver W Commented

Sad it's still not available in Singapore. Appreciate if we could be next?

Laura Wright Commented

Considering we were one of the first countries to get Siri I find it pretty funny that Luxembourg got Cloudon before us :) Please, please, send us your amazing app! Laura from Australia

Keith Ferguson Commented

When will CloudOn be available in New Zaeland?

Peter Thomson Commented

When will CloudOn be available in Australia?

Shiva Commented

when is it launching in India ?

Shanay Jhaveri Commented

please get this amazing app on the Australian and Indian app store

Tozza Commented

Australia please =)

Anonymous Commented

when is this apps available in malaysia?

Erik Commented

I would like to understand why apps are not made available internationaly ?

afnan Commented

I guess the link does not work. I am from Malaysia, looking forward to use this app.

Johan du Toit Commented

Hi, I wish it was available here in Australia too. The following link does not work anymore.

Bradley King Commented

When will CloudOn be available in Australia? Regards, Bradley King

Jasp Commented

Did not work for me. Keeps askimg for credit card. Any sugestions? I am in Portugal.

Kenbitt Commented

Easy peasy. Open iTunes log out of your account, now navigate to the bottom right of iTunes (here you will see the union jack) click on this and change to USA flag now search for cloudon and download, if asked to sign up with any USA address (google is your best friend) login and download.

Brendan Commented

You can always create a American account, sign out of app store and buy a free app (like cloud on) and you get option to create new account as app is free you get option to set up without credit card. You will need to use different email address

Yaron Commented

I would love to have CloudOn in the Belgium AppStore!

yoozoo Commented

Already done off course, and thank you