Landscape to Portrait view and vise versa

We have begun development of this feature. With the release of 4.1.1, Android tablet users are now able to switch from landscape to portrait view while inside a file. We hope to bring this functionality to the iPad soon. Thank you for your support of CloudOn! The CloudOn Team

Dilip Commented

I can not read Chinese language. I want the contents in English language

Scott Summers Commented

HOW do we accomplish this?

Mike Commented

Does anyone know an app to use in place of CloudOn until they fix this landscape only mode?

Nick Commented

Please advise when portrait view will be available. Thanks

Harry Commented

Portrait mode is essential for me as my keyboard dock is fixed in portrait! :( Awesome app otherwise.

Patel Commented

When is this coming out? No point in keeping this app unless its available. Will download other individual apps I guess.

Tim Commented

Odd that portrait is available for iPhone but not iPad (?). I just installed this on both and THOUGHT I had done portrait on my iPad, but maybe not because portrait is not working now ( it was late...I was tired :-). Love the app otherwise!

Jim Commented

Any update on this for iPad?

portrait mode on ipad mini Commented

Is portrait mode an option on ipad mini yet?

Kyle Commented

Hi - app looks awesomely promising, but unusable without full featured portrait mode. I just don't get how people can efficiently get stuff done in landscape mode - I use portrait mode for everything, every app, except games. I hope you can get portrait mode going, and not just as an after-thought type implementation. Thanks for making your app available, though!

Yes please! Portrait option needed! Commented

Was going to use this app at my away day tomorrow but back to pen and paper it is! Grrrrr

Ron Commented

Just downloaded the app. Ditto all the others below re: portrait mode essential to make this work for me.

John Commented

I agree. I have an iPad mini and its way easier to type on it in portrait mode.

jonathan Commented

Portrait view would be a #1 add to the program.

fiona Commented

using office on my computer at home and then being very mobile I like to use this app on my ipad. As I use a keyboard once it is attached this app becomes redundant as I cannot view my documents and edit them with ease. I therefore have to use other apps to do my work and therefore makes it more complicated when it comes to ease of sharing my documents across devices

fiona Commented

using office on my computer at home and then being very mobile I like to use this app on my ipad. As I use a keyboard once it is attached this app becomes redundant as I cannot view my documents and edit them with ease. I therefore have to use other apps to do my work and therefore makes it more complicated when it comes to ease of sharing my documents across devices

Alex Commented

Hello, any plans to support SugarSync cloud service? Google drive is nice but SugarSync is so much better.

Karen Commented

Yes!! Portrait mode would be a great addition because it will make it easy for me to type with a keyboard.

Andy Commented

Portrait mode would be great

Mr D Commented

We need Portrait mode please, to make the most of an A4 page, particularly when using a keyboard

Mr D Commented

Please bring portrait mode. Need to be able to make the most of page, particularly when using keyboard.

Bob Commented

This would be very helpful. Thanks!

Charlie Commented

Portrait soon. I have an iPad keyboard and I have to look on the side to type as can't turn to portrait. Fix this please

Veronica Commented

Agree that portrait view would be great!

Tom Commented

As a performing musician, I use my iPad for music sheets and lyrics. Without having autorotation I am unable to veiw an entire page and I am forced to scroll down in the middle of a song......not good! PLEASE FIX THIS!! I would be eternally grateful! Tom

Alicia Commented

Love the app so far, but it would be extremely helpful if I could switch to portrait view for some of my documents on my ipad.

Hazem Commented

Me also I need to be able to switch to portrait mode using iPad. How do I do this?

J J Commented

I need to be able to switch to portrait mode using iPad. How do I do this?

David Commented

In landscape mode the keyboard takes up the middle half of the screen so you cannot see what you are typing. Being able to move the keyboard to the bottom of the screen would help - especially in landscape mode. If portrait view is made possible, could the keyboard be positioned at the bottom please??

Ben Commented

Portrait mode please ASAP so I can use it effectively

Jeff Commented

So, get update today, short term happiness turns to frustration as stated portrait mode is for iPhone not IPad! Are you kidding me? As I look at the user response, desire for this function on an IPad outvoted the similar for iPhone 3 to 1. Can someone in development advise when similar portrait mode functionality will be released for the IPad. Great product other than this one glaring problem!

AJ Commented

It would be great to be able to switch to portrait view instead of landscape so that I can use my keyboard. I don't use this apt as much for that reason.

Javier de la Guardia Commented

Great idea, my keyboard connects to the ipad port no bluetooth ad it'd be great to use in CloudOn.

Francis Commented

Please add the ability to view edit in Portrait mode. The keyboard takes up over half of my Nexus 7. I'm not even going to bother putting it on my GS3 until this feature is added. This is the most advanced app for productivity I've ever used but the exclusion of Portrait mode makes it almost unusable. Please consider this as a feature in next release.

Dolph Commented

CloudOn will not display in portrait view, even if I lock my iPad in portrait view. It only displays in landscape view. Is anyone else having this issue with iOS v.6.1.2? Is anyone able to use CloudOn in portrait view?

Butters Commented

I have a much easier time typing in landscape view.

Bartosz Commented

In landscape view keyboard takes half of screen. In portrait view only one third. But if you add suport for both you have to keep long filenames in list view. Without dots in middle.

Dana Commented

Is it possible to do manually? Can't figure it out yet.

Tom Commented

For my purpose, I need this feature desperately! Could have used it yesterday in fact.

Tim Commented

Agree with this request, esp. for PPt's, & on iPhone. Thx!

Anonymous Commented

Plesae include this basic feature in the next update- hopefully soon.

Anonymous Commented

auto rotation please! everything else is great!

Anonymous Commented

Yes! This would help a lot. Especially when typing documents so you can read longer lines of text as you type. Great app though.

Anonymous Commented

This should be an option you can either enable or disable. No matter what this option would be a must have option.

Gina Evers Commented

Yes! Please include automatic rotation in the next app update!

Anonymous Commented

Portrait mode would be useful so I can use my keyboard.

Anonymous Commented

how long is it going to take before I can use this app in portrait mode on my iPad? Its driving me nuts!!

Anonymous Commented

Yes yes yes!

Anonymous Commented

Agree with the landscape mode comments for iPhone and iPad. Horrible to use PowerPoint in portrait view and not compatible with my keyboard

Anonymous Commented

I second all comments! Please add this feature.

Anonymous Commented

Definite need for rotation as reading documents in landscape is a little clunky

Anonymous Commented

Definitly need the possibility to use in portrait view on iPad.

Zeb Commented

I agree with all below. I have a keyboard for my iPad that can be in landscape or portrait and it would be nice for the adjustment to be automatic. Thank you for considering this.

Anonymous Commented

I agree, I have the keyboard for the ipad which only works in portrait so this is currently unusable with my keyboard

Anonymous Commented

I agree with A.

Anonymous Commented

Please make the screen available in portrait & landscape. Very difficult to use with iPhone in portrait screen

Jeff Commented

I am on the help screen in "portrait mode". So make this orientation available in the application and yes, the world will truly be a better place.

Anonymous Commented

Seems only logical that the app would support both landscape & portrait orientation on an IPad? Doesn't it?

Anonymous Commented

Typing in portrait / vertical mode on iPhone is horrible. Please include a rotating keyboard with landscape / horizontal mode.

Anonymous Commented

please do this!!!

Glynn Fraser Commented

Landscape keyboard when using Excel leaves very little screen space on iPad, please include portrait option.

Anonymous Commented

Must allow keyboard to rotate. Typing Word documents without the keyboad in landscape position is very annoying on iphone. Please update app with landscape mode!

Anonymous Commented

I need it to rotate to portrait mode. Please!!!

Anonymous Commented

Landscape would be a great feature!

Anonymous Commented

Landscape would be a great feature!

Andy Commented

Need it to rotate to portrait please!

Harold Commented

Please allow the orientation to rotate!! Would be a huge help.

David Commented

Must have portrait view to give speeches with

JohnrC Commented

Yet another vote for portrait mode. Absolutely necessary. Especially for PPT presentatns.

Steve Cooper Commented

Please add auto rotation.

Anonymous Commented

Great App, portrait vieuw is realy necessary, now its like working on a poststamp.

Ian Clegg Commented

Screen rotation would be great, when the keyboard is open there is only a small area to edit work especially in PowerPoint when in portrait view

John Mitchell Commented

My Apple external keyboard only works in portrait. This won't be of real benefit to me until this is fixed. Soon...please....

CriticalAcca Commented

Let me know when portrait view is available. I'm uninstalling until then since the app is useless with my VersaVu keyboard.

Hollowman Commented

A must or else your app would rather useless to me.

Lmtoresson Commented

Great if you could fix this problem asap....

Tanner Commented

I hate being forced to use my app in landscape mode. I almost didn't even give the app a try after it opened in landscape only. Are you going to be fixing this any time?

Nick Evans Commented

Just realised i can use locked created forms in Word via Cloudon. this means auditing with check boxes etc and this is perfect as business solution...but it only really works practically in portrait on a 10" tablet. Please allow it to flip to portrait!

Mcaderuijter Commented

Yes, absolutely necessary! Please fix this!

Lo Commented

Yes, absolutely necessary! Please fix this!

Carlos Venegas Commented

Portrait mode urgent... Your app is great, but totally useless without it!

Jason Commented

This app does everything I need but portrait view. It's very annoying to have to type in landscape.

Jazzi Commented

Wonderful app, Great for school, but really needs a portrait view

Marilyn Commented

Great app, but it really needs the portrait view.

Jess Commented

We need portrait otherwise this app becomes useless to me

Sal Bluett Commented

totally agreed. Portrait is needed

jamela Commented

I think this app would be amazing if I could actually use it with my keyboard. My keyboard forces me to use portrait view. Please release an update that allows for portrait view. THANKS

anonymous Commented

without this I cannot use my keyboard!

Anonymous Commented

I love the app but I can't use it with my keyboard.

Richard Commented

Fantastic app... Great for working away but plug in to my keyboard dock and suddenly I have a crick in my neck... Please help ;o)

Anonymous Commented

Portrait view is a must for me. Great app though, one of my favourites.

Alan Sare Commented

Good idea as currently cannot use iPad keyboard with iCloud. Also word processing makes better use of portrait mode. Thanks Alan

Anonymous Commented

Need vertical (portrait) view of Word documents, not just landscape!!!

Anonymous Commented

I agree with all these comments. We need portrait view to be able to use this great app ...

Juan Commented

An absolute must for this great app

Marty Ricconi Commented

This added feature would be much appreciated, and allow us IPad users to utilize the full functionality.

John Commented

Absolutely essential

Anonymous Commented

Absolutely agree with this request....

Jocelyn A. Chadwick Commented

Portrait would allow those of us who have Apple's keyboard to use it, and use your amazing App more often.

mh Commented

yes portrait view would be great.