Macro support

James Hailey Commented

Please support excel macros. Used macros prior with no problem. Many of my excel spreadsheets are designed around macro, thus this product has minimal use without macro capability.

Azhar Hamzah Commented

Need for macro .very very important

Ru Chen Commented

Do it, need it

Ru Chen Commented

Do it, need

Eric Commented

Like to see CloudOn Excel be able to run Macros. With Microsoft apparently unwilling to make a native Office app for iSO that can also run Macros, this would be a great addition for CloudOn. With this functionality installed, it will make CloudOn an even easier choice to download, use on a regular basis dand even pay to have this functionality fully working.

F E Shipley Commented

Without macros and VBA this product has almost no value for me. Put in a switch that turns them off by default for most of your customer base while allowing the 400+ of us who want them to have them. I already have GoDocs to access their web apps (which support macros) and DocsToGo (no macro support) for local processing. I mean its one thing to have to build this capability; you have it and turned it off. Having the only package that supports full Excel is blockbuster!

Jeremy Pedersen Commented

I need macros - please let me know when this is available. I am willing to pay for macros!

Pat Commented

Has there been any progress on this? Need macro-enabled Excel files on an iPad quick!

Cole Kenney Commented

I do not currently have this service but would purchase it immediately if it supported macros so that I could complete time tickets on my phone and not have to rely on a pc.

Julian Ramsey Commented

I would pay for Macros as well - it's a must for some of the thing I do.

Peggy Commented

I can't connect. I keep getting "loading workspace."

James Commented

You really need to support macros it is the only reason why someone would want to use the full version of Excel because it can run VBA code. I'm sure you can sandbox it all so that the macro can only run within the customer cloud on instance no brainer.

CP Commented

Macros are the only reason I want this service. Without them, I might as well cancel it.

Tom S Commented

When I started using CloudOn, macros were supported. Why would you take that capability away. Let me know when you turn it back on, it might be worth another look at that point.

Brian Roachrian Commented

I completely agree, macros are a huge part of how we manage our data processing with excel. This is useless to us without it.

Eddie Commented

I'd certainly pay to have native Excel macros working. The alternative is redeveloping some very complicated legacy spreadsheets!

Joe Commented

When macros are supported please email me.

BB Commented

Does anyone know of an app that allows macro use?

BB Commented

Is everyone saying that there is no way to have a macro/button/vb in your excel file?

Benny Ben Davidnnyenny Commented

i dont understand. 355 votes and there is no content ! i think it is very obvious what these and many people more want. support for macros and vb excell as you so well supported in the past.

David J Sell Commented

Would be willing to pay extra for this feature.

Kryssie Commented

Please support macros in order to be able to open documents from emails on my iphone with the new ios7 operating system.

Kryssie Commented

Please consider supporting macros so that I can open documents from emails on my iphone through the IOS7 operating system.

Hassan Commented

I need to enable macros in excel! I trust the source and I would highly benefit from my tablet if I could run macros.

Chip Bertelle Commented

Will I be able to launch an Mp3 file and have a .pdf file with the lyrics appear on the screen by touching an icon on the screen once?

Kevin C Commented

I'm confused because not long ago I was able to do macros and now I can't. This app is now as useless as the native excel preview app built into iPads. Without macros I can't run files that I have created and I know to be safe. If we could just enable content like in excel it would be perfect, otherwise app will remain deleted.

Jim B Commented

I, too, would really like Cloud On to enable macros. Not doing so severely diminishes the product's value and utility to me.

Mike Commented

NO Macro or VBA support makes CloudOn no better than any other app out there. The ONLY reason I would put up with a cloud app is to be able to run native MS apps on my iPad. Not supporting all their native functionality makes CloudOn useless to me, as all the functionality I've built into my spreadsheets won't work.

JIM Commented

Without macro support! Was considering but no longer!! The security argument doesn't even hold up!!! Very disappointing.

Jason Commented

Very disappointed that macros aren't available in Excel. I was evaluating whether I could forego having a Windows mobile device and stick with my iPad for serious Excel editing. Macros via CloudOn would have solved my problem.

henry meadors Commented

I installed CloudOn specifically because it was the only android app out there which I could give to our researchers to use with our excel spreadsheets that used drop-downs and macros. No macro use means I have no use for this, and editing our spreadsheets to take out the macro functions means I can just use a faster, native-running app like Kingsoft or Documents to Go. Extremely disappointed this functionality was removed.

askin alagun Commented

How can i run excel macro on cloudon

Benny Ben Davidnnyenny Commented

I basically bought my iPad cause of cloud on which at that time gave full support for macro enabled excell. The change for me means changing my tablet to windows 8 os which would be very expensive for the number of iPads I must change for my staff.

russell Commented

would really like to use macros and vba in spreadsheets

russell Commented

would really like to use vba in excel spreadsheets

Javier Cerero Commented

I have to say that I was surprised when I realized that VBA no longer supported

Frank D'Angelo Commented

Thanks for starting work on macros. safety issues can always be overcome. With iCloud support for macros I could put my iPad in front of the client and run through various scenarios that depend on macros. The only other way is to either bring my laptop (not that cool anymore), or log into my laptop remotely which chews up my data plan, and still not so cool. Since many people go to a lot of trouble to make extensive spreadsheets it would save a lot of time and effort to have a seamless way of doing this.

Javier Cerero Commented

All, having (like many others) been recommended cloud on due to excel and macro use I now find myself unable to even open the files let alone view/edit with macro capability disabled. Considering this thread length I am not willing to wait. Anyone tell/recommend any other apps which interface with Dropbox and won't have these issues? I am on an ipad.

Kirk Commented

So glad I found this thread - saved me the time. No chance I'm going near a service like this if it doesn't offer me all the features I have on the desktop, there are better apps which run natively if you're willing to put up with reduced functionality.

Ged Commented

I agree. Bring back macro support, even if it's a reduced command set while you work out how to protect from malicious code! Otherwise: great app. Thanks.

Tony Commented

I agree with the others. Macro support is paramount for this program to be used by our staff. Very poor judgement by the CloudOn team. Please change back ASAP!

BAD Commented

good morning! when I tried for the first time your product, I was very excited because I could finally use my excel file with macro vb on my tablet. now this is no longer possible and I wonder ... Now why do I need your software since there are dozens of apps that do the same thing locally with all their benefits. the only advantage to cloudon was to work exactly like on a desktop, now this app has no more reason to exist. I apologize for my English.

Allen Misson Commented

I really like this tool however it is the same as others out there, stand above the rest and add macro capability. I would pay for this feature!

Wayne Barton Commented

Agree with previous comments by others. I set up Cloud On app as I thought it would be a great tool to access my Excel files on my iPad, however without Macro function it's no good to me. Please note our comments and fix ASAP.

Pit Commented

Marcos asap pls.!

Nigel Commented

After contacting CloudOn support I have been advised that the use of Macros had never been originally intended from the outset. It was only after realising the leak in the system that the support was withdrawn. I am told it is because of security concerns. Such a pity I think.

David Oshlag Commented

This app was outstanding when the macros (VBA) and macros worked. Useless to me know with these gone. No longer can recommend to my colleagues and clients without these features. Now actively looking for something else. Let me know if you find the functionality we once had when CloudOn first came out. The users are owed an explanation.

Jason Commented

I would pay for this feature if that's what it takes! We had it and now you take it away? I don't think we should have to, but you need to fix this problem very very quickly!

Andrew Commented

I just took the time to set CloudOn up because I was under the impression that it would give me full Excel functionality including Macros and Add-Ins. But very disappointed that they are no where to be found. This makes the tool no more useful than Office HD App......please fix..

Paul Commented

Macros still seem to be working on my iPad but not on the Nexus where it says macros have been disabled. Then again, I don't think I've updated the iPad version in a while (and won't be anytime soon until there is an answer to the macro issue)

Terry Commented

What in the world happened to Macro Support in Excel? I have been fighting with my workbook thinking I had done something to my file only to find out the support for it has disappeared. I would be happy to purchase the app if it had macro support. I would pay $20 for the app.

Benny Ben Davidnnyenny Commented

Even onlive supports macro

Tony Commented

It would be useful if someone from Cloudon could post a comment on here, and put minds at rest!

Justin Day Commented

As with many people on this page I was using CloudOn happily until the macro support stopped working. Has anyone had clarification that this is being addressed as I need to source an alternative if not.

Neha Commented

How can they not know that CloudOn supported VBA before March??... and if it did, why remove the functionality all together?? i used CloudOn only as it supported Macros.. please make it work ....

Richard Commented

This is a terminal change for my use of CloudOn. Please bring back the macros quick.

JR Commented

Please bring the ability to run macros back!

Daniel Commented

Kom er ook zojuist achter dat de macro's niet meer werken in Cloudon. Op welke termijn zou dit weer mogelijk zijn? Is er een alternatieve app? Are there any alternatives?

Jason Commented

Please bring this back!

Joey Marino Commented

I agree with the other comments that macro integration made cloud on a special program that really stood out among the rest. What happened?

Akim Commented

Sounds like a joke. They can't say they were not aware the vba features were working fine before the 27th march. As all of you the first thing I did when I accessed cloudon was to check whether I was able to run my vba code. I hope this is just a bug and not a limitation.

Steve D Commented

Very interestingly I queried this with support and they informed me today that they "didn't know how I had accessed these features" despite them working perfectly well for the Last 6 months!! Rather disappointing, and they are looking at it as a future update! I did wonder initially if it was related to the lates IOS Update, but it definitley seems to be a cloudon thing!

Martin Commented

Since last update Excel VBA macros don't work anymore. Without this CloudOn is useless for me. Can I assume this will be corrected?Best regards Martin

Steve D Commented

Same issues! Last week cloudon stopped supporting hyperlinks (that previously worked fine) and this week macros have stopped functioning! Not great news as I'd just removed all hyperlinks and reprogrammed to macros to find that crashing now!! Cloudon please resolve ASAP! Any suggestions for other platforms that these functions will work on??

Marco Commented

Me too, I really need Macro on my iPad. I have an Excel file, for volleyball scouting. Really need my mask and buttons, to have fast stats. PLEASE COME BACK SOON!

Norman-Remi Gariepy Commented

Macros stopped working today. What's up with that? This app doesn't serve much purpose for me without Macro ability.....

Justin Kelso Commented

I'm having the same issues as Tony Grainger. My macros were unchanged, but no longer work. Please help.

Tony Commented

Macros were working until today, no they have stopped. Has something changed? Error message: Cannot run the macro 'LocalFile_204925.xlsm! New_Entry'. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.

Rock Commented

Really, really, really need MACROS!!! Thanks.

Benny Ben Davidnnyenny Commented

You were in a very strategic point when you supported macro enabled .after you know longer support macro. You are one among many instead standing out as a special rogram one of a kind .

Javier Cerero Commented

Not very useful without macro in excel. Just another half baked app

Ulla Eliasson@bredband.netUlla Eliasson Commented

Really need Cloud On to Support Macros in Excel.

Anzar Commented

Macros are very common in the business world and it would be ideal for cloudon to support xlsm files aASAP

Anonymous Commented

Microsoft Excel is useless without VBA macros and a lot less useful without Win32 API support. Come on Microsoft, give us a reason to stay on your platform.

Anonymous Commented

Useless without macros

Anonymous Commented

I need macros for testing so it would really help to have access to or to make macros on CloudOn. I'd pay for it.

Brad Commented

Macro support would be a differentiator. And I'd guess you could get a fair number of people to pay for that. A premium CloudOn that supports macros. And even better a premium CloudOn that is brandable. I'd like my clients logos and name as the launch from ipad

Lj Commented

Macros please

Piet van Vliet Commented

Please do, as I feel this would give CloudOn an edge. Macro support is key for me.

Joe Commented

please add Macros. Really need it or excel spreadsheets for work that I could be doing in the field with the iPad saving me a lot of time

Chris Black Commented

I really need the macros in Excel to work in order to make this App usable for me. I have an Excel spreadsheet I use for reports and invoices when I am officiating bicycle races. I can set the spreadsheet up in advance using a computer, but I still need to make changes during the event. If I could do everything on the iPad, it would make everything easier as I don't have to go back to the computer every time I need to make a change.

Anonymous Commented

Me too. All my spreadsheets contain macros for ease of use. CloudOn is useless if I can't use macros.

moser42 Commented

CloudOn is a great product. I agree though, that getting data automatically into Excel sheets from the web (as is supported by MS Excel) must be supported by CloudOn. It is a must for a product in the cloud environment. I.e. for updating stock portfolio with current prices.............

William Fulk Commented

Problem getting external data using your excel app. Getting external data is why I installed CloudOn, you stated MS office support.

Chuck waterfield Commented

My vote for VBA also. I'm crippled without it.

Steve Fahy Commented

Macros definitely required

Miguel Silva Commented

we need macros please

Eoin donegan Commented

We need macros to complete app

Ganda Kusuma Commented

Why not make CloudOn a real complete MS Office on the Cloud?

Holger Hagedorn Commented

I agree, without it Excel is incomplete

Sally Krasne Commented

I doubly agree. This is one of the features that makes the MS Office Suite so useful for academia and enterprise. Without it, I'll still be using my computer (rather than iPad) for much of my work.

Sarah Bridle Commented

This would be an excellent idea, could really do with being able to use that function this weekend

stevemuir73 Commented

Good, but vbeditor would be really good

Ryan pettit Commented


Anonymous Commented

I uploaded a workbook with a VBA module and the associated macros work. I just can't edit or create macros.