Develop Client for iPhone

Please make version for iPhone!

Rob Davenport Commented

please make version for Android smartphones!!!

Hugo Rodrigues Commented

Please! make a version for linux!

f halstead Commented

Thanks - this will be great! I look forward to the release for iPhone

Freddy L Commented

Have it on iPad. Waiting to get iPhone app, though probably not as useful as on the tablet due to the size screen (i expect to access for reading and only make very minor editings) I would prioritize improving speed and sync reliability on iPad (typing, scrolling, ... ) rather than an iphone app.

Steve D Commented

Please release an iPhone version - I get lots of emails with Office documents and have still to find something that can open them without crushing them!

Eric Gravenberg Commented

Need the app on my mobile phones

DCM Commented

I am soooo fed up with the available Contact apps for the android and would LOVE to have an integrated full office app for the android phone; I sure hope that his will soon become a reality with CloudOn. Thanks,

Oliver Bose Commented

A version in the closer future for the iPhone would be fine. :) Thanks for the great job. Way to go!

Patrick B. Commented

Upg. the vers. for android :) we need more smoothness! :D

Rob Davenport Commented

Definitely make this great app available for Android phones! I always have my phone, but I don't always have my tablet with me. I love the app and would like it to have more portability by being on my phone!

mike r Commented

Can't wait for andoid version that runs on Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone and Asus Transformer Infinity tablet.

Petr Commented

Would be nice to get a Mac (OS X) version sometimes too.

Jila yazhary Commented

What About pc?

Nat Commented

iPad without iPhone is like running around with only one leg

Anonymous Commented

Hello, please tell me your program will be on the iPhone????

Godly George Commented

Pl add functionality for galaxy note too!!

Emma Jane Reed Commented

I'd like to have it developed for Nook.

James Commented

Please add iphone compatibility

Rob Davenport Commented

great app!! More devices would be great!!

Mike Lueck Commented

Availability for iPhone would be absolutely great. Please make this possible. Absolutely wonderful app and I would LOVE to use it on my iPhone as I have that with me always vs only sometimes having my iPad. Thanks for considering it.

f halstead Commented

Please make cloudon available for iphone. I know it will be tiny tiny but if I don't have my ipad with me then it is better than other editors I have on my iphone.

Daniel Geaslen Commented

Can you make an Android phone version as well as a tablet version?

amkaplan Commented

Yes, iPhone-compatible, please.

Steve Commented

Please do it, fantastic on iPad but like wise sometimes only have iPhone on me and it would be great to have this brill app on the iPhone.

Anonymous Commented

Would be a perfect for many android devices, especially the Asus Transformer Prime (hint)

Mariano Commented

I forgot to mention HTML5 access too!

Roy R Commented


Anonymous Commented

Adding compatibility to the iPhone would make CloudOn much more valuable to the end user. While I have an iPad I use my Windows notebook most often when working in MS Office. But often I have only my iPhone with me and that is when I really need CloudOn. Use of CloudOn with the iPhone would often be much more convenient and useful than using the iPad.