Offer additional MS Office products (Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Publisher, Visio)

Offer additional MS Office products (Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Publisher, Visio) to permit full use of these products for day-to-day work.

Melanie Benson Commented

Publisher would be great as this is the main software I use for work.

Nicolas Commented

Publisher would be great

John H Commented

Adding Access would be great!

James Scott Commented

I use publisher to create safety training booklets for my company. I would need the ability to insert pictures from my camera roll on my device.

Roger Commented

I use Access & publisher a lot so being able to use on cloudon would be great

Pete D'Luhosch Commented

Please add MS Access to your list of supported Office products. Thanks

steven laser Commented

I would like to see support for Access and OneNote.

Ned Shah Commented

It would be nice to have Visio so I could use my Visio documents on Mac laptop

Brian Commented

Visio would be really helpful for presales systems engineers and other traveling IT folk.

Bryan Reece Commented

I would love to see a MS Access solution in CloudOn.

Patrick Egan Commented

Visio is my stock and trade as a technical architect and is one reason I can't use IPad as a serious office tool

Mike Hardwick Commented

Many of my existing files are in Publisher, without this Cloudon is of little use!

Jeremy Leblanc Commented

The addition of the following Microsoft apps would be incredibly helpful: Visio, OneNote & Publisher.

Scott Lambert Commented

Would be nice to also include Microsoft Access® to be able to view and edit .MDB files.

Athena Commented

Please add access ability so I can use the database on mobile. Thanks

Mihály Schön Commented

MS ACCESS (MS OFFICE 2010/2013) iPad 3

M Commented

It would be good to have all these extra features of Microsoft Office as it may help a lot more with my work so I can work on my ipad instead of the computer.

Brigitte Hofmeister Commented

Can we use Microsoft Silverlight in CloudOn?

Vhaeraun Commented

OneNote for sure - even better if you could get support for all of them (I use 2007 for most of my writing notes, and only one app that I've found has any support for editing Onenote 2007; and I love your app setup far better than mobilenoter).

Anonymous Commented

Another vote for Visio.

Anonymous Commented



One note completa versión. today the actual Apple for iPad don't can read attaches files and don't is possible to use all features. For me One Note on Line and Of Line is a exelent tool

Anonymous Commented

No OneNote for me is à showstopper. Great Office is now available on IPad but without OneNote not usefull for me. Please considder the integration, it would be great!!

Anonymous Commented

My vote would be for OneNote - the classic note taking app on a mobile device would be an awesome addition.

Anonymous Commented

publisher would be AMAZING

Anonymous Commented

Visio please!

Anonymous Commented

Please let us have MS Access

Anonymous Commented

PLEASE offer MS Access!

Andy Commented

Visio please

Dkt Commented

MS Works file access would be awesome

Carol C Commented

Integration with Office 365

Griffsr Commented

Publisher would be uuseful to me

Stephane Collin Commented

Visio would be very nice

Sandra Stashik Commented

Add OneNote, please!

Paul Young Commented

I do a cruising guide for the Portsmouth (NH) Yacht Club in Microsoft Publisher. It would be great for me and other members to be able to have this guide on their iPads or iPhones.

Yvon decelles Commented

visio, oh yea visio on ipad now THAT would be nice

Chris O'C Commented

Onenote is available as an app for the iPad ans iPhone

Bill Commented

Please Onenote!

Anonymous Commented

Please add support for Microsoft Works Files i.e .xir Files!

John Commented

Need OneNote and Access functionality added Other windows based tablets are able to use these programs seamless with the PC. Linking to OneNote through SkyDrive loses critical capabilities and requires too many passwords. I'd pay for this app if it included these extra programs.

Kelli Commented

I will never use this app until it has OneNote!!!

Clive Commented

Please add MS Access! It's not available directly on a Mac

Flash Commented

Please add these features! Specifically InfoPath / XML form support. Support for this is virtually non-existent on the IPAD and would give you guys a key advantage.

Matt Penner Commented

+1 to this. We desperately need a mobile version of OneNote that can be used from the iPad/iPhone.

Anonymous Commented

Being able to use a database like Access on IPad should be very popular.

Nancy Marquart Commented

I just created a database in Excel, because no Access. now am trying to figure out how to merge data into a Word doc. uses to be so easy. is there a way. help! thanks

James Bellanca Commented

I'd pay today for service if OneNote were included.