Provide standard MS Templates for Word, Excel, and Powerpoint

Need ability to create a new document, spreadsheet, PowerPoint based upon a standard template. Right now, I would have to create these outside of CloudOn.

James Commented

I have to be able to open company invoice templates to create receipts on the job site. This allows a new invoice for every job instead of changing names and accidentally deleting previous invoices. This is the main item I am looking for to use with my tablet.

Janet Commented

I've created an account in cloud on my iPad and now need to access Microsoft excel, how to do this and where will the icon appear?

bec Commented

Agree with below comments. For the people who can't set up a power point, word doc, letter or resume without a template first. Which is me

Steve Commented

No support for .dot templates in CloudOn? I'm surprised. This seems like such a must have feature. Even the Apple Pages app for the iPad has basic support for Microsoft .dot templates files (import). Please add .dot template support in CloudOn. Otherwise, CloudOn is great! Thank you.

Michele Commented

Would like to access Office templates directly from CloudOn

Anonymous Commented

I need to store excel templates in Dropbox, edit them, save and send as excel documents. This would make this program very useful to buisness where nancy people need access to templates to edit and save as required. I have been waiting for this for my I pad for years. Good work so far

Paul Keegan Commented

Templates would be very useful for iPad 3

ffortuny Commented

Inside the iPad it's impossible to use a previously existing set of styles other than: 1) copy the file with the desired styles within the cloud storage outside of clound on 2) open the copy with cloud on 3) erase the text Now you can use the styles that you had used in the previous document. Of course, be sure not to get all mixed up.

Alex K Commented

I need support for .dot files

JJR Commented

this is a must have!