Copy and Paste a file only works once - then you have to go back and copy it again!

I am setting up folders for four interview candidates and I need the same question set in each folder. I have found that I have to make a fresh copy of the original document to paste into each folder - irritating more than anything else.

Anon Commented

If I copy a file then paste it into a new folder I can rename it. However if I then update the copied file it in the new location it updates the original too. I am trying to copy a master file then use the copy to work with each time. if you delete the original ( because it now has all the data you don't want in it) then it also deletes the copy which you did want. Hugely frustrating and can delete important info inadvertently.

kelly Commented

In order to paste you need to just tap on your screen, and the paste function will come up. I am having the same problem as John, I have a blank template that I would like to reuse, but cannot paste because it is the same file name and I do not want to rename my original template

Anonymous Commented

John is lucky he can get it to work once. I can't find the 'paste' option at all. The only options I'm given are 'Cut, Copy, Rename, Delete'. I get no 'Paste' option. This has rendered CloudOn useless to me. I can create a file but I can't copy it into a folder.