Retina display support?

Retins display for new iPad.

Kris Commented

Viewing and scrolling through documents is fuzzy and really laggy. Please make an update for this.

Colin Owen Commented

Excellent app, it's just a shame it's displayed so poor. Needs retina display support.

ChrisR Commented

Great little app but a little disappointed with the appearance on retina display

Sergio Mancera Commented

Nice app, better with retina resolution. May be optional

Jason Commented

It would make CloudOn absolutely the best text editing app if the office environment supports the retina display. I find it essential . :)

Ronald Commented

Retina display is precondition for professional working wih CloudOn...

Haley Commented

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Cooper Commented

Agree. Best app on the market for office. Needs retina improvement on iPad 3 and also little clunky ( slow) when in office documents.

Jerome Commented

I have the same problem on iPad 3, fuzzy icons.

Tony Commented

Fully agree - on my corporate desktop running windows 7 on the iPad 3 (using VMWare view) I can readily change the resolution up to native ipad 3 resolution (which looks great, but is slower), but for other functions I can drop the resolution right down (for increased speed) - this function is a must add - and would be even better if you can user select to ofset the increased resoltution for speed.

Marc Commented

The Office interface needs to be retina ready. Also to performance speed of the Office work is to laggy.

Anonymous2 Commented

This is absolutely needed. The only thing which keeps many iPad users from using it.

Anonymous Commented


Nick Commented

Absolutely needed. Resolution of documents is poor and looks terrible.

JD Commented

+1 for this!

Ruppert Behr Commented

YES please! Really messes up the experience on iPad Gen 3 right now, especially since everything else looks great and slick in Cloudon!

Robert-Jan Eijk Commented

Sucks without it so YES :D

terra Commented

I concur!

Anonymous Commented


naim alwan Commented

OH yes.. this is a must... please please please!!!! :)