Email through native Mail app

Rather than Emil coming from CloudOn app, it should come directly from personal mail.

Steven Commented

Can't believe this hasn't been done as yet! There are some documents I need to send, which don't need to be worked on collaboratively. I also need to attach several documents to an email and currently, I need to open the file myself and save it!

Kristine Commented

Agree - sending should be done from user's own mail account making it possible for receivers to reply instantly - very important in a workflow.

JRP Commented

I used to be able to send a copy of my file to my own e-mail address. Now it won't even allow me to share the link.

ARA Commented

I also need to have my e-mail signature block on all messages, otherwise I will look to find an alternative. A Return key on the message editor keyboard would be good too.

Sam Commented

Him setting up my new apps to lock email address .for now I need to setup the configuration . Pls advice the the incoming server and outgoing serverthk

Anonymous Commented

I have various email addresses for relative businesses yet when I send from icloud it only lets me select the one used for my apple I'd being my personal account. I would like this to be where you can select as per those on the ipad? Is this possible??? This is mainly when you want to forward attachments

Fiona Commented

Yes please. I need to have my own signature only on my sent emails

Shannon Lauritzen Commented

This is very important for school age kids who attend schools that teach via iPads. Children need a way to validate they sent assignments on time when teachers say they haven't received an assignment on time.

philip coleman Commented

I agree this is very important in the business world where we are all traveling and need to keep track of changes etc., and of course the signature and which account it is sent from.

JD Commented


Jon Brooks Commented

This is a complete show stopper for me. If you edit an attachment that's sent to you, using cloudon to make the changes, then share the document using the email option in cloudon - it is effectively never saved. You will never see the result of your editing unless you ask the recipient to send you back the document you edited.

Flash Commented

I fully agree. I need to have my signature block added to my emails, control which email address it sends from and have it put into my sent folder. Please add this.