Convert file to/Publish to PDF format

Capability to save Word or PPT documents as PDF files similar to how we can do it using microsoft word and PowerPoint to save it as PDF files. Especially for PowerPoint wherein you can choose as to how the slides will be oriented (as handouts with 6 slides per page, etc.) when converted to PDF format. I'm sure this will be useful both for students and working people alike.

Eric Commented

I constantly create Word or Excel documents in CloudOn, then send it to my office, have them save it as a PDF and send it back to me, so I can now send it to my client. Please, please, please, make that addition.

Flicar Morgen Commented

I have used an advance and user-friendly Kernel for word to PDF software to quick convert several word files to PDF format without hassle. I would like to suggest, try this tool to safely convert word files to PDF format.

Phil J Calzadilla Commented

we really need this feature. pdf files are much harder to edit, we can sign them etc.

jackhood Commented

Convert word file into PDF file format, I suggest completely secure and easy to use utility, you can use Kernel for Word to PDF Converter Tool. That software capable of converting all .doc and .doc files into Portable Document format. This software is also available as free demo version.

yoeri Commented

i do not want to send quotations in xls format but pdf .

yoeri Commented

i do not want to send quotations in xls format but pdf .

Harry Commented

Why can't I print labels?

Wayne Steinhoff Commented

Definitely need to be able to convert Word and PPT to PDF. I convert most of my documents to PDF.

Karen Commented

On my phone in my dropbox how to i send my resume as microsoft word format instead of pdf

Jason Commented

This needs to be added ASAP, I can almost throw away my desktop if this exists

Jeremy Commented

Disappointed that this basic feature Ipisnt available. Cloudon and my new iPad suddenly don't help so much. I've been marketed to :/ ms word on my iPad? Not so much. A great start but hopefully soon can have exporting or save as

Connor Commented

A PDF is a universal method of sending documents to another source. It most certainly is a necessity for any document-related programs; especially, Cloud On. Other commenters had great points as well. Hopefully this feature will be available with Cloud On soon!

Kristine Commented

Savning as pdf is a must whenever you need to send some something they can't edit and whenever sending something you want to be sure maintains the original layout no matter the recipients' platform.

DavidR Commented

Definitively add to functionality of cloud on and make it attractive but please drop the price of pro edition

Hussain Commented

Pdf on cloudon

Alex Commented

Yes this would be a great addition to an already very good app

Carol Commented

It is necessary to be able to save as .pdf file for people like me who do not have Windows professional on their main computer. I cannot send files to print at the moment as .docx is not compatible.

Jennifer Commented

Hello, grate app for the iPad but I really need the option to save a file as a PDF file, as my work need it in that format. Please add Save as PDF to cloud on. Thank you.

Marlene Douglas Commented

need to learn how to used (crash course) for free. My office is going to train us on Monday and I want to be ahead

Richard Bushey Commented

Yes! Pls add save as PDF to Cloud.

Carol Commented

Could you pleae tell me if a power point that has been converted to PDF still retains it'functionality etc. and can be viewed by end user as a power point presentation?

Craig Commented

Would love to have the option to Save to PDF...

PDXRemodeler Commented

Must have a save as PDF option. Takes a good app and makes it a must have....

Melvan Commented

This is a must have! :)

Cindydy Commented

When will Save as and PDF be available?

Anthony Z Commented

I am currently trialling this app for my line of work and if successful, has the potential to be used by everyone in the industry. It is critical that all my files are submitted to clients in PDF format, so at the moment this has to be done via my PC, as no other app will convert the Excel spreadsheets that I am using properly. Please include converting and combining files to PDF on your next update so I don't have to think about work anymore when I get home.

Kell Ward Commented

Need this.

Dave Commented

If I could convert it to PDF form and save, I could rename it in drop box. With out that this app is useless to me. Thanks Dave

MAH Commented

Save AS feature would be most beneficial and provide flexibility in controlling files.

John Z Commented

Excellent suggestion

ELH Commented

Great idea

Erik Commented

This is an essential! I would also like to have to option to skip changes made, so to effectively NOT save

R. Commented

Good idea. If I understand correctly, this doesn't exist yet. But it will be nice to have.

Mel Commented

I cannot work without sending PDF contracts, invoices etc to clients - this is a must!!

Mickayla Commented

I need this by Monday.

Pxibek Commented

Wonderfully brilliant if this idea comes to life I need the same and sure lots of ppl also do

Ignacio Commented

And Scan to PDF would complete this idea!

Jamerz Commented

Download PDF creator then go onto to Dropbox, open the docx file in PDF creator, let it convert then open the now PDF file in Dropbox and it will save as PDF for you. Not the quickest way but works a treat!!

S. Commented

Please, please, please, add a 'convert to pdf' or 'save as' functionality!!! otherwise formating is always lost, when checking your file in dropbox etc. Please!!!!! PDF IS ESSENTIAL!!!!!!

Iand Commented

Totally agree this program is worthless without a save as and save to pdf. So far I have not come across one program that can both correctly read a word file with diagrams AND convert it to PDF. Why not? Perhaps cloudon could be the first.

Julio Gomzalez Commented

Convert to PDF and SAVE's a must

slavi Commented

doc to pdf conversion is a must! I hope it comes soon

C Commented

As others have stated, since the update, we have lost the ability to "modify" PDF's. I was able to email a PDF document, open in CLOUDON, fill in areas with text boxes, email it/store it to google docs, etc. Now, after the update, that function is gone. What is going on?

Jerryg51 Commented

Add me to the list. PDF export is important.

Ged Commented

Agree! Ability to email as PDF from Excel would be great for me to send quotes to clients 10 minutes after meeting with them on site. How impressive would that be!!!

James Struble Commented

i need to convert to a pdf

Summer Commented

What happened to converting PDF format and print function after updating this app! They are both gone!? Please fix ASAP, those two features matter the most!!!!!!!

Andrew Commented

Without the capability to convert my word doc files into a PDF format, this app is rendered virtually useless to me... Ex: I created, and consistently edit/adjust my resume, depending on whom I send it to. However, I do not want to send a potential employer my résumé in word format. Really need to find a way to convert them to PDF files on my iPad or iPhone.

Ed Commented

I totally agree with the enthusiasm for a PDF export facility so please take my vote too!

Bartosz Commented

Dear Team, Pleese, Plese, Pleeeeeess. Add PDF export option from Office like editor. Please add also buttons: send via mail, save to, open in another app. Thank you in advance. (I would even pay for this option).

Javier Cerero Commented

Please add this feature

Anonymous Commented

I save documents as PDF to send to clients as they can read these almost from any, I don't like to send my original files


I would pay for that feature!!!

Anonymous Commented

I really hope this is consideration in the next update. Like many others said, I would pay to have this feature in an app that excels beyond others out there.

Knolly Commented

Save to PDF would preserve formatting when opening in other apps on the ipad. Eg a 2 column document created in cloudon displays as single column everywhere else including dropbox. I would pay to have this feature

Joey Commented

I agree. As a student this app works pretty well but it would be much better if I could save word files as a PDF. If I could save as PDF I would use this app much more!

Manuel Commented

Also applies to Excel files. This app shuolud convert either word or excel files to pdf

Trent Commented

Please add this!!! This would make my daily tasks so much better!

Joen Remmer Commented

Conversion to pdf is a M-U-S-T H-A-V-E if this app is to make sense in a dynamic business environment

J. Commented

This is a absolute must have, and would be an issue for us rolling this out company wide.

Anonymous Commented

PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!! Would be extremely helpful and make make use you more.

Anonymous Commented

This is the only iPad app that will open my RTF files in the format they were designed - the PDF feature would really make this App PERFECT for my use.

Tad Commented

Would like to see this same option for Excel files also.

Michael Commented

As you have disabled the Save-As feature, then it would seem prudent to not only be able to convert files to PDF, but save files as .doc instead of .docx.

Anonymous Commented

Definitely needed capability! That will make CloudOn a much better virtual office. Will make life easier.

Manfred S. Commented

Yes PLEASE. Print to PDF would make my life so much easier.

Xavalon Commented

Must have due to the bad office viewer in ios

Anonymous Commented

If I had this feature, my workflow would definitely include CloudOn.

Anonymous Commented

I currently use another app to annotate ppt presentations in class, however to do this it needs to be made into a pdf and sadly the PDFs are often poorly converted. Converting from an actual ppt file instead of within safari solves this but I have to do it on a desktop. I hoped this app would solve all my problems but without this feature it really has no use for me

Mandi Lipps Commented

This feature would be amazing!! Its exactly what I need.

Christopher Heisey Commented

I would also like to see the ability to save a PPT or Word doc as a PDF (reduced size). This feature would pretty much eliminate my need to use my computer.

Khalid Mhana Commented

Very essential to include this feature

Anonymous Commented

This is greatly needed


To be able to save office docs to PDF would be a great functionality,even thought you decide to make it available as an in app purchase I would buy it your app is so great I found it myself greater than onlive desktop!

Anonymous Commented

Print to PDF to save my efforts ! I can edit my professional,powerpoint presentations oncloud, great !!! But once in front of the customers all this time to prepare graphs, charts, balance sheets is void and lost : in the regular mail ppt viewer no graph appears, in other viewers noting is aligned, some images are there some are not ! Print to pdf to freeze my work the way I want it done please ! Save my life in front of my customers ! (no here I exagerate : real life I run to my car, get the laptop, wait for window boot,and... I use dropbox with laptop ppt)

Zafer Kar Commented

This is very needed capability!

Wick Commented

Excel files as well

Frans Commented

yes please. When I am travelling I dont always have Cloudon access (like in inland China). It would be nice to be able to use my iBooks for doing presentations with customers.

Robert Commented

First request dating back to April. Why is this taking so long? :)

daniele Commented

It would be really great!! I think that save office's files in pdf format would be a very useful function.

Philippe Commented

Very much needed in fact. This together with the ability to open passworded files in absolutely mandatory.

Anonymous Commented

It is highly needed!

Rambucks Commented

yes please add feature I need to save as pdf from powerpoint for school.

mh Commented

i would agree. to be able to save a microsoft word doc to pdf would be great. I use this as a way to easily speak from the iPad wth presentations. My notes are in a word doc saved as a pdf which can be opened in ibooks and flipped through page by page very easily.

Amparo Commented

To attach many documents in one mail? And to change mail signature without cloudon sign

Terry Gilroy Commented

Also the ability to select an area of the sheet before it is converted to the PDF would also be good, I cannot find any app to select an area of a sheet before it converts it to PDF.

Angela Frere Commented

Yes, I have the same problem everyone wants PDFs emailed to them. Moffice docs sent via email are only good if you want someone to edit/share your docs.

David Hart Commented

Yes I definitely agree. Most people want PDFs sent to them nowadays.