Add API Option for Access to Private Storage

Many People use a Business NAS Cloud i:e synology. Provide an API or login screen for private business cloud users.

Cap1 Commented

WebDAV is needed and things are perfect!

John Commented

Need access to WebDAV corporate system. This would be perfect to use for a lot of people in my company if this was offered and our IT group approved.

Markus Commented

Missing sharepoint integration

Keith Commented

I'd be purchasing a subscription right now if the product supported WebDAV.

Frans Commented

please add webdav capability, that would be great!

claus Commented

Please add webdav, wanna store it on my synology DS

Elizabeth Commented

Please add webdav or sharepoint integration. Any plans for that in next release?

Repelstale Commented

It would be awesome to be able to open and edit documents on my Synology NAS without having to transfer those files to Dropbox first. It would make my PC obsolete. Which is what I would love.

Javier Cerero Commented

Killer app for businesses if it can be integrated with SharePoint

Jamie Commented

Possibly allow FTP connections to access NAS like Netgear Stora.

sux2bu101 Commented

WebDAV would be great. Another option for us who use private cloud like OwnCloud. Although WebDAV is supported by OwnCloud.

Ian Butterworth Commented

Office 365 seems to be taking off and a natural extension from SkyDrive appears to be SharePoint online.

David Commented

Yes, WebDav. I work for a large company that is looking at how to edit and manage these file types. Without WebDav we just can't do this.

Stillings Commented

Please add WebDAV! You will get more business users.

Anonymous Commented

Web Dav World be great

Anonymous Commented

Would be great to have WebDAV or SharePoints directly as Storage

onwuzuam Commented

It would be highly appreciated if CloudOn App should is enabled to exchange documents through Wi Fi with WebDAV Navigator

Jan Stevens Commented

Please realize this please, webdav in the app cloudon would be perfect for private and business!

John Commented

I would like to be able to save files directly into another Cloud service, such as SkyDrive or iCloud. It would be good to have a drop down choice of all the popular places to save files to.

Darius Vaskelis Commented

Synology DS file exists for iOS and Android and works similarly to Dropbox. It'd be great if it were a supported cloud storage provider.

Waleson, A.P. Commented

Yes, make WebDav accessible!

Jeff Commented

Would like to be able to access sharepoint files.

Fred Commented

Wow! There are many who agree. It would be great to be able to use my private cloud instead of having my information "Out there".

MF Commented

Please make WebDav accessible

CloudJB Commented

Yes please add support for SharePoint 2010+ as an option under your services section

Anonymous Commented

Please make webdav accessible...!

Tony Vid Commented

Agree, I too want to see WedDAV support.

popome Commented


Ken Commented

great suggestion

Anonymous Commented

WebDAV support would rock!

Yvon decelles Commented

webdav isthe only way i can see myself using this sevices since i do not trust my data at rest on cloud provider such ad dropbox. I have,y own webdav severs, beeing able to use thise would definitely be a plusfor me.

Anonymous Commented

This and other private cloud standards have to be supported. Are in many file browser and cloud apps

Theo Heselmans Commented

Would be a cool idea!

Marc Surinx Commented

A lot of bigger companies and enterprises have security ruling about data traveling outside their firewalls. So Webdav support would help a lot because the documents would not travel to an external service/cloud data storage provider like Dropbox or others. So please add WebDav...

Emanuele Cinti Commented

please active WEBDAV support!!! Thanks!

Emanuele Cinti Commented

please active webdav service and you'll be perfect!!!!!!!

Doug Commented

We are implementing a one to one with iPads for our students. We will develop a WebDAV server for the students to use, please build in WebDAV connectivity as many of the other apps have done this. By the way, nice job on this app!

Anonymous Commented

WebDAV would be great for me.

pHreaksYcle Commented

This is an incredibly important feature that companies would be willing to pay a lot of money for. I know this, because the company I look for needs this, and we would pay big for it...

Gm Commented

I concur. WebDAV integration is a must.

Adrian Bray Commented

I see that this is a major opportunity as more and more small businesses have office365 with sharepoint and remote users

Anonymous Commented

This is the last step to making this software package completely useful. WebDav integration means that I can work from anywhere with my iPad.

Henry Commented

I agree....I look forward to if and when this app could be used with SharePoint 2010/365.

Proby Commented

This would be an amazing addition, all my staff could access there work anywhere!

Anonymous Commented

I agree,especially regarding sensitive data.

Dennis Kimble Commented

I have space already on my school server. It would be better if I could access my documents from there instead of dropbox