Embedded Video Support

- Need the ability to open an embedded document/video within a word file - Need the ability to insert video in a file

Varma Rambaran Commented

its time to upgrade this app to play videos on powerpoint presentations, otherwise it is as useless to me as the other competing apps!

Samareshwar Mahanty Commented

How can I open an embedded video clip saved from a website?

חיים רם Commented

Need the ability to run video within a Power Point presentation on iPad

Ken Minter Commented

Powerpoint embedded video will not play or plays without sound and very "laggy"

Anonymous Commented

I can I play a video in my PPT?

Anonymous Commented

same issue here. i can get the video to play on my imac in powerpoint 2010, but it does not work on this service as presented.

Tom De Rouck Commented

I have the same issue, videos of different formats in my Powerpoint. Anyone found a solution?

Jen Commented

Has this been done yet? I have imported a file ppt with videos but it's not playing.

JD Commented

I have the same issue on an iPad3. I need to link to video in PowerPoint. Is it doable?