Four digit pass code to provide some security without having to type in username and password each time.

Impractical to use without 4 digit lock. Commented

Just came upon this app today. Once a 4 digit lock code is added for phone/tablet, it will be great, but until then, I will have to unlink my other cloud services from this app. It is simply too risky without the added security.

Adrian Nicholas Commented

I love this app, all the way around perfect ,I would pay for it , but security is missing ( needs a seconds security layer ) , otherwise keeps me away and other thousands users around ....Good luck with MR Devs

Peter K Commented

This is an absolute must! While allows you to password protect the app, cloudon opens up every document from that the user has already locked up. Not good!

John Deliu Commented

Definitely would like to see a 4 digit pass code like the iPad and Dropbox that allows a further level of security before gaining access to a remembered account. Will save a user having to log out.

Tony Commented

An absolute must Cloudon. Especially that the new 5s has had its fingerprint sensor hacked.

Max Commented

Because of this, I will uninstall CloudOn

William Orrach Commented

The lack of a passcode feature keeps this from being a truly useful app.

Klas Commented

I avoid using CloudOn somtimes because of the lack of this functionality.

Darrcie Commented

Please get a pass ode or auto log off on this great app!

Razi Commented

I really need this password otherwise i wont feel secure to logon on my private cloud files

Jacob Klee Commented

All the other cloud storage apps I use both have this ability and I make use of it. I love CloudOn, with this lack being to be the main negative as it a lack of a pass code on it makes all the other pass codes pointless.

Jacob Klee Commented

All the other cloud storage apps I use both have this ability and I make use of it. I love CloudOn, with this lack being to be the main negative as it a lack of a pass code on it makes all the other pass codes pointless.

Rickard Jonsson Commented

Same as Dropbox application, just a simple PIN code, I need security for all of my network files! Hope to see it on the next update :) , other then that great work CloudOn!

LO Commented

I agree that a password to open cloud on would be very welcome.

Marc Commented

A password is really needed. Agree with precieus comments.

Kyns B Commented

Agree with previous comments. Similar pass code protection as Dropbox is very much needed. Do not like to have to logout every time just to protect access.

Anton Commented

Same as Dropbox, Xero and other such apps. Once you login for the first time with your full credentials you can setup a 4 digit passcode. Probably good idea to have as an option in settings (like Dropbox).

Ross D Commented

Password is a must. Dropbox requires a 4 number code every time you enter. This app gets you right in, negating the protection in Dropbox.

RaOH Commented

I love this great App. It would be even better if there is password protection to access CloudOn. I feel secure when my child use my device.

Max Commented

The app is good and helpful, but must have a password prompt each time you exit the app.

khandupurkar Commented

passcode forget please provide

Michael Plumpike Commented

Yes this is definitely needed!

Alan Commented

Absolutely agreed - it's not secure enough without one

Victor Commented

The app needs more security, it's more vulnerable when all the cloud drives are integrated and the App has an open door for anyone to get access to the cloud drives. I'll be using this app only when there is a four digit code or anyother robust way to open this app.

Jephte Commented

Please provide a pin code ASAP. Important for user. Thank you for your work

Md Commented

Deleting unti PIN code is realized

juan Commented

password is important as my Box files automatically open everytime I access CloudOn. If not, Box account should be auto log off everytime we close CloudOn. Have to delete this app for the moment due to this issue.

Steve Commented

These is needed on a per account type as I have 5 accounts via this app but no security

MJ Commented

Installed again today...hoping for a secure pass code feature. Deleting...again.

JD Commented

Deleted until you can provide password protection

Anonymous Commented

Please add pincode asap

Ken Commented

Is very necessary a pin, please.

Brian Commented

As per Dropbox. With auto Logoff. No point in me protecting Dropbox files if they can easily be accessed via CloudOn

Anonymous Commented

Yes please add a password for security.

Javier Cerero Commented

I would love a pass code for security

Anonymous Commented

I agree, we need 4 digit password to protect app open

Anonymous Commented

When can we expect a pass code lock or third party 2FA like Duo Security? Had to delete my account because of the lack of basic security in the iPad app I use for work

Anonymous Commented

Without a pass code lock, there's no point in having a lock on any other apps for security - such as Dropbox. A must have!

Anonymous Commented

Absolutely needs pass code lock. A little puzzling why it wasn't standard from the beginning.

Victor Commented

Certainly need a 4 digit code as how we have in Dropbox , it's a must to have feature. It opens up all our cloud storage to anyone in case we forget to log off.

Anonymous Commented

This app must be password protected--other wise cannot use--need same as dropbox feature

Anonymous Commented

Yes it is...

Lp Commented

Yes! Pls password protect the app at least with a 4 digit number lock!!!

Anonymous Commented

This is a must have to use CloudOn! Then very potential app.

Anonymous Commented

This is a must for privacy. Please assign 4 digit code as in Dropbox. Thanks. Congratulations, CloudOn is GREAT

Anonymous Commented

This would be a great feature to have as it is already on Dropbox.

Hana Commented

Hi, you can go into settings within the app itself and select logout out of cloudon, that does the trick :)

Anonymous Commented

This is a must for security and peace of mind!

Anonymous Commented

Can't use it without it

Alexandru Commented

This is a lack that prevents me from using the app 100%. The 4 digit code will be a life saviour.

Anonymous Commented

Essential to remove paranoia about file security

Anonymous Commented

I agree cannot use this without it!

Or Commented

As have others apps.... I.e. box, good reader... a four digit security code to block the access to the app, without use the real password in front of others people during a meeting... Thanks

Mrs Margaret Crompton Commented

I am concerned that once in cloud on I can't find a way of logging out!

Martijn Commented

Great idea! Really would make Cloud On complete!

G.Geradts Commented

Same way as the dropbox-file on Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy I)

Calle Pego Commented

password would possibly be better!

Anonymous Commented

OK, will do the un check remember me, but a four digit PIN like Dropbox would be a lot quicker and just as secure, so coud you do that, please?

Sameerachat Commented

So am thinking of deleting CloudOn app even its Free.

sarah Commented

yes please not entirely happy leaving this logged on all the time as security of other data possibly compromised plus my kids are little monkeys for messing with stuff

Evans Thompson Commented

OAuth would give us similar additional security. See:

PKH Commented

Yeah, Dropbox in iPad asked for passcode, take advantage of it as well.