Support for tablets with 7 inch screens or Smaller

Support tablets with 7 inch screens! Ex: Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0

james Commented

james can u help me i can get it on

james Commented

my irulu 7,4.0 tablet kid put a password an i cant get on can you help me

anoeska Commented

Hello, I am using the samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 (android 4.1)and the htc one x+ (android 4.2). And i want to use your cloud on including the app. But sadly it doesn't work on these devices. I hope that it does work anytime soon. greetings from Holland.

Phil Commented

Hello, Our non profit organisation is offering free excel sheets. If you release a 7 inch version we will sent a newsletter to our25.000 subscribers. We will also add a link to Cloud On to all our sheets. We have more then 100.000 downloads a year. Thanks in advance.

KO Commented

Support for 7" tablets should be mandatory for any app, especially with the value and performance of the Nexus 7. CloudOn has a great product and a great concept, but I'd rather pay $15 for an MS Office compatible app that $150 more for an 8" Galaxy Tab 3. It's a no-brainer, guys: 7" and 10" tablets are going to be the standard across the board, and I know that I like saving room with a 7" screen and folding keyboard when meeting with clients.

Teresa Commented

I'd love to see this app available for the Kobo Arc!!

May Skjærvø Commented

Have a lot of 7 inch tablets and would be very grateful if cloudon could work on them, it was a genius program :0)

Gary Commented

Support for my nexus 7 wud be great. At the min excel thinks I am pressing an inch or 2 further right than I actually am

Elliott Commented

Please delete my below comment as it was submitted by accident

Elliott Commented

Hi Elliot, Thank you for reaching out to us, we appreciate hearing from you. CloudOn does not currently provide support for tablets under 8" at this time, but we are considering this support for a feature release. If you would like to submit your vote for this feature we invite you to do so at: <> Once you do this, you'll be able to track its status online as well. We hope this information is helpful. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if there is anything further we can do to be of assistance. Best regards, Rouben The CloudOn Team Follow us on Twitter and @AskCloudOn anytime you want! Helpful? Click to give CloudOn Help thanks! On Jun 5, 2013 at 1:35 p.m. Elliott <> wrote: Please make this available for Nexus 7 tablets. We have 1700 tablets for education donated to us by Google and I have recommended this program but it is not supported. Please bring support to Nexus 7.

Renee Commented

Please make a version compatible with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 version running Jelly Bean, thanks.

hamza Commented

Don is back

hamza Commented

My pc tablet is hanked.

hamza Commented

my pc is hank

S.Silva Commented

I use my galaxy tab2 mainly to open and write documents. I currently use other programs but i just can't get used to them. Please support galaxy tab2 and other 7" tablets too!!!

Jason Estevez Commented

Support for the Dell Streak 7 would be awesome.. my Tablet is a workhorse. I use it with other office apps like kingsoft , quickoffice and google drive, and the list goes on. I just need one. CloudON seems to be the only one that is close to MS OFFICE...

simon harding Commented

Support for samsung galaxy tab2 7 and other 7" tablets would be so welcome!

Tushar Ashar Commented

This support is needed.

Tushar Ashar Commented

This support is needed.

Hadi Razak Chow Commented

Need this app to support Galaxy Tab 7.7. Thank you.

Aditya Commented

I second the suggestion

rajagopal lakshminarayanan Commented

i'm using samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0". Very often i used to work in ms office files,.. when i tried to access them in my tab i couldnot... unfortunately cloud on too doesnt support.. if cloud on releases a new version compatible with 7" tabs,, it would be great for the peoples like me...

rana Commented

Hi, I am very interested in using this app, but unfortunately my galaxy tab 2 didn't support the program. Really it will be great if it will be available soon for tab 2.

Robert Rojas Commented

Hi, I am very interested in this app, but I can´t to instal in my tablet Irulu ( Google Play Store show "Device Unsupported". Can you help me please?

Claudio Miceli Commented

Support for galaxy tab 2 would be great. It is a nice tablet with lots of accessories. A huge amount of users too.

Jeff Commented

Can I use the stylus on my Galaxy Note to make pen annotations to Word documents?

Anonymous Commented

When will we have cloudon in samsung tab 2 (jelly bean)?

Andraew Kagwa Commented

Please lets have cloudon for samsung tab II 7‘ we deserve it as long as we have dropbox, and others. The screen is large enough for use.

Anonymous Commented

I really want CloudOn support on my Galaxy Note II as well.

Allan Crabtree Commented

It depends on the resolution provided by the tablet if it is in the 7inch territory and if the corresponding user experience with cloudOn is enjoyable. If it is good on a galaxy tab 2, I would be interested.

Anonymous Commented

My wife has a samsung galaxy tab 2 7" tablet which does not currently support cloudon. My galaxy tab 8.9 DOES however and I am very pleased with it. When can my wife expect to be able to use cloudon?

David Commented

Shame that only renders the first of 5 sections when viewed from my Android tablet, which is a pity since none of the target device areas iOS or Android tablets post-Jellybean supports flash. Google have nobbled the search results in the store, so that is not found, except via direct links from elsewhere

Pedro Milagres Miranda da Silva Commented

7 inch is also a good a transportable tablet, go for it... please :)

Joseph Gop,jr Commented

I am a mystery writer(Drake Bentey-)I have an Android tablet T711.I would apreciate having clod on for download for my tablet. Hank you

Anonymous Commented

Please add CloudOn support for my Nexus 7. I know that the Nexus 7 users are increasing daily

Anonymous Commented

I have an Ipad Mini. Could you tell me how to log out of Cloudon? Thanks, Derek

Anonymous Commented

nexus 10 please

Takis Commented

Great works~! It would be even great if it can supports Note II as well~! Please add it on, thanks~!

Daniel J Watson Commented

This would be great on my NextBook Premium 7" Tablet, I enjoy using CloudOn, but I need help quite often :-P

Suzanne Byrne Commented

It's great news that it's made the move to one 7" screen, but I really hope it's available on the others soon (especially the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7"). :)

Tom Commented

This would be great on the Samsung Note 2

Nigel W-J. Commented

Works on Nexus 7! Well done and Thank you. The iphone app is a bonus.

Anonymous Commented

Galaxy Note 2 please :D

Nick Waterhouse-brown Commented

I would love this app on my galaxy note 2

Giuseppe Commented

A must for Samsung Note II !

Gaetano Commented

Cloudon needed on 7" tablets (Nexus 7)

Jem Mason Commented

I need cloudon for the 7" Kindle Fire HD - soon as poss please!:)

Dan Commented

+1 for support for 7 inch tablets (nexus 7)

KS Commented

Please, please, please make CloudOn available for smaller tablets. My son bought a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 with his own money. He couldn't afford a bigger one. But, he desperately wants to be able to use this app. It is being used a lot at his school in several of his classes.

Anonymous Commented

padfone needs to have cloudon...

Anonymous Commented

Padfone needs to have this app...With the station dock it becames a 10.1 tablet. So you must make avalable for padfone, pleaaaaaaase....

Anonymous Commented

padfone please...

Michael Reina Commented

Galaxy Note 2! Commented

Cloud on for the 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2.. please

steve.mebius Commented

Please support Nexus 7. I so miss your app since i moved from the Ipad.

Ian Whitfield Commented

Please support 7" Andriod tablets they are much more portable and convenient than the larger tablets. why do you think Apple have introduced the Ipad mini they know a good thing when they see it

Suzanne Byrne Commented

Please, please, please support 7 inch tabs. I love my 7" Samsung Galaxy Tab and hate my work iPad, but sadly the iPad has the advantage of access to CloudOn. Please let the SGT be able to properly compete!

makepa Commented

One more vote for Nexus 7 support for Cloud On. It is anyway one of the most popular or THE most popular android tablet.

ernu Commented

Cloud on for nexus 7 please

saqibrashid2 Commented

Please add cloud on for the nexus 7

Neil Lewis Commented

7" are the most popular size.

Nigel W-J. Commented

Works on iPad mini; why not Nexus 7??

Jed Commented

Galaxy Note two support please!!!

Paul Swartout Commented

Nexus 7 support please

David Ribeiro da Costa Commented

Another vote for Nexus 7 compatibility from me ... please

Anonymous Commented

Another vote for Nexus 7 compatibility from me ... please

Wayne Mills Commented

I already use remote control software to control other computers from my Nexus 7 tablet. It works fine. The ability to do a quick edit on a real Office installation would be nice. After all, we are not talking about knocking out War and Peace. The screen on my 7 is good enough for most quickie issues I have come up (I am a network support tech.)

jmarcille Commented

Please add Microsoft Office for 7" to your products!

Michael @ Light Scribed: Michael Stagg Photography Commented

I've heard great things about CloudOn; it would be awesome to have that functionality and productiveness available on my equally awesome Nexus 7! Please and thank you!

jmy Commented

Would love to use on my Nexus 7.

Malik Looper Commented

Nexus 7 please!!! Already love the app on my Acer Iconia, but need some Nexus 7 love!

JRL Commented

I'm sure there will be a big demand for this bearing in mind the success of the Nexus 7 and the imminent arrival of the new iPad mini.

jove Commented

Yes please

padu Commented

No es compatible con mi tableta Asus nexus 7.Me gustaria que in poco tempo este problema se solucione. Muchas gracias

Levi Howard Commented

So want this for nexus 7

Ahk Commented

I think it would be a very good app on the galaxy note 2 with its S pen and its mouse like air view Please bring it to the galaxy note 2

Michael Mingus Commented

It would be great on the nexus 7!!!!

Roberto Martinez Commented

Nexus 7 Support please - It would be simply amazing to have it.

Tim Commented

Nexus 7 support please

Tom Ardern Commented

Nexus 7 support please

Anonymous Commented

Nexus 7 support please :D

Anonymous Commented

Nexus 7, waiting for the CloudOn app.....

Christopher Maloney Commented

Yes, Nexus 7 support please. Oh, and thanks for servers opening in Australia. Is there a way I can be advised if this "Nexus 7" idea comes to fruition?

Anonymous Commented


Chris Hoffman Commented

Nexus 7 support please

Sue Commented

Yes please! My NATPC M009S needs CloudOn too!

Augustine Commented

Im for the smaller screens

Francisco J. Parada Commented

It will be amazing, go for nexus!

phil Commented

nexus 7 and nexus s

Jaime Lucero Commented

I want to see this app in my Acer A100

Michael Mauriello Commented

I'd like to see it on my galaxy note. Bluetooth keyboard and hdmi out and id almost have a desktop

Jorge Carreon Commented

I have a Samsung Galaxy 7.7 and would very much to be able to use CloudOn on it. Thanks!

Daniel Commented

I actually use CloudOn my iPad but I just added a Nexus 7 for my every day use on the road. All my data is on DropBox

Ron Merritt Commented

Another batch of votes for 7" tablet support. Not quite a Nexus 7 fanboi, but big step up from iPad. Just need the applications to catch up.

Hack3tt Commented

+ 1 more for nexus 7... just let me install it already!

Michael Smith Commented

I don't know about all the nexis fanboi stuff. but support for 7 inch tablets, in general, would be great

FM Commented

+1 for CloudOn on the Nexus 7.

Marco Cerrato Commented

I also agree. I would love to use cloud on on my Nexus 7. I have an iPad an I use cloud on every day.

BK Commented

I would love to be able to use CloudOn on my Nexus 7. Great app!

David Gilson Commented

CloudOn already runs great on the Nexus 7 - it was available in the Play Store (by accident?) a few weeks ago, and I've since had the APK file from XDA developers, and it already runs without a problem.