Please support webOS!!

ghb Commented


Warren Commented

At least webOS 3.0.5 TouchPad and $$$ will leap out of my wallet.

Warren Commented

We may not be a large group but we have money to spend. Support webOS and you will receive revenue from me.

Anonymous Commented

I've had Cloudon on my Cm9 Touchpad for a while, but when I updated my rom, it now says that my device isn't compatible. What's up with that? I restored the backup of my previous rom, and still no good.

Aarón Josué González Gómez Commented

CloudOn for webOS!

Anonymous Commented

I have cyanogenmod installed on my Touchpad but when I went to the Play store to install it said my device was not supported. If you decide not to port it to webOS at least make it compatible with the Touchpad on cyanogen mod.

Kenny Cameron Commented

Gets my vote :) +1 for webOS

Anonymous Commented

+1 for webOS

Pooh Commented

C'mon cloudOn!

Otis naron Commented

Hey, Cloudon, 1000's & 1000's will use/buy the app for webOS. Are you going to expand your customer base or limit it?

Anonymous Commented

It's a shame this suggestion is on top 3 list for months now and Cloudon doesnt even bother giving a reply. You could at least say if you're planning webOS support, or if you don't give a *** abt that Platform. Come on Cloudon!

Randy Commented

webOS rocks..pls support.

Javier Commented

WebOS support Please, its a nice platform and its multitasking capabilities it could become the best application for mobile devices.

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Mark Commented

webOS exists. Support support support.

Anonymous Commented

+1 for cloudon support for webos

Anonymous Commented

webos support please

Steven Farkas Commented

+1 for cloudon support for webos. would pay good money for this...

Anonymous Commented

I wanna vote again but I can't!!!! We want cloudon!!!

lauren Commented

Support WebOS, Support for WebOS, Support for WebOS......

allXunder Commented

Would be pretty useful app for all TouchPads around there! +1

Anonymous Commented

Please, CloudOn support the WebOS platform the same way that the iPad and Google's Android was supported. Bring an CloudOn application to the HP TouchPad.

Anonymous Commented


Anonymous Commented

Enough with this spam. Webos is dead, there are no phones, and most importantly no fricken customers to buy an app if they were stupid enough to waste their money on developing it. 200+ people? lol. yeah that's worth it. Call when the thread has 5 million posts all from differnt people. Webos? lol. A slow, bad, failed os with no apps, no cloud services, no speed, no accessories, and no ecosystem and no devices.

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John McCrary Commented

would utilize this app for work. Nice to have full functionality of ms office. Make it so CloudOn!

Anonymous Commented

yes please support webOS! it is easy to make apps on the the multitasking-is second to none

john Commented

this would be a awesome app to have on TP and pre3

Adam Marks Commented

I would love this app!

J Q Commented

pretty please.

Anonymous Commented

this would be great for my wife,son & myself...on out HP,s

Anonymous Commented

webOS! We all want it!

stevenF Commented

+1 please, would be very useful for me and I'd pay good money for this

Michael Commented

Please, CloudOn! support WebOS that is a nice platform and is on the realm of being placed in an open source environment which promises tremendous growth and commitment among several manufacturers/developers. Please, bring this app to the WebOS platform....We Appreciate it.

Anonymous Commented


Pre 2 user Commented

webOS wants this... Buck the trend and support us :D

Anonymous Commented

for webOS

Robson Commented

+3 for webOS! :-D

Anonymous Commented

+1 for webOS

Alexander Eichwald Commented

+1 for web os

LuckyGuy Commented

+1 Yet another vote for webOS

Renater Commented

+1 Would be nice to support webOS

treodoc755 Commented

this would certainly be a welcome addition!

Register Commented

would really appreciate support for webOS!

Eric Commented

Yes for webOS and Open webOS

Herrie Commented

Looking forward to see this for webOS! Thanks, Herrie

BlueRQ Commented


Anonymous Commented


Anonymous Commented


Anonymous Commented

suport webos please hp touchpad

Anonymous Commented


J Commented


Anonymous Commented


Anonymous Commented

+1 webOS

Anonymous Commented

Cloud solution for webOS with document editing, just awesome!``

Anonymous Commented

+1 fo webOS

FJames Commented

Another vote for WebOS!

raj shah Commented

please support webos

marc Commented

might as well make it for webos... Its what I like to use...

Anonymous Commented

Definitely need this serive to work on touchpad.

Chris Commented

webOS rocks.

Dan Commented

WebOS users would definitly love this app on our platform.

Anonymous Commented

This would be so great!

Andrew Commented

I would love to see this! Webos needs a great office solution.

Krzysztof Żurada Commented

That would be awesome! Please, do for us WebOS users!!! Cheers!

Matthew Zakutny Commented

Please support webOS! :)

John Commented

Would like to see an application like CloudOn go live on the HP catalog....Please, developers take a bit of focus to consider developing applications for the HP TouchPad. SUPPORT FOR WEBOS PLEASE.......

Blade Commented

There are a million+ webOS users out there, and contrary to what people would have you believe, there are still unopened touchpads out there. and with the system going open source, it may possibly explode in popularity. Please do. :)

Doc Commented

Webos is our friend.

Herrie Commented

Looking forward to your support for webOS!