Make Autosave Optional

Give the saving of documents a manual option instead of having to put up with it automatically saving unwanted changes

Marcelo Commented

This feature is a mostrar.

Stephanie Commented

I would like to implement CloudOn company wide so that we can use excel on our tablets. Unfortunately the autosave function has the potential to cause of significant errors. This is the only reason why I am looking for an alternative program. If auto-save became optional I would most certainly go with CloudOn as our company app.

Martin Commented

Please implement this. I desperately want this app on my iPad to edit documents but canno until this has been implemented.

vgg Commented


vgg Commented

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Gilbertus Commented

I support this

Greg Craner Commented

I can only use as a view-only app to avoid the problems mentioned in multiple comments. The comments date back over a year. What is taking so long to fix an obvious problem????

Tom Wilds Commented

Agree with others that saving documents/spreadsheets to the original file should be a manual process.

Agreed Commented

When time stamps are used for a school assignment (e.g., the assignment is due Sunday by midnight), if I view the file with CloudOn after the due date, it will often auto save and change the time stamp.

Patrick Martin Commented

I've always used excel and it's the main reason why I bought an iPad. Now it's useless. Don't change things if they were already working fine. I'm pissed.

Ettet Commented

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Bryan Commented

I agree! This app is useless to me if I can't choose to not save the document. At least a "revert" option would be useful.

Diaa Commented

Support this

PSc Commented

I'd support this idea of being able to open file and close it without making any changes (in case you accidentally ended up doing some)!

Gary Commented

Agree Autosave should be optional. None of the Office applications have autosave and for good reason. If Dropbox and Googledocs didn't save versions, it could be disastrous if you made mistakes in an important file.

Nestor Armstrong Commented

Autosave renders the App useless.

Allison Commented

Saving in CloudOn Excel should work like real excel not like google docs. There should not be an autosave to the main file. I often do file testing and it is not helpful to have to go delete my changes instead of just closing the file without saving. Commented

I use template sheets and with autosave I have to rebuild the same sheet again even if the only diff is the date.Not good, very time consuming. You should have the option of saving confirm. Also, the ability to rename the sheet prior to saving which would not alter the orig.

JT Commented

I agree. Have an option in to save or not. I use formulas in excell files and it would be useful not save all my changes.

Faidon Magkos Commented

+1 on having the option to discard changes without saving. I just installed CloudOn and was surprised to find all changes are autosaved.

Abelardo Fuerte Commented

Totally agree ... It's a must have feature !

dave knowles Commented

only just started using this app, on the face of it quite useful, buy OMG just how easy is it to mess your files up. tried editing a word document and the cut/paste and undo, backspace did not work well at all and made a right balls up of my document which then autosaved. really not very good at all and will not use as far too dangerous. also windows look and feel is not usable on ipad, you need a mouse to use this interface it is not designed for touch. also, sync uses dodgey ports and will not sync with dropbox if I am in a controlled

Ruben Commented

Autosave OFF is mandatory for any app for a mobile device, otherwise the risk of corrupting your data is too high, as is pretty easy to do something incorrect from a touchscreen... I can understand that since the editor works online, the app needs to save regularly, otherwise you'll lose your changes if disconnected, but autosave must work in a temp file and only overwrite the file if confirmed.

Mike Commented

I'm right there with the rest of them. Just botched 1 file's save date because of autosave. Not critical, but my wayward fingers cam really mess up a complex spreadsheet if I'm just looking over data, and an error is saved for all future data. Will only use app in extreme emergencies until this is fixed.

Barry Commented

Quite often I will be editing a spreadsheet which I keep on going totals and want to save that day's editions under that particular date. With Auto save this is not possible. Also automatically saving a mistake to a critical file can be disastrous!

Angus Commented

I have to agree that not being able to turn off the auto save is a real negative. I too am unlikely to use the app until that feature is added. It could give the option to save the altered document under a different name. Otherwise looks great.

Nick Commented

Agree with previous comments. Autosave MUST be optional

Ray Commented

I have stopped using CloudOn until autosave option is available. It is simply too dangerous to use without this facility. Apart from this glaring oversight, it is a great app.

Avi Commented

I'm probably repeating what has already been said but if it automatically saves my mistakes (in Word) or my temporary calculations (in Excel) then it is a dangerous application. It's a shame because otherwise it seems great. Please make Autosaving optional and/or have an option to Exit without saving.

Andy Commented

Anyone who uses any spreadsheet needs to be able to exit without saving. The very nature of spreadsheets - where you change things to test impact and what-if scenarios - means that half the time you do not want to save what you just changed. Cannot imagine why it is not allowed as an option - please fix. thanks

Anestis Commented

really annoying ,as others have already said, NOT to be able to choose whether to save changes or not. otherwise great app and functionality and UI. BUT this feature IS critical about using,or not, this app seriously

Md Commented

It is absolutely necessary to be able to decide whether I want to save or not. Otherwise I may spoil some documents I have put a lot of work into. Any desktop word processor I know can Save and SaveAs. So PLEASE make auto save optional. In my eyes this Saving issue is the only thing which keeps me from using CloudOn productively. Everything else works fine.

Anonymous Commented

I agree with this save as necessity. Otherwise the tool is not as useful.

Anonymous Commented

Need a save button to save all changes to the file I am working from via dropbox!,! This is a must!!

Anonymous Commented

I don't want auto save! And I want to be able to save the file with "save as" so I can keep the first document un changed and the new one!

Mdelmastro Commented

Please make auto save optional and provide ability to save edited files with different names.

John Commented

Autosave fuction needs to be optional Unwanted edits cannot be saved automatically.

Andrew Commented

This app has great potential but unfortunately I will be stopping using it after 20 mins due to the fact that I cannot choose to exit without saving.

Todd usher Commented

It is essential to make this an option. The auto-save causes inadvertent saving over files

Carl Hopkins Commented

I just got started and spent nearly an hour trying to figure out how to save a file. Auto save is a very BAD feature. Having both options would be nice. I am sure some people would like auto save. But for me auto save is such a negative feature that I will likely wait to use this until it is available.

Mike Laverty Commented

you MUST make this SAVE option available now! Too many users are losing valuable time. I've tried other apps that have this option, but am tied to your app due to my IT dept. Please add this-we all need it to continue using your app in an effecitive manner.

Drew Commented

I agree completely that the autosave fuction needs to be optional and the default setting should be 'ask before saving.' One slip of the finger and you've lost hours of important work?? Seriously, what are the developers thinking? One of the reasons we save files (especially to a cloud) is so that we can safely work with the file and not be afraid to lose all our previous work. I think a avast majority of people won't use this app until that is changed.

Stan Commented

Need the option to save whenever I want!

trina.walsh Commented

Want to be able to choose whether I save a file or not!

Richard Corbyn Commented

We've just rolled iPads with Cloudon and Drop box out within our business, however now considering other options due to this fact. We cannot rely on auto save when out in the field. If 3G crashes in between or you step out of the sheet and go back in you cannot be sure your work is saved. Major downfall to a great piece of work / app..

Mike Bowen Commented

I'll add my name to the large number of folks requesting the file tab be active... really need to be able to exit without saving, or save as options. Please add in update.

Darryl Commented

The Autosave function without options to exit without saving or "save as" can accidentally trash a valuable document. Also, what happens if the internet connection is lost during editing? Is the partially edited document saved or not? OR?

Keith downward Commented

A vital feature that would save many embarrassing finger troubles. An alternative would be automatic version creation so previous versions could be restored.

Peter Commented

This is a must add!!

Anonymous Commented

Small solution. Email the document.

Pat Commented

I thought it was a great app until I tried to save the file. So far everything else looks great.

Kev Commented

The save, save as and close file commands are a definite must add. Even if it was a keyboard shortcut which I tried when I couldn't do anything else. Please, please add them

Anonymous Commented

This is essential. Please activate the file button.

Ian B Commented

With autosave mandated and the undo / redo buttons not functioning it is impossible to run what if scenarios on a spreadsheet. Every change becomes permanent and it isn't even possible to create a backup of the original. Please make the File Tab fully functional.

Joseph ghosn Commented

Make the File tab fully functional including save, save as features.

Jim R Commented

Agreed. I have two files open, and I can't figure out how to "close" a file.

Griffsr Commented

Save and save as function would be really useful for me

Keith Commented

First thing I noticed while experimenting with this app. Can only use this app to create new documents. Cannot risk corrupting important information in existing documents without a way of having a choice to save or not.

Anonymous Commented

Yes, yes, yes, make this an option

Greg Commented

Please make this an option. It is the first thing I noticed and cannot use this application until this is possible. Thank for for what initially appears to be a very useful app., once autosave is optional.

Anonymous Commented

In an attempt to quickly duplicate a file, I just lost my time sheet and can't defend the time I billed for due to the stupid auto save. I had emailed it to the previous client, but i didn't CC myself, so now i have no record of it.

Anonymous Commented

PLEASE make autosave optional. Whoever made this mandatory hasn't put together presentations in real life.

Ray Commented

Ditto all comments. Autosave must be optional.

JK Commented

I'll be sticking with Docs To Go until this is fixed. Some of my files are far too important to have the only option as Auto Save. Too easy to make mistakes on iPads and sometimes you just want to experiment with formatting etc.

B. Commented

Access to File menu is critical! Hope this is resolved soon. Thanks.

Bill Byrd Commented

Ability to sign in to more than one google drive or Dropbox. I have several for different purposes. Signing in and out works, but. There is an app gdrive that allows all of them that can be accessed by one tap.

John Woosley Commented

Working on the Ipad it is too easy to inadvertently delete a section or even the whole contents of a file, then it saves itself and the loss becomes permanent. Also when doing formatting, numbered lists, etc. sometimes things get to the place where backing out without saving is the best strategy. CloudOn needs this option to be a true working tool.

Ernie Commented

can't print; waste of time

Christine Cooper Commented

Definitely need autosave to be optional... Too easy to make a mistake and want to go back to original

Rodrigo Falcão Moreira Commented

This is very important. Please solve this. Should be able to control saving options.

Andy Cohn Commented

i am unable to even expand the file menu, nothing happens when i click it.

Samson Commented

yes thats true. Manuel save is better.

Rebecca P Commented

YES, I can't agree with this more. Please make the autosave optional! It's a great app and as far as I'm concerned, this is the only change that's needed.

Anonymous Commented

I add my vote for creatind and edirting .txt files, would be very useful. Also agree with autosave suggestion; should be an option as should 'save as...' Otherwise great app!

Mehul Patel Commented

This is a must because without making Autosave optional, CloudOn becomes self defeating. We must be able to rely on what's stored in the cloud, otherwise versioning issues (and surprises!) will become a problem at some time. It's too easy to make accidental & unintended edits.

Anonymous Commented

this is a must - hate to say it but anybody who uses spreadsheets turned off auto save in lotus 2.2 (yep!!! that long ago) you cannot build a spreadsheet safely with autosave on - all that will happen is you start saving local copies as back up ... which defeats the whole point (and is not possible on ipad etc) Switch off auto save - at least make it optional Thanks Simon

Christopher Scott Commented

I would say that until this function is added the app is completely unusable. I certainly cannot let my wife use it yet because the potential to accidentally delete or overwrite work is so high. This should be the number 1 priority to sort out.

Eric Commented

Please remove auto save . Ask to save or not before exiting.

Mark Ringgenberg Commented

Need ability to disable autosave so I can jump between documents and THEN decide if I want to save changes to Dropbox. In addition, have the ability to save file locally on iPad when not connected to the Internet. Internet connections are not always available and need to view files in front of prospects.

Anonymous Commented

Autosave alone can't work for me. There has to be an option to exit without saving...

Ron Doiron Commented

Love the App but "save/nosave/saveas" option is a must!

Michael Beavers Commented

Would Autosave would be bad for iPad owners with smaller memory? Maybe make it an option under settings but not mandatory until later when most iPads are shipping with huge drives.

Michael Beavers Commented

I don't need to create .txt files (yet) but I should be able to read them. This would have UI implications for you guys... file format selector under each application type. I can live without creation but reading would be nice.

Sour Apple Commented

Would prefer to have a "Save As ..." feature than auto-save. This is in line with how MS Word seems to work on my Windows PC. (But of course, on a Windows PC, you also have auto-recovery ...) Else the workaround is to create a copy first, and then edit the copy ...

Steve Commented

Concur with all comments, definitely needed.

Richard Grant Commented

Auto save should definitely be an option. Or at least provide a full undo. Or maybe an option upon opening a document to create a copy first.

pcman Commented

I completely agree. Please add this option ASAP.

Ted Commented

Todd - I think there's another idea that wants text file support - it has 6 votes.

Lisa Lai Commented

Yeah, please give us the option to turn off auto save.

Vivek Commented

I would prefer to have a app fit for .txt .doc .xls & .ppt along with other optional file formats. Autosave is overriding my version controls so please provide option to change it, but leave autosave as a DEFAULT option.

Karen Commented

Please remove auto save. Saving or quitting without saving needs to be an option.

David Commented

Absolutely! Word certainly can handle a lot of formats natively, there should be no reason why it can't do so via this delivery method. Same with Excel and CSV or txt tab-delimited files. Thanks though for a great solution to one of the iPad's major shortcomings in terms of productivity.

Justin Commented

Please allow to save as .doc

Eafonso Commented

Yes. Is a basic function. Fundamental.

S Heath Commented

YES! This is much needed!

Jamie Commented

I love saving the net...and saving them to Dropbox via Nebulous. It does so in txt format. It appears that CloudOn cannot import these txt files, nor can I cut and paste from the Internet. Boo!

Ron Commented

Yes! Forced autosave is not OK with me either, especially without a Save As... Feature.

Martin Commented

I concur on both points.