Support audio in files

Please add audio for power point or other file types as applicable

The Elf Commented

I just want support for ANY simple audio playback. MP3 and Wav would do just fine. I'm not bothered about PowerPoint.

Audrey Commented

Wanted to use your app when instructing. Unfortunately my ppt presentation has audio. would love to be able to use iPad instead of laptop

Miguel Commented

Cómo se puede oir sonido en una presentación de Powerpoint. Gracias y Saludos.

Éric Laplante Commented

CloudOn working well, slide correctly, animation too. Is it possible to play musique into the powerpoint show (.pps)?

daver Commented

Absolutely. I work with clients with Aphasia - people whose brain has been damaged and they find it difficult now to comprehend language. I have a very large Powerpoint presentation with embedded audio files that they use as part of their treatment. Some of my newest clients only have iPADs and CloudOn is the only application I've come across that would save me months of re-writing my program!

Anonymous Commented

I would like to hear PowerPoint lectures for school.

Anonymous Commented

Yes. Acoustics and movies are used more and more in PowerPoint. The problems might be the space requirement, and the processing time.

Raf Commented

Please add the embebed áudio for PowerPoint presentation.

Jack Brooks Commented

PP is useless for educational presentations to the young "wired" audience w/out multimedia capability. None of the cloud ipad apps/svcs offer this. HELP!

John Gregory Commented

Probably difficult with the timing of streaming the data with embedded audio files at the same time, but would still be a 'nice to have' item.

Justin Commented

I completely agree. All of my college teachers use power point, and everyone just edits the speaker notes to take notes as the teacher talks, so this app is perfect for that. Adding the ability to take short sound bites of the teachers talking to the power point would be AMAZING!

kathy poe Commented

Please consider enabling the ability to record a narration of PowerPoint slide show. Need to be able to use microphone on iPad

Anonymous Commented

I absolutely agree with request to add sound to PowerPoint...even simple presentations can become excellent teaching tools through the use of sound bites.

Anonymous Commented

A must have!