Block keyboard from popping up

When selecting a cell in Excel the keyboard pops up and gets in the way. I would love to have a feature to block it from popping up automatically and in the best case with a selection to get the keyboard or only the top row with the "F-Functions" and the arrows visible. Thanx!

John Gregory Commented

This is our problem also. We have dozens of tabs and hyperlinks between pages to keep from having to surf between views. Every time a hyperlink is touched, the keyboard pops up. The document does go to the right location, but you have to press the keyboard dropdown button again to remove it from view when you only wanted to change pages, not type or modify the cell.

Fred Commented

I agree. I have been using a spreadsheet with lots of drop down lists. It is really annoying to have the keyboard obscuring half the spreadsheet

John Commented

Or just have a keyboard button in the taskbar