Support localization in Application

Support localization in application, including right-to-left and Asian languages as well as date formatting.

luca rossato Commented

I wont italian languages support thanks

Frank Commented

german language support

Anne Commented

Serait il possible d'obtenir une version française (Canada) de l'application CloudOn ? Une version française voir international et accessible pour toutes les langues du monde serait vivement apprécié ! En vous remerciant de l'attention portée à la présente et demeurant dans l'attente incessante d'une version de CloudOn accessible pour tous. Bien à vous.

Enric Commented

I ende te programa in spanish lenguaje pelase

Massimo Commented

it is a pity that doesn't have the italian localization yet, hope in this upgrade quickly, but anyway, well done!!!

Detlef Hoh Commented

Language support in deutsch

Steve Commented

UK date formats would be helpful

katespade Commented

It would be appreciated if you could improve the behavior of IME. When I type or delete each letter, it flickers and annoying, please !

katespade Commented

Please support some standard Microsoft Japanese fonts such as MS P Gothic and MS P Mincho.

Brian Commented

I love Cloudon BUT it is of no use to me unless date formats can be localised, when this happens I will then subscribe to this service.

Nick Harvey Commented

+1 for International date formatting. It's screwing the data when data is changed unexpectedly. Entered 20th December 2013 as 20/12/13 and got text. Not good to look at as 12/20/13 when the entry above was 19/12/13.

Per Vikman Commented

Decimal points for Excel in the swedish system please.

Carlos Montoya Alonso Commented

CloudOn in spanish, please

Carlos Montoya Alonso Commented

Sería muy bueno que pudiésemos disfrutar de CloudOn en ESPAÑOL

Carlos Montoya Alonso Commented

Sería muy bueno que pudiéramos disfrutar de ClousOn en ESPAÑOL

Julianufo Commented

Chinese plz

Nathalia Commented

I relly Want to Know if They are a Way to get this application in french?

María Commented

Is there a way to Switch menú language to spanish?.

hayasi Commented

Japanese support, please.

Peter S Commented

Having dates always change to MDY format is a huge pain and has led to some confusion. Please allow the more common DMY and other formats to be set as defaults otherwise the product will continue to have a huge shortcoming.

Vladimir Commented

Russian please!

Ray McCarty Commented

Date format needed for other than U.S. e.g. 1st July 2013 = 01/07/2013

Carina Commented

Por favor se tendría que configurar en español

Jpbaz Commented

All program in french Will be marvellous

Sherif hussein Commented

Good application but the Word process is not support to writing in arabic language perfectly.

mohameden Commented

Arabic Please

Eugene Tym Commented

Russian plea

Werner Gielen Commented

German please

Daniel Commented

Hebrew please

Katou Commented

J'aimerais que le support et tout le programme soit en français ce serais super !

Bernadette van der hoeven Commented

I hope there will be very soon the dutch version for word, excel and powerpoint on cloud on. Regardz Bernadette van der Hoeven

Kunihiko Shimotani Commented

Please be usable in Japanese.

Humberto Commented

I would like to use commas as decimal separator and point to show thounsands.Best wishes

Li Commented

Typing Chinese using Pinyin in Word is currently too slow, please fix this.

Ohad Commented

Hebrew please

Lokeswara RAO Commented

Date formatting and deleting the unwanted files

Georges Râtelle Commented

French please

Eldad Commented

I can't change the font size in works only in English .???

Dominique Maisetti Commented

hi how can we erase a file in dropbox please Thanks

Fabian Commented

Je souhaiterai avoir le support complet en langue française ! Merci d'avance

paulin Commented

Souhaiterais obtenir le support en français

Nancy Tan Commented

Hi, I've been having problem formatting cells in terms of the dates. Whenever I format the calls to dd/mm/yyyy, dates before the 10th of every month will be displayed as the month. For example, I typed in 05/04/2013, instead of displaying that, it is displayed as 04/05/2013. Can you please fix this bug?i am frustrated as I have tried every possible way and my dates are messed up when it he files are transferred to my laptop.Thanks.

Dr. Shereen Commented

Please add Arabic language Commented

How can i change in italian language?

Jörgen Commented

Support for Swedish would be nice.

Jan Commented

Kan de taal ook veranderd worden in Nederlands, ik heb dit ergens gelezen?

Jose Commented

Could include number formatting also. Regards. Coelho

Eric BENABOU Commented

Hello, i can't find the function "search". I need it to look for a specific information in my Excel file

Anonymous Commented

Spanish support will be desired

Anonymous Commented

Yes please! This is potentially an outstanding application, but I need UK regional settings, for dates and currency.

Nigel Commented

It would be great to have a language opton for dates in the CloudOn application, e.g date formats in Excel so that the UK format of dd/mm/yyyy can be catered for.

Anonymous Commented


Anonymous Commented

I would like to change the language cloudon. Anybody know, please?

Andrew Steele Commented

A UK English keyboard mapping when using an external BT keyboard would make CloudOn useable.

Anonymous Commented

Please, add russian localization.

Bernard Commented


Henkpetstra Commented

Hoe krijg ik de programma,s in het nederlands?

Julio Biscaia Commented

I use CloudOn on my iPad to work with Excel sheets created on my desktop. It sistematically changes my default portuguese format to the english/usa format, forcing me to reenter data and causing a big waste of time. Would not be possible to provide portuguese localization to CloudOn? It would be very welcome!

Daniel Commented

It'd be nice if CloudOn was also available in French (français). Thanks for the good work.

Bob Commented

Salve è possibile cambiare da inglese a italiano le impostazioni grazie

Yoshi Commented

I could read & delete data on the file ( Word,Excel,PPT) which data that has been entered in Japanese. However I can not find a way to input data. even used IPAD 3 with CloudOn 2.5.1 ???

Anonymous Commented

Ik heb cloudon geinstalleerd mijn vraag is, kan dat ook in het nederlands

Wesley savoureux Commented

How can i do to have the same in french please because i dont understand.

M.paoletti Commented

Bonjour ce site et bien mais je regrete que tout est marquer en peut on pas mettre les mots en francais

Hesham Commented

I need Arabic characters to read and write my files. Thx.

LSplay Commented

I used to be able to enter Chinese characters into Word using the handwriting keyboard in the older version of CloudOn. Since upgrading to CloudOn version 2.5.1 and IOS 6.0.1, the app crashed every time when I try to write something using the "Chinese-Traditional handwriting" keyboard. The support for the "Chinese-Traditional Zhuyin" keyboard seem to be broken as well.

Shay Commented

Hi When using Word, Hebrew text is wrongly displayed and aligned, unlike a "real" MS. Word. Thanks for the great App!

Nigel Smith Commented

I installed CloudOn to manage spreadsheets across different devices but without the facility to input dates in UK format (day/month/year) the system is causing me more work in reentering data than it is saving. Please add/enable localised date input. Apart from the date issue it seems to work very well.

I Pinoli Commented

¿Existe una versión en español?

Anonymous Commented

Es posible la traducciòn al español del sistema?

Frnco Commented

Spero che presto ci sará la lingua Italiana, sembra un buon programma.

Bart Commented

Keyboard localization = nice but ... My Dutch amounts are still converted to dollars :-(

Bart Commented

A must have option: localization! All my Dutch documents with currencies cannot be used :-(

Zvi Katz Commented

When I writing in Hebrew I canot get the signs :, and . Instead I get Hebrew letters ת and ץ

charlie Commented

por el momento soy muy nuevo usando el cludon pero me parece fantastico el diseño y la pronta asistencia tecnica seria bueno tener en español sigan trabajando muchas gracias

David Commented

I hope in espanish, Germán, etc.

Anonymous Commented

As said above: localized spell check would be an awesome addition. Please consider it for Polish language too :)

Michael Commented

Hello CloudOn Team! I can not use your service. When I working with CloudOn.ipa (v 2.1.0) into iOS6, regardless of the region to create a new document I can use both languages when edit it's name. BUT! After opening the document - in English and Russian layout - there is work only Russian letters. English letters is not, and I cannot get English text. Special characters do not match the keys too. For example, instead of a comma the key return "b", the comma is on the ".?" with pressing Shift key. But the point sign - with pressing the slash. Please add Russian support. Thank you! After the change keyboard settings from U.S. to U.S. extended, and Russian to Russian PC, only the first switching layouts from Russian into English allowed to enter English letters and special characters are in place. The second switch layouts returned the situation described in the preceding paragraph.

TingTat Chan Commented

Please make the app available in Taiwan AppStore and support Chinese localization if it doesn't yet. Thank you very much!

Kobi Commented

As the other people wrote, please add RTL support.

Dr. Harry Hoffner Commented

I am a USA-based Mac user, and am writing a manuscript with Hebrew (i.e., RTL) embedded in English (LTR) context. Like all Mac users, I was very disappointed that Microsoft did not implement RTL with LTR text in their latest Mac version, although it is implemented in the Windows one. Not wanting to clutter my hard drive with an extra Windows OS and Windows software, plus emulator software (Parallels, etc), I have had no way to use MS Word, until I saw the Cloudon advertisement. I have tried a part of my manuscript in Dropbox with Cloudon in my iPad and was pleased that it displayed the RTL with LTR context in the body of the document, but astounded that it failed to work properly in the footnotes! Is this something you plan to fix? Or is it a problem in the Windows version of MS Word that you are using? Please advise, because, if this is something you can fix, I will gladly continue to use Cloudon. Otherwise, I cannot use it with my kind of writing, since I need the embedded RTL also in my footnotes. Thank you.

philip coleman Commented

I agree with ariel. But as far as I can see right to left has been implemented and Hebrew typing is also available.

Manon Paré Commented

Bonjour, Je suis enseignante dans une école primaire française. J'aime beaucoup votre produit cloudon. J'aimerais bien pouvoir l'utiliser avec mes élèves. J'apprécierais si vous pouviez faire cloudon en français. Merci de prendre ma demande en considération. Manon Paré

Ariel Commented

I would like to suggest to make support in Hebrew, since you are an Israeli company (I asume?)

Martin van maaren Commented

Translate into dutch language

Andre Commented

Would support (if required) in translating to german!

lasha Commented

Pls pls RTL support for Hebrew in Word!!!

Lior Malka Commented

Hebrew!!! :)

Jef Commented

I found the solution: when I upload the file with decimal points instead of decimal comma's on another computer the file will automatically take the language settings of the computer where the file is opened. There is no problem at all...

César Commented

¡Please for the AppStore of Argentina! ¡¡¡Thanks!!!

Ray McCarty Commented

Even changing the settings in Cells>Format to English (UK) translates 2/3/12 to 3rd February 2012

Jesus cañas Commented

Necesito poder ver la aplicación en español. ¿Es posible?

Lisbet Commented

Arabic and right to left please!

Fayed Commented

Arabic and right to left please

Rima Commented

Arabic + right to left support and Danish please!

Ivan Vojta Commented

Including Czech keyboard :)

Sungil Hong Commented

I need Korean!

i Commented

Yes RTL languages should be supported, thanks

osnat Commented

Please make the Israely app to work right to left in hebrew

Anonymous Commented

it is a real problem. can you fix it?