Improve Storage Service Management

- Enable logout of Storage Service (not Stay Connected Permanently) - Enable Connection with Multiple Accounts with Storage Service (Multiple Google Drive Accounts, etc) - Enable Ability to Delete Storage Service Account from Within Settings Area of Account - Enable the ability to sync a single file across multiple storage service accounts - Allow the ability to set preference for which storage service "Uploads" folder should be the default

Tina B Commented

I agree there needs to B's a way to access multiple accounts within a cloud provider. I have personal accounts as well as business accounts that I need to access. I have started using another provider that allows this, but I would like to just use cloudon

Ian W Commented

Would like to see ability to enable connection with multiple accounts of the same storage service. ie: two Dropbox or box accounts, etc. THANKS!

Ian W Commented

Would like to see ability to enable connection with multiple accounts of the same storage service. ie: two dropbox or box accounts, etc. Thanks! LOVE CloudOn!!!

Billill Commented

Would like to see ability to enable connection with multiple accounts of the same storage service. ie: two google drive or box accounts, etc.

オハラ Commented

1) share files between cloud services i.e transfer from dropbox to skydive etc. 2) choose whether you want to open a file in microsoft format or pdf

Yuusha Commented

Multiple GDrives and Dropboxes will be very useful! Keep up the good work!

Kristine Commented

Connecting to several cloud accounts of the same kind, ie. Dropbox, would be extremely useful.

P Holst Commented

Agree that it would be great with connection to multiple Dropbox accounts.

Grayden McClurg Commented

having 2 accounts at the same service provider and being able to use either without the logoff/logon process would be nice. So far the app seems quite functional. This morning it opened a spreadsheet that neither google docs or skydrive would open.

Daniel Commented

access to multiple accounts on storage will be great

Joan Commented

Multiple cloud account support. Possibility of having multiple dropbox, multiple googledrive...

Ash Commented

I would like to be able to limit which folders in Dropbox that automatically mirror/transfer. For example I don't want pictures I have in drop box to automatically transfer to CloudOn. Thank you for your help Other than that I love the service so far thanks!!

Andi Commented

I am a grad student who has both a personal and a university account for google drive multiple account support would be wonderful!

Paul Commented

multiple account support

James Clatworthy Commented

Something like this would be great for schools. I'm looking for a solution to link with google apps so that kids can log in / log out with ease and keep their work as private as it is on google apps. At the mo it seems that when I log out of cloudOn and log back in...

Mary Commented

I agree that multiple Dropbox, Google and Box accounts would be great. I have a work e-mail with a separate Google account I'd like to connect.

Fabrice Commented

Would be great if I could connect my private and work dropbox account in to the cloudon. Always good to keep private and professional doc separated. Thanks

Bob Tucker Commented

I would live to see multiple accounts supported. I have a work and personal google drive and Dropbox and it can be a pain to login and out all the time.

Cory Commented

Add additional service providers. It would be a blessing to people who have to deal with their IT department

John Commented

Another plus one for multiple Google account support. I have my personal and work accounts that I need to be able to flip between quickly.

Danny Bloomfield Commented

Work and personal google drive accounts would be awesome!

Anonymous Commented

Add ability to delete individual storage providers. Also add ability to prioritize / reorder which one comes up first in the list. Would be helpful to have additional cloud services as well, though you have covered the majors that i use now. But having the ability to access files on my PC or by FTP would be awesome as a "local cloud". -Thanks, Robert

julmanzero Commented

`i would love to be able to manually synch items between CloudOn and my storage application (DropBox). I use DropBox for lots of things - e.g. to store pdfs of various iterations of my thesis, pdfs of books, scientific papers - and all of this stuff that I DON"T want on my iPad finds its way there through CloudOn. I like CloudOn a lot, but have been avoiding it recently because of this.

Anonymous Commented

I would like to be able to save a document separately instead of it automatically saving my template as the final document

Bill Byrd Commented

skydrive would be great

Amanda Commented

yes please. As a freelancer, I work with multiple dropbox accounts and google drives. It would be so helpful to have access to them all

Giffin Bowen Commented

I would like to be able to access multiple accounts with a single storage provider

M de Launay Commented

Mmm, and I can't even see my google drive shared docs in cloud, making what seems to be a great concept next to useless!

Ted Commented

I would simply like to save a file I have edited in Cloudon in my Dropbox on the IPad.

Anonymous Commented

I have the same thing for google accounts. I have a google drive for education and a 'regular' google account. It would be great to be able to see all of my documents at once!

Tessa Commented

I have a personal and a business (dropbox) account. It would be great and fantastic if I would be able to access both in Cloudon.

Anonymous Commented

I had the same question; thanks...

Jeff Costley Commented

I agree. This is quite a drawback to collaboration with others who may not utilize a particular Service.

Anonymous Commented

I have a personal account and a business account and a non-profit which I need to be able to access each of the at the same time

Michael Kyle Hoskins Commented

It would be nice to be able to copy and paste between services.

Jeff Commented

I would like to be able to access both my personal Dropbox, and work Dropbox files. Is it possible?

Anonymous Commented

À must have feature.

Frank Curtis Commented

I wanted to be able to sign in and out of my google drive account on cloud on, so my important documents aren't always available on my iPad. That isn't possible at present, but you can switch google drive accounts. So, as a work-around, I created a second google drive account with no important documents and can now switch out of my main google drive account by signing into that other non-important account.

Dean Commented

I agree. I have several Dropbox accounts

Kathy Commented

Yes. I really NEED this! I have mypersonal email, but I serve on several Volunteer Boardpositions and have gmail accounts for eachof them so I can easily access my docs. If I could have all of themin here,, it would be awesome!

Will Commented

I find this necessay because of personal gmail account and Goggle Apps business accounts. Really for all people with multiple accounts on one provider.