Support for a web browser interface

Access the wonderful CloudOn GUI and functionality via a web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari) on a Mac or PC at home, in school, at work, in a cybercafe, etc. With this addition and with the possibility to plug it into an intranet or webportal, CloudOn would really be THE productivity tool now and the future!!! Come on, vote for this idea!

Gene Commented

Hi there. Love your product, but having some problems installing the plug in to enable editing of documents in Chrome or Safari on my Mac. I'm able to access all my data in read only mode fine. When I try to edit, I get prompted to install the plug in. I downloaded it, installed, and restarted my browser. When I try to edit, I get prompted again to install the plug in using Chrome. In Safari, it just hangs when I try to edit a doc. Is there something fundamentally I am missing? Is this a known issue? Thanks for the help!!

Bill Fulbright Commented

Why would you launch an interface for iPhone and iPad and not a universal Web Browser? ie, Chrome? or Safari, or even an app for the MacBook Pro to download would be great. I like this service, but since it has no print, and no standard browser interface, it is lacking two important items. Thanks for your consideration.

Anonymous Commented

This for ChromeOS would be killer.

Anonymous Commented

Now that Office365 is on us, a CloudOn competitor at a fraction of the price could make a killing!

Bernd Nartmann Commented

Please add a Chrome extension!!

Anonymous Commented

Chrome extension would be the bomb!