Allow for more than one google drive to be signed into.

Susan Mulligan Commented

I have personal and professional Google Drive accounts. I use both. It would be convenient to have access to both.

Phil Richardson Commented

I have two google mail addresses and so have two google drives. I need to have access to both of these accounts through Cloudon. I trust that you will be able to include this sometime soon - please!!

Multiple accounts Commented

This would be super

Anonymous Commented

That would excellent, because I have an old account and a new account, that I would like to link on here.

Andrea Commented

Right, this could be very useful, since we may have a private and an enterprise google account.

Anonymous Commented

I do need more than one google drive account here :))

Howard J Green Commented

That would be really useful

Shanny covey Commented

I'd like to delete the google account I set up. How do I do it?