Save files that haven't been edited

Capability to save a file opened in CloudOn from a different app to your synced services. For example, if I am emailed a PDF and select "open in" from my iPad, it will open in CloudOn, but there is no way to save it to my Google Drive. If a file is edited, then it will automatically save to my Google Drive uploads file (or whatever the corresponding thing is for Dropbox etc.), but sometimes I can't edit (like PDFs) or don't want to edit.

Randy Commented

I just want to be able to save a PDF that I have opened from a web page. Perhaps this is already covered or else I'm so new I just don't recognize the answer... On my iPad I open a PDF from a web page in CloudOn. Great so far. According to various posts, in order for it to be saved to my Uploads folder (so I can rename and move where I want it), I need to make an edit to the file. If this topic is upvoted and the feature added to the program, then I won't have to worry about editing them as i currently don't see how? Am I just missing something simple? Thanks!

Anonymous Commented

would like to be able to use 'save as' to create new file from an existing one.

Ashley guest Commented

Agree..... to open files from emails is great but to save it to google drive is impossible. Functionality to save a file from email to google drive or copy file between Dropbox & google drive would be great

Anonymous Commented

Bump how do we save emailed opens??