Access to more cloud storage providers

Can we get support for WEBdav or FTP to access more cloud storage providers such as Go Daddy?

Willi Commented

I would like to access Wuala, please

Egnyte too please Commented

We are already committed to it for a share drive

Donald Commented

Ubuntu One would be useful for me but the more the better.

More Cloud services Commented and UbuntuOne would also bee nice

Stein Thomassen Commented

SpiderOak, please :)

Ademir Felix Commented

I think could be supported to access more cloud storage for the same provider also. Normally the people have more than one account however the cloundon permit manage only one by provider at this moment.

John Commented

Corporate WebDAV access required by companies. Secure access would open up a lot of companies to use this product.

Horse girl Commented

Great idea I just hate only using google drive all the time

Neil Commented

Absolutely. OwnCloud would be extremely useful.

Raymond Dishman Commented

Took the words right out of my mouth. I too would like to access our corporate storage account with GoDaddy. Without this feature - corporate acceptance will be limited.

g Dunlap Commented

Soonr please

Richard Parkechard Parke Commented

Please make cloud on work on syncplicity.

Giorgos Kanavakis Commented

Please, include support for

Marcus Hurley Commented

Support for SafeSync would be useful as it'd be nice to have a resource that actually knows the product!

Lindsay Webb Commented

SafeSync support would be an excellent addition. This would make the app more attractive to business clients.

Kay von Dreger Commented

Dringend wird iCloud und WebDAV - Support benötigt! Vorher ist die App nur sehr eingeschränkt zu nutzen!

Peter Williams Commented

As there are many cloud storage providers it seems essential to have a system which incorporates them all. This is even more so as your presentation blurb do not give the impression that you are limited to a small number of storage providers.

Roger Commented

Definitely needs support for iCloud and Cubby, both will keep my files synced across all my devices

john fugh Commented

Another vote for pogoplug

Taiss Commented

+3 for WEBdav and FTP support +1 Cubby / TresorIT support

Nigel Souster Commented

Very surprised it does not support iCloud given apps available for ipad and iPhone.

Johannes Bührmann Commented

It would be superb if in CloudOn it was possible to setup your own storage (possibly through the ftp protocal), some have a storage server at home and wish to access its content anywhere.

Jorge Commented

iCloud access please!

BonnieZee Commented

Would love access to COPY from CloudOn please!

Adi Commented

Copy cloud please

Gary Hopkins Commented

A vote for Egnyte compatibility

Gianfranco Samele Commented

Please, consider for the nex CloudOn relase, to support Wuala. Thanks - Kind regards . Gianfranco

Gianfranco Samele Commented

Please, consider for the nex CloudOn relase, to support Wuala. Thanks - Kind regards . Gianfranco

Calvin Ing Commented

I'd live for it to support Private cloud's like Tonido server

Brad Commented

Mozy Stash please

Bob Commented

iCloud access ASAP pls

Javier Cerero Commented

I would love to see ftp access here for my business' servers.

M Curry Commented

Cloudlive access please

sachin khanna Commented

Looking forward to Ubuntu One Support.. It would be a great idea

CP Commented

Egnyte please!

Libby Commented

JustCloud please!!

John Commented

I agree. I use different cloud services for different purposes and computers. As Ubuntu continues to gain momentum especially with the Ubuntu Touch, having access to Ubuntu One will be valued by a growing population of users. BTW, great tool! Cloudon seems to be the best as translating office suite documents accurately!! Thank you!!

Jura Commented

Any idea to add additional server such as FTP or other home server or NAS server or other clouds

Juan Commented

Please add access to iDrive Sync.

Brad Richards Commented

I request access to files via Carbonite online storage please.

Carl L Commented

Egnyte please!

JEQ Commented

please make it possible to use any!!! kind of WebDAV-Provider. Also the foreign solutions of any country.

Geoffrey Smith Commented

Please can you advise if and when CloudOn will include the use of iCloud storage. It seems odd that an App for use with an Apple iPad does not include Apple's own iCloud.

Anonymous Commented

One more vote for Bitcasa .. PLEASE!

Anonymous Commented

More cloud storage ; please

Anonymous Commented

Pogoplug .... please please please :)

Curt Hapner Commented

Add access to Evernote

Anonymous Commented

Vote to support norton cloud as it seems to offer encryption at rest even on the free account!

agm Commented

Can we please have support for JustCloud

Anonymous Commented

Cubby and Bitcasa, please...

Jan lockebrot Commented

Please support Bitcasa one of the fastest growing storage provider. Thnks Jan Lockebrot

Anonymous Commented

How i can disconnect btween cloud on and my dropbox account??

af Commented

Please provide support for Go Daddy, I use Microsoft Office and my email is through Go Daddy so I would greatly appreciate upi considering this support for a feature release.

Brian Commented

I would love to see support for Ububtu One!

Peter Commented

Please support WebDAV to access my network attached storage (Synology). NAS are used more often and there are local cloud storage services with WebDAV support.

Kevin Ayers Commented

If CloudOn could support the generic WebDAV protocols then a lot of other services could be added. I am particularly interested in OwnCloud, which is basically a "roll your own DropBox". There is no central server, your organization has your own server(s) and authentication. For this reason you would need to be able to specify your own server address and credentials.

Ray McCarty Commented

And to access private cloud drives

Pekka Brännbäck Commented

SkyDrive support would indeed be greatly appreciated, least to say. Microsoft Office documents and SkyDrive goes together like a saucer and cup. Please fix this! It is frustrating and awkward to bounce files via Dropbox etc.

Peter Commented

Please give access to the other "biggie" in the cloud storage business - SKYDRIVE. Every Hotmail user has a Skydrive account and millions more of us who use other email systems. Please please please and soon soon soon.

Erich Hirzenberger Commented

Support for livedrive and icloud would be great

Brian Engel Commented

ShareFile is a premium storage provider also used for sending secure corporate mail... Would be nice to have

Anonymous Commented

Yes. I use CrashPlan for storage of my files. Would it be possible to allow for more than just the 3 (Box, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox) accounts that one must select from in order to get into the app?

Anonymous Commented

I think I found a solution. I signed into a Dropbox account, and then CloudOn opened up. After this, I could then select a file in Crashplan, ask that the file be opened up in CloudIn – et voila, it opened up fine! So, I do seem to have a solution. Still, it would be neater if CloudIn wouldn't insist first upon selecting Box, GoogleDrive, or Dropbox in order to get into the app, and let one add/choose other storage providers such as CrashPlan. Perhaps in the next update?

Michael Commented

Please support WebDAV to access large numbers network attached storage like Synology, Qnap… for small business and home users as well. NAS are used more often and there are local cloud storage services with WebDAV support. For example: This opportunity can significantly increase the attractiveness of your service.

brian Commented

Would also LOVE to see support for Egnyte.

Jaume Commented

CloudOn is a great application. I use it often. It is possible to work with FPT services hosted on my own company?. Thanks in advance

Michael R. Commented

Would LOVE to see support for Egnyte.

Pedro Torres Commented

Very usefull application, but limited to users who own three storage providers, box, dropbox and google drive. What about Skydrive from Microsoft?

Worried Commented

At this point in CloudOn's life cycle, the only way to access a file to 'work' it within CloudOn's fantastic word processor (It really is great!) is to work through one of the three clouds on the Internet. That is: Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. You need to add a capability to access files that reside in wireless drives such as Seagate's GoFlex Satellite Drive or Kingston's Wi-Drive

Rohit Sangal Commented

Also support for syncplicity. I use it all the time. Way better than box or dropbox

Anonymous Commented

Is icloud the same thing as cloudon. And how to I access my email?

Chris Rodney Commented

Yes, iCloud support would round things out nicely.

Ted Haeger Commented

Contact me if you want to pursue this.

Ted Commented


Paul miller Commented

I love the CloudOn app. I would would love it even more if you could access icloud files. Especially the hidden mobile documents file.