Support for tablets with screen resolution higher than 1280 x 1024 pixels

Support for tablets with screen resolution higher than 1280 x 1024 pixels, such as Android Tablet Asus TF700, Acer Iconia Tab A700, Nexus 10 etc.

Jean-Luc GARNIER Commented

Need this support for an Ainol Novo 9 Spark device too... Thanks in advance!

Tom Tramby Commented

Please :-)

Óscar Villarroel Commented

Will be Nexus 10 supported? I hope it soon...

Jignesh Commented

Nexus 10 please!!

Niraj Kumarmangalam Yadav Commented

@Bryson - it's one of the ones listed in the request - Asus TF700 == Infinity

Bryson Hicks Commented

Will this include the asus infinity?

Villa de las Palmas Commented


Villa de las Palmas Commented


Arlene Commented

Support for Nexus 10 please!

Braden Commented

Nexus 10 please!!

Erin Commented

Please do this! I have a Nexus 10 and would really like to use this app on my tablet for some work tasks.

Abel Davila Commented

Please support Nexus 10 I missed this app so much!

Anonymous Commented

I would like to use this on a Kindle Fire HD 8.9. It is not listed as supported, but is a great tablet.

Strong, Paul Commented

I went from loving this app with my tf101 to being dissapointed with my tf700 :( please update soon.

Your name (Optional) Commented

Why only tablest? with a 4.3 inch display and ICS it should be a problem to have it running on large phone sand phablets. Since only low definition tablets are available I have 4 android devices: -an android TV stick - an old gingerbread phone -a new 4.3 ICS phone -a TF700 tablet NONE are compatible!! Very annoying when compatbility is enforced rather than allowed with no guarantees

Luis Commented

Onda V972 Core4

Pedro Milagres Miranda da Silva Commented

I have an Infinity Tf700T, sorry to hear and hope it comes soon ... is there no way I can get some application that emultes a "worst" screen resolution just for this ?

Wafaey Swelim Commented

It is a shame that they have ignored all the HD tablets out there specially when they are the flagships for android tablet. I is great that it is free but you can charge a couple of bucks to make Cloudon work on the highend tablet. I have a TF700 and I am really disappointed.

Anonymous Commented

I really need this app for my nexus 10!!!!! Please fix this.

Gavin Smith Commented

Please develope this for the NEXUS 10 used it on my ipad love it

Anonymous Commented

Will be nice to have it on Nexus 10

Anonymous Commented

This would be brilliant on the Nexus 10

Mike Dean Commented

Would like to see your product available for higher resolution tablets nexus 10, Thank you

Guy Ratcliffe Commented

Added my support for this idea, the Nexus 10 will be the benchmark going forward for Android devices (10inch) so this will be needed if CloudOn are serious about Android on Tablets. I was using on a Samsung Galaxy Tab but I now have to find something else to use. I just hope that I don't find something before CloudOn support these higher resolutions or it will be hard for them to get me back.

Abel Davila Commented

The idea was shared July 30th then 4 months later its now "planned" I hope it don't take that long to be released I really miss using this app on my nexus10

Anonymous Commented

When is it planed for tje TF700 please?

harukaze Commented

Very happy to know it's planned!! I hope the update for tf700 will come soon!! I enjoy working with cloud on!

Willy Chan Commented

I bought the tf700 thinking it would go great with cloudon app but i was disappointed to see my$500 tablet is not supported. Please fix this soon, i have work to do.

Tony Riccio Commented

I would like support for tablets with screen resolution highter that 1280 x 1024 as I have the TF 700. I'm so disappointed. Who would have thought screen resolution would exclude me from using CloudOn. What a bummer. Tony

Anonymous Commented

Why do I get the answer "CloudOn cannot run on your device", when I try to login on NEXUS 10. In PlayStore I see it´s campatible with my device!?!

Abel Davila Commented

Tablets are constantly moving forward improving on there tech like screen resolution, apps developers have to keep up, because consumers are going to be buying these new evolving tablets.

harukaze Commented

It's very important that you create an application Cloudon for an hd tablet like tf700 asus. Cloudon is a very good app to work on microsoft office on an android system. I don't understand why we can use Cloudon on a retina IPad that have an higher resolution than my Asus tf700???

Fahim Mahmood Mir Commented

This is going to be very good if implemented

Anonymous Commented

Would be wonderful on my Nexus 7--sad it doesn;\'t work.

Brandon Kauffman Commented

I just got the nexus 10 for work and would love to be able to use one of the more helpful programs for my job.

Dale Gort Commented

Agree with Roger Peters. Using Asus TF700 and the Nexus 7. Lovely machines and Cloudon is right on. I'd be using it everyday.

Roger Peters Commented

It's incredibly frustrating that I can't use the one app in the market with the capability I need to do my work because my Tablet is too good for it. It's much more frustrating when I realize that my friend with a retina display iPad can use it, and it has a higher resolution than the TF700. So why hasn't this been done yet?

x3avier Commented

Another vote for TF700. I bought the TF700 after using CloudOn on an older device assuming it would work on the TF700. So much for using cloudon for work... Customers shouldn't have to beg. By not supporting higher res devices you are bleeding users. Think of all the customers you are missing out on when the Nexus 10 hits.

Brahim Ruño Commented

TF700t bump.

PK Commented

another vote for tf700

Jiang, Nan Commented


Haajra Commented


Roger Peters Commented


Sheriff Commented

More and more tabs are going to come with high resolutions and it will be a shame if we cant use your app. Another vote for TF700. The Asus padfone will make Apple moot....Also I hate Apple. A lot. Cheers....

Beyer Commented

I totally support that. It would be so helpful if you make it happen. I always need an app like that but none of them work correctly. So please, make it !

Lacey Commented

Yes please

David Orme Commented

And another vote for tf700 support

x3avier Commented

Yet another vote for tf700 support.

Guy Blankenship Commented

This seems a no brainer since I suspect most tablets to migrate in the direction of higher screen resolutions. Apple has made this a moot point.

Cullen Quine Commented

please support!! I have an infinity pad and would like to try this out!!

K. Peller Commented


Haajra Commented

Infinity here! So please please!

Anonymous Commented

I´m an Infinity owner, too. So I´m waiting!

Anonymous Commented

Really would like to try this app on my ifinity pad 700

tatreau.amy Commented

BTW, TF700 infinity owner. Don't make me regret Hi Res.

tatreau.amy Commented

This the age of Retina and HD, not vacuum tubes. Get on it before someone else does!

dan Commented

tablets are moving to high rez. hurry up already.

steven whyte Commented

This app would be amazimg for me to use for both school and work... and the are at least 50 others in my organization alone that would benefit from this on the transformer infinity... I am counting the days until you decide...

Joseph Turner Commented

count me amongst the Transformer Infinity users that want this app for productivity.

Anonymous Commented

I, too have an asus transformer 700, and like others a pushing to use it as an ultralight/tablet for work.

Crayf Commented

Files look awful on iPad Retina display :-( it spoils all the impression! Please make Retina display support!

Terrance Commented

This is a must and should have already been taken care of. (Tf700t owner)

Brad Otto Commented

Yep, definitely! (own a TF700). Screen res on tablets is only going to get higher, so makes sense to do it, too.

Josh Leverette Commented

I don't know why this is an idea -- this is a necessity. All modern Android tablets are coming with resolutions that far exceed this arbitrary limitation.

Anthony Commented

That would be great.

MAE Commented

Please! :-)