Show jpeg files as thumbnails instead of just a jpeg icon

You have to open each jpeg file to see the image. Thumbnails would save you having to keep opening them to find the one you want.

Peter Claudio Commented

I am going to drop my subscription!!!

Peter Claudio Commented

Gee ...Can we re invent the wheel also???!!!

Peter Claudio Commented

Photos are the majority of my files on my iPad! Why I got Cloud to begin with! Being you can't have external storage for iPads! SO MUCH FOR " HIGH TECH"!!!

Kristine Commented

Working with photos and presentation materials thumbnails is essential.

Bob Commented

Such a shame this facility is not available

Phil Commented

One of the most basic features that should be available in Cloudon, I have so many jpeg files that I have to use another app even though I think Cloudon is much better, Such a shame it's missing, Here's living in hope!!!

ric Commented

Why has this not been done?

Heather Seamons Commented

This feature would make my work so much easier as I wouldn't have to rename all my pics which is very tedious.

Brian Commented

Thumbnails would make renaming file easier.