Support adding new fonts in exisitng cloud storage.

Vote for this if you want to support adding more fonts to the database via ttf files already on your cloud storage.

Alan Henderson Commented

As a musicologist using TrueType medieval music fonts this would be extremely useful for me. This would make a great app even greater.

ranjani Commented

No development in these lines? Uploading, installing and using personalised fonts should be supported.

randhawa Commented

how to install a new font (like AnmolUni, a local language's font) on Cloudon ?....thanx in advance....~~randhawa

Anonymous Commented

If you could point to a font directory on cloud or enterprise shared storage (or NAS on LAN) all of which would be great! No more re-layouting (if thats an english word).

Steve Commented

My documents are not opening properly because your word version does not have the aperto font. How can I add this font

Harish Commented

Support for adding more fonts is a must... so many times you got files with fonts other then supported currently and you are stuck.