I Can not type in with Chinese language (excel)

I like your app so much, The only problem for me is that I use Google Pinyin to type in in excel But it's not working Hope you can fix it.

Sanne Commented

Howard do i get the Danish version?

Celeree Commented

Please help us fix this issue! It would be really great if I could use Chinese in this program. The moment I try to use the handwriting keyboard, the app crashes

Antxon Commented

I have the same problem cannot type in chinese with any input drawing or pinjin. Is going to be a solution ???

Martina Tan Commented

Yes, it is really not useful for anyone, who would like to type pinyi N. please fix this as soon as possible....

LSplay Commented

The handwriting keyboard used to work for me prior to version 2.5.1 on iPad 3. After upgrading to 2.5.1 and iOS 6.0.1, the app crashes every time when I wrote something using the handwriting keyboard.