I Want to be able to use my wireless keyboard while typing in word

I Want to be able to use my wireless keyboard while typing in word

Kristyn Jacoby Commented

This would be an awesome app if my Bluetooth keyboard would work with it! I would seriously use this for hours everyday just for homework

Emily Commented

My wireless keyboard does not work with this app, is there a way to be able to use it?

Jim Commented

Trying to figure out how to switch the on screen keyboard back to my remote less one

Anonymous Commented

I just downloaded and installed Cloud-On exactly so I could create and edit Word docs in Dropbox on my iPad 3 (6.1.3) using my Kensignton BlueTooth keyboard. If it can't do something that basic, I'm uninstalling the software. Pathetic.

Katherine Devine Commented

My wireless keyboard will not work at all in Word. I can name a file but once the Word page comes up it is no go. Can anyone give me some advice? I'm using my Wireless Keyboard now to write this and is working fine. Help.

marianne Commented

quero usar o teclado sem fio para digitar em portugues, qualquer app. nao consigo acento e nem cedilha.

Robert Hanna Commented

Definitely would make this app more friendly & I would use it almost daily if there were Bluetooth keyboard compatibility. As it is, I will still be using my laptop or desktop to make word documents. Hope this suggestion makes it to consideration soon!

Anonymous Commented

Same here, just can't use my apple wireless keyboard to type in word.

Kieran Peckett Commented

Most wireless / Bluetooth / USB keyboards will work. One bug, however is that with Caps Lock (at least on an ASUS Transformer TF300T) will still type in Lower-case unless you use shift.

Rafael Dantas Commented

Typing with a wireless/bluetooth keyboard works... but there are some glitches that should be corrected: - there's an issue with idioms in Word. It keeps changing the standar lenguage on a document (once for spanish, them to english), without notice. - I'm writing in Portuguese, wich is a lenguage that uses signs like ç, à, é, ã etc. And, every time that I type one of these, I've got in response something like this: "almo'ço" or "avi~ão", where they should be spelled: "almoço" and "avião". Loved the program, and bought it because it allows me to work with a ".doc" document and use Word's "track changes" option, with is all I needed to work with documents on my iPad.

Nicolaj Figaw Commented

I can type with my bluetooth keyboard as well.. doesn't feel really seamless though..

Anonymous Commented

Cloud on is painfully on my iPad 3.....surely it should be able compete with Pages

Keaton Bridgeman Commented

I have got I wireless key board for my iPad and it works

Sam Commented

On iPad you can use your wireless keyboard to type in Word.