Let Cloudon support keyboard commands for external keyboards, such as cmd + C/V

Wouldnt it be great if cloudon supported hotkeys, so you dont have to handle that un-touchfriendly interface?

Joyce Commented

Agree. Trying to type/ edit notes quickly would be much, MUCH easier if my BT keyboard's shortcuts were supported.

Lukas Commented

I would be happy if my external keyboard worked with Cloudon let alone hot keys. Is anyone else having issues with using an external keyboard?

George Commented

I totally agree, being able to use commands like CTRL-C, CTRL-V, and CTRL-X would be a huge improvement. ALso my BT keyboard has a function key, but the F1-F10 keys don't work when you try it - there should be an option to toggle the number keys to function keys. Also when using an external keyboard if you could put the on-screen toolbar that shows up above the onscreen keyboard on the screen without the keyboard when using an external keyboard would be extremely useful. You already have the code for the toolbar - you should add a command to toggle the tool bar on and off without the keyboard.

Anonymous Commented

Yes. Agreed and thumbs up. Please