Insert photos from camera roll

You should be able to insert an image from your camera roll into a word document

Kirsten Commented

Is this problem being looked into? I will delete it, if not fixed.

Veronica Commented

What, we can not insert pictures from internet in our presentation, that is just not fair.

Ann Elizabeth Banks Commented

Thinking we should all get our money back till they fix this most basic least tell people they can't insert pictures, this is fraudulent to claim that this is ms office without the ability to insert pictures

chamahiii Commented

You can use Rollit photo transfer app to put your photos and videos back to camera roll .. its avalilable at the app store

Jay Commented

What is wrong with this program.... Every thing .....why can we not insert a picture into a file.

Zora Marslink Commented

And vice versa.

Rafa Commented

The lack of this feature is big deal-breaker!!

Darlene Commented

It is a no brainier, why is it not there? We need it!

Blair Commented

Need this!!!

Becci Commented

Need pictures on here!! I've tried everything :c

Kinyetta Commented

It's a must to be able to add pictures from your camera roll to do presentations and using word

Nina Commented

So there's no way to add photos in your documents on this app??? If that's so, then this is gettin deleteddd. What's the point; everyone uses visual presentation these days.

Donald Commented

I agree, because I'm trying to do a power point for school and need to insert picture.

Gladys Commented

This will be very useful, especially for Power Point!!

Alice Commented

Also in PowerPoint! Very important!

Nanita Commented

Absolutely need to be able to insert photos from camera roll or drop box.

Miaa Tore Commented

A very big help to PowerPoint

Ralph Commented

That would make this app the best thing for power point presentations. Everything else about it is phenomenal!!

penguin2000 Commented

How do you do this?

Btjw the best Commented

Elese I will end this app for good

Btjw the best Commented

This sucks I need to print a pi plz help Or

Emma Commented

Simple I want to add photos just like everyone else,why can't I?

Insert photo into word doc. Commented

Crazy u can't do this! Does anyone know of an app that has this function.

Lucas cheevers Commented

How do you put pictures on the PowerPoint ? Please help me

AnaSofia Commented

I think it sucks that we can't insert photos from our camera roll to drop box. I'm trying to create library cards for the Dobby National Library but how if I can't add photos?

Travis lowry Commented

Yes it is the one thing that really would make this outstanding......can't use it until it has it such a shame

Michelle Commented

Can you please explain to me how to take my pictures from my iPhone 4S and transfer them to the picture folder in iCloud.

Douglas Commented

Realy need to add photos from my camera roll or dropbox !

Bill Commented

Sadly, I now have 6 "word" apps that don't meet my needs. With my work taking a photo and inserting it directly into a document as a record...saves trees. Yes, I can switch to the camera take the photo and but then I have wait for my document to reload. Unfortunately the app that suits my needs best is also the most unstable...Polaris (lost work many times). Please consider providing this feature.

Kelly Commented

Doing a project 4 school Nd den I realized you can't do that :(

vierose Commented

Not being able to insert photos into Word or Powerpoint is a BIG problem. I rarely write a document without adding supporting photos. Please fix soon!

Skylar Commented

YES, that was the only reason I got this app and now you can't even insert photos.. I was very disappointed..

Harvinder Commented

No you can't but there should be a way

Harvinder Commented

No you can't but there should be a way

Stephanie Commented

I really wish this was an son needs it for his power point

Marti Commented

Totally agree.

Richard Commented

This is a must!!!!!!