Please Enable AirPrint

Airprint is a potential way users could print from CloudOn. Learn more about AirPrint here:

John Gibbons Commented

AirPrint does not work. It is OK for all other apps on my iPad. How do I fix it?

Jennifer Sparks Commented

I would pay the monthly fee but am hesitant as I have read the comments about printing problems. I need assurance that I will be able to print from Cloudon from my Ipad please.

Ken Commented

I download cloudon , but I can't print

Berenice Commented

It doesn't work! Fix it.

Hani Commented

I have made it to cloudon Pro so i Can print, but it doesn't work. Help me.

Monica Commented

Still waiting to hear why I can't print!

Monica Commented

I updated cloud on and know I can't find the air print button

Osvaldo Commented

Please rapair AirPrint Paid monthly

Wil Tromp Commented

I just have uploaded CloudOn Pro and now I can not use Airprint anymore! How to fix it?

Osvaldo Commented

Paid monthly fee , but not enable to print Page please fiix The problem

Can not print!!! How to fix it? Commented

Paid monthly fee, but not able to print a single page. What is the problem.

MikeB Commented

Same complaint. As much as I felt that being able to print from app should have been free, I just paid $29 for a year's subscription. However, IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!

CANT PRINT Commented

I just paid for this and can't print!? I want a refund cause that is the only feature I wanted on pro and wasted my money!!!!!

Can't print Commented

I already paid for it

Can't print Commented

Please fix, already charged for it

Barbarian Commented


Lynn Commented

I just paid 29 to be able to AirPrint and cannot! What gives? I want a refund.

Grrr . . . . Commented

Like everyone else, I ACTUALLY PAID MONEY to be able to print, and it doesn't work. It also won't let me e-mail it to myself so I can print on a different computer. Get it fixed.

Pete Commented

Like others, paid $29 for something that should have been included from day one and it still doesn't work. Wasted $29 as I really need this feature. Opens AirPrint, but then hangs without printing anything.

Chris Commented

I paid for AirPrint and I still can not print anything from excel

Printing doesn't work. Commented

Shouldn't have to pay to print, but it doesn't even work. Wasted $29.

AKee Commented

Being able to,print is an essential feature. Please facilitate AirPrint. Thanks!

Haleem Commented

What the point of having a word when you can't print it out

Haleem Commented

A lot more people will download you app if you had AirPrint on it

Loria Commented

Hello, how can I transfer my documents from my laptop to CLOUDON FILE?

Loria Commented

I would like to be able print my documents, that would be very helpful, then I would be 100% satisfied with this app. Thanks

Stan Commented

Please please add AirPrint/eprint!

Bever Commented

Please add eprint

Ian Commented

Please allow print from spreadsheets word etc. why not?

Phil Commented

AirPrint would be a awesome feature to have

K Commented

You can email document to yourself and then print from e mail.

New CloudOn User Commented

The ability to print is essential for this app to be truly useful. Having to go back to my PC everytime I need to print make me wonder why I should ever bother with this app.

Edelson Commented

With the ability to print, the application will be taken to another level.

Moniqueque Commented

Make it as easy as possible please

JRB35 Commented

The usability of CloudOn is greatly diminished without the ability to print. The theory behind this app is that one can bring the office to the house. For this to become a reality, we need to be able to print documents. Please make this change.

Anonymous Commented

When I discovered the lack of CloudOn's printing ability from my IPad, I tried several round-about ways of printing, but to no avail. I wouldn't think that most users simply "create documents" without wanting to get them into the print world at some point! I'll just work from my computer for spreadsheet things I need, and use other printable iPad apps for most of my work. I'm more happy with Pages all the time. This incomplete Microsoft product certainly put a strong vote in Apple's court!

Anonymous Commented

Would prefer AirPrint please

Anonymous Commented

Air print would be great

Spenser Commented

I deff. Want to be able to air print. I use my iPad for everything especially cloudon and would love if i could print from it

Anonymous Commented

airprint please

Carrie B Commented

This one, of the three, will work for us.

Carrie B Commented

This one, of the 3, will work for us.

Anonymous Commented

AirPrint is better than nothing because it works and is better than nothing. My print jobs are not rendered very well so I'm not totally pleased but have not tried other apps to see what might be better. Why not enable several apps so users can choose what works best for them?

Mark Allison Commented

AirPrint would be perfect for me

Anonymous Commented

Air print would be great. Especially if I can use it with my ipad.

Anonymous Commented

Definitely AirPrint is the way to go.

Shirl Commented

Definitely AirPrint. I currently use this and this works well. But anything efficient that allows me to print from cloud on would be great.

Marc Commented

1 more vote for Airprint, although, whatever works, I'll use. I need to be able to print!

Neily Commented


Freddie Hurtado Commented

Airprint is the best by far

Sarah Hoddy Commented

This would be my first choice.

Bert rietman Commented

AirPrint has my preference

Anonymous Commented

I would greatly prefer AirPrint in order to print my documents.

Anonymous Commented

AirPrint would be GREAT,

Willi Reinhart Commented

AirPrint has my vote. I currently use it therefore it would be a useful feature on CloudOn for me. Thanks for asking.

Anonymous Commented

This method would work best. I am looking forward to the ability to print to my HP printers over my wifi network.

Don Wineberg Commented

I use airprint all the time and would appreciate that feature in ClouOn (which I love).

Anonymous Commented

AirPrint seems the best option. I do hope however that you will make it possible for all of us who do not have AirPrint on our older computers

Anonymous Commented

Everyone has a wireless printer so come on add the damn feature

Anonymous Commented

This would solve the problem, just go for it & stop messing around!

Chris Commented

AirPrint all the way please!!

Anonymous Commented

AirPrint is necessary for me to work, please fix this for me and all the others.

John Commented

It's gotta be AirPrint! Thanks CloudOn!

Anonymous Commented

I think AirPrint would be a good way to print from CloudOn.

Anonymous Commented

I think AirPrint would be a good way to be able to print from CloudOn.

Rachael Ochalek Commented

AirPrint enabled would be good

Anonymous Commented

As per others here, I now use other apps rather than cloudon as I can't print.

Kev Reid Commented

AirPrint - yes please - at the moment I am using an alternative to on cloud because of the lack of AirPrint

Paul brown Commented

Air print.

Roberta Commented

AirPrint, please! :-)

Geobai Commented

I don't have a printer with airprint function, so, i think breezy is a better option.

Anonymous Commented

AirtPrint please.

Anonymous Commented

Add my vote to AirPrint!!! (The button wouldn't add my vote :( so fix that too, thanks!)

Anonymous Commented

Please enable AirPrint!

Anonymous Commented

why will it not count my vote?

Anonymous Commented

won't cout my vote ?

Anonymous Commented

My vote is for airprint - hate google print, don't know breezy ... ipad and iphone: airprint please ... I've got the printer and am ready to go!

Anonymous Commented

Yes, airprint

Tinman Commented

Go with AirPrint. There is a large and growing installed base of customers. Google Cloud Print and Breezy are too 'iffy' right now.

Larry Schmitt Commented

I have already purchased a new printer with Airprint capability, so this method is now okay......certainly did not like that I had to replace a printer that was only 1 1/2 years old.

Greg Commented

AirPrint it is

Migue Commented

I got a hp officejet j6480

Barb Commented

I have an IPad 3 and IPhone 5 that work great with my AirPrint printer ... so gotta go with it.

Gene P. Commented

Vote yes if IPad compatible.

Emma Commented

Both AirPrint and wired

Marilyn Douglas Commented

Definitely as long as it works with an IPad

Sheila Goswell Commented

Would love it if we could use AirPrint.

John novotny Commented

Not a perfect solution but probably the best of the three

Anonymous Commented

I have an iPad

André Poulin Commented

AirPrint is the way to go. Even if I don't have an AirPrint capable printer, I print via Printopia. AirPrint is thé way to go, because it's part of the iPad.

Anonymous Commented

My printer is not supported by AirPrint so I would have to vote against this idea.

Will Commented

I believe AirPrint is the right direction. There are many Internet compatible printers that would work with this feature.

Janice Urbanik Commented

Airprint please

Allyson Commented

AirPrint please

Melanie Homer Commented

I don't have an AirPrint enabled printer, so no help for me.

Jerry Eckert Commented

Yes AirPrint!

Val Commented

Airprint seems to work for me!

Pat Harrison Commented

AirPrint please

BKM Mitchell Commented

A work around that suits all printers (even internet cafes in developing counties) is to e-mail the Word file to oneself, then convert to pdf using the app. Word to pdf. This file can then be easily mailed to wherever and is ready for printing practically anywhere.

Charles Stagg Commented

Poor choice. Not all printers supported.