Please Enable Google Cloud Print

Learn more about this potential CloudOn print solution here:

Robert Sorensen Commented

seems this should be included.. A document that won't print is mostly useless. Why can't I e-mail it to myself so I can print from it????

Kieron Commented

Hi who do you print with cloudon

Jill Commented

The ability to print from my iPad mini would help free me from having a computer. Difficult to understand why this is not doable.

deafbizpisces68 Commented

please add print.. since i have wireless printer

Vasanth Commented

How enable print option in ipad

Salil Chandra Commented

Easy to print

Anonymous Commented

I prefer Google. I think most people have access to Google. I don ' have Air print or Breezy.

Anonymous Commented

Not having any AirPrint printers (and currently no money to buy one), and having no experience with Breezy, Google Cloud Print is my preferred choice :)

Anonymous Commented

Google Cloud Print is my preferred option

Anonymous Commented

An open in feature WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charles Campbell Commented

What about using something like fingerprint as well

Anonymous Commented

Cloud print is okay. It would be nice to have an "open in" feature as I use the Brother app to print most of the time.

Anonymous Commented

Don't have an air printer so this would bebest

Rachael Ochalek Commented

Cloud print would be a great way to go

phpman Commented

It would be a great feature

Anonymous Commented

If we got the outstanding ability to print of cloud on, it would be a real achievement.

paul Commented

google cloudprint would be fine!

Adrian Commented

ANY Printing program would be a start. I can't say I'm familiar with AirPrint, but it seems to get positive reviews. I can only say that Google's Cloud Print seems to work fine with my Android Tablet and an HP ePrint capable printer...

Anonymous Commented

I don't have an air printer. I downloaded the Epson app as I have a wifi Epson printer and I want to be able to send my cloud on documents to this. It is not an air printer but other apps give me the option to send to printer via the Epson app.

Charles Stagg Commented

Requires an Air Printer. Mine is not. This option is not for me.

AlAl Fiore Commented

After looking over the materials it appears that Google Cloud Print as well as Airprint will be enabled on new printers. If you have a "classic" printer you are out of luck with either one If you are looking for convenient and easy set up.

Anonymous Commented

This is best for me as I don't have an airprinter

Lela Donelson Commented

Voted for air print but both would be super