Add support for Breezy

Print: Breezy is a potential print solution that could be used with CloudOn. Learn more about it here:

Anonymous Commented

This works well--as long as your desktop/laptop with the Breezy app is up and running. The other problem is that only 25 pages/month are free. The service requires a subscription beyond that.

Kev Reid Commented

Prefer open in alternative app

Geobai Commented

If Breezy allows me print from CloudOn menu, and most important: print the file as i see it, then my vote will be to this option.

David Commented

Not this. It would be great to 'Open In Other Apps'. I have Canon iEPP and it works GREAT. It could also open to Evernote, UPAD, and Notability to add hand written notes, attach images etc. i figure the file would need transfered to PDF or jPeg.

Gene P. Commented

I'm a Mac user since 1985

Marilyn Douglas Commented

haven't a clue hat this is

André Poulin Commented

It on l'y works with Windows computer, I have a Mac.

Melanie Homer Commented

I have the Breezy app on my iPad2, also Printer Pro and Printopia.

Charles Stagg Commented

Works. But not interfaced to CloudOn, but neither are the other choices. Works just like Printer Pro which I already have. Find Document in Cloud storage i.e. DropBox etc. select Send To choose Breezy then choose Printer. Free version is limited to so many pages per month and only 2 printers.

Lela Donelson Commented

I dont even know what this is.